Steele X Lilly Puppies – 3 weeks old

3 weeks old.... They sure don't stay little for long !

Lilly’s puppies have had a good week.   The main order of the day is still sleeping and eating — although the puppies are starting to gradually spend a bit more time playing and interacting with the world around them.    They are now walking with sturdy steps throughout the whelping box and have even tried to climb out in hot pursuit of Lilly and her milk wagon on a couple of occasions !

Yesterday I gave the pups their first tast of baby rice cereal with goat’s milk — They are starting to get to that size where Lilly can’t possibly keep up – so it was an interesting time as the puppies walked through, layed in, played in and slurped up their meal.    Hopefully they will refine their dining habits over the next few weeks !!  although for the next little while I know they will end up wearing more than they eat.    The other big news this week is the appearance of little teeth – which certainly changes Lilly’s perspective of mealtime.   But she continues to be a good sport – and whenever she isn’t looking or has gone outside to play with the others – our other girl Happy (who had puppies back in October) sneaks into the whelping box and offers Lilly’s pups a quick snack !!    I am thinking that Lilly’s pups are pretty spoiled right now with two mums offering to keep them “topped up” at all times 🙂

The puppies are all quite easy-going and play very gently with each other as they begin to explore the world that is around them.   They spend time both in the whelping box and on the living room floor – although at this stage they don’t venture off too far and are just content to sit and watch what the world has to offer.

The pups are all gaining well with the boys of course being noticably bigger than the girls.    All are very sweet and have beautiful light cream coats and lovely dark pigment on their noses and eyes — very stunning little pups.    We will be looking forward to the week ahead and  all the adventures that await as the pups spend more time awake and learn all about the big wide world !!

Koriander X Happy Puppies — 7 weeks old !!!

Let it snow, let it snow....

This week has been filled with all kinds of new experiences for the pups.   Probably the BIGGEST first for the puppies was the introduction to the world of snow !!   At first they weren’t sure quite what to make of it — Miss Violet and Miss Pink were trying their hardest to at the very least stand on ONLY back paws — they simply didn’t like the feeling of cold, wet snow on their little paws 🙂     Too cute !     The pups quickly adapted though and also learned to enjoy the snow and quite looked forward to short little jaunts outside to play in the flluffy white stuff.  However – the pups do still seem to chill quite quickly if they get wet in the snow – so we limit their time outdoors – and enjoy the snuggle time that follows when they come in !

This week also saw a trip to our vet for checkups and vaccinations (and microchips).   The pups all passed with flying colors and Dr. Van der Kraan was impressed with their sweet demeanour and their gentle personalities.   The pups are all weighing in around the 11 pound mark and continue to grow well and enjoy EVERY meal.

The puppies have also had their fair share of trips this week to the arena (where else ??), school and the pet store — any chance to help develop their socialization skills and just get them familiar with car rides and the world around them.  They seem so love any adventure — especially if they can sit on my lap while I’m driving – not sure if this is legal but is there really any other way to travel with a pup ?

They all continue to be very sweet and very quiet — my daughter’s friends in particular always comment that you would never know there was a room full of puppies on the go.   They continue to shine and bring an incredible amount of joy into our home – as I hope they will continue to do wherever they go….

Steele and Lilly’s puppies — 2 weeks old !

Our handsome MR BLUE at 2 weeks old !

We reached a huge milestone this week in that the puppies have now opened their eyes !!!  This is always one of my favourite stages as it just seems like the pups take on a whole new personality when you can gaze into their little faces 🙂      The puppies can also hear now — so the world is coming alive for them and they are growing in leaps and bounds.     They can also crawl and some are even starting to walk when trying to get from one end of the whelping box to the other.   Their steps are still awkward at this point – but with each day you can see progress in their motor skills.

The boys continue to be the hearty eaters – and the girls really don’t stand much of a chance when the boys get their mind set on Lilly’s milk bar !!  I usually give the girls a little helping hand to find the best spot in the house — but the boys sure aren’t very polite when it comes to mealtime.      There is nothing quite like the sound of 9 little contented puppies as they snuggle up to Lilly and settle in for a meal.    Lilly continues to be an excellent mother — although the past few days she is seeming a bit more tired – probably because of the demands of the growing puppies on her milk supply.  I have started to give her a bit of help and am bottle feeding the pups (1-2 times a day) to keep everyone – both the pups and Lilly in the best possible health.

The puppies are all growing beautiful cream coats and and love to cuddle at every opportunity.  They get especially excited with me when they think I have a bottle —  and are becoming increasingly aware of our family and our interaction with them.   They are so adorable and sweet – it is hard not to want to spend all day with them….

This week they will begin to explore more and we will add toys and balls to their play area so they can expand their horizons.   For now – most of their day is spent sleeping – but that will change little by little over the next few weeks.

We have so many adventures waiting ….  More updates to come 🙂

Koriander X Happy Puppies – 6 weeks old

Learning to explore

I don’t think the time could possibly fly by any faster than what it has these past few weeks.   Hard to believe that Happy’s pups are already 6 weeks old !!!   They are all beautiful both inside and out — Such a lovely little family of puppies and a real joy to have in our home.   They are very quiet and gentle and most of the time you would not even know they were here …. unless of course you almost tripped on one as they love to follow whoever they can get a cuddle from !!   

They have spent more time exploring this week – they love getting under the furniture and manage to squeeze themselves into the most awkward places.    I usually have a hunt on my hands when it is naptime and find them snuggled into the most peculiar places.

They are all weighing in around 9-1/2 to 10 pounds — quite a nice size for girls 🙂 – maybe because there aren’t any BOYS to push them out of the way at meal time !!

I have been watching the pups extremely closely this week – trying to evaluate each in terms of temperament.   This is the first time I have had a litter of entirely girls – so I am not sure whether that has played a part in shaping the personalities – but right across the board the puppies are all very sweet and good-natured.    I am going to savor every minute of our last two weeks together  !!!

We spent a bit of time outside yesterday and today – but the temps have been close to freezing (and only about 25 degrees farenheit here today) so our time outdoors has been fairly limited.   Maybe if we get some warmer weather this week we will be able to explore a bit more – as all the pups seemed to love being out.  

In any event we will have an adventure filled week – starting with baths for all first thing tomorrow morning 🙂

Steele X Lilly Puppies – 1 week old

Lilly with her lovely family of puppies.

Lilly has certainly had her work cut out for her this past week with feeding 10 puppies !!   She is an excellent mum and has taken to her new motherhood role with her usual ease and charm.    Her milk supply was a little slow in coming in – but that certainly didn’t affect her devotion to her puppies – and she spends every waking (and sleeping) moment caring for their needs.

All of the puppies have doubled in size (with the exception of one) — the girls are  trailing a wee bit behind the boys – probably because the boys are pretty determined when it comes to mealtime and the girls get easily pushed out of the way.   I am helping the girls get their fair turn and usually also place them at the rear of the meal train where there is a bit more milk — but those boys sure can be pushy !!

We have one puppy that has not been doing well these past few days –  Miss Gold is fighting hard but just not thriving like the others.   It is so very heart-breaking to watch such a little life fighting for survival.   If one could survive on sheer willpower alone – that would be Miss Gold.   I have tried everything I can think of to help her … and I have been spending every spare minute I have with her …. but I`m not sure it will be enough.  Sometimes nature is just hard to understand.    She has stopped nursing and will not take a bottle – so I began with dropper feeding her – which recently evolved to tube-feeding.   The biggest danger is that she will become chilled – so we keep her on a warming pad and snuggled with us as much as possible – although from time to time she seems to want back in with her brothers and sisters – and Lilly too.    Lilly gets quite distraught to hear her little baby crying when nothing seems to comfort her…    The vet has said that we are doing everything we possibly can to give her a fighting chance…..  We hope and pray that she will continue to fight hard and win this battle.

The pups entire day revolves around sleeping and eating at this point – so not much else to report.   This will be a big week ahead as the pups will gain their hearing and their eyes will also open….   Many adventures yet to come.

Koriander & Happy Puppies – 5 weeks old

Getting bigger and cuter every day...

Happy’s puppies have had an excellent week !!  They are spending more time awake and love exploring the living room and kitchen areas – and each one already has picked out their favourite spot to snuggle into and sleep (usually in the strangest places and the tiniest crook and cranny they can find).    They love playing with stuffed toys and balls — not too much interest yet in chewy bones or things like that – but I’m sure those days will be here soon enough.

They are a very contented and happy bunch – and enjoy any interaction or attention with our family or visitors.    They also are starting to play a bit more with each other – although they are quite gentle compared to some of the boys we have had in the past !!!   Right now they are more interested in just exploring the world around them and getting cuddles from anyone who is available.

They are all doing well in the weight department weighing in between 7 and 8 pounds – and they LOVE their food !! They are still pretty MESSY when it comes to mealtime 🙂  but that should start to change this week as the “mush” I give them becomes less like mush and more like puppy food….    Happy still provides them with a quick little snack in the morning and evening – so they are a chunky little bunch and don’t miss out on much !!

We will be looking forward to a great week ahead — Hopefully if the weather stays on the warmer and dryer side – we will head outdoors for some new adventures.    I know they will enjoy every day no matter what we have planned 🙂

Steele & Lilly Pups – 1 day old

Proud mum Lilly (Can CH Raynox Face the Fact) with her new family

Lilly and her pups are all doing extremely well – and Lilly in particular is in great spirits.  She continues to be our same lovely Lilly; – bright-eyed and content !!   This is Lilly’s first litter and she is a new mum – so she seemed a little bit overwhelmed at first with 10 !!!! mouths to feed – but she is settling in now and is caring for her pups with great devotion.

Lilly with her 10 babies.

Here is Lilly just a few moments ago — I  had taken all the blankets out of her whelping box and changed them for fresh ones — and I had just put all the puppies back in there ….  Lilly settled right into the corner and seemed to be looking at her own puppies in awe.  She is really a proud mum and we will look forward to all the great adventures that are waiting in the weeks to come.