Simson X Sophie Puppies – 6 weeks old !!!

Sophie's pups at 6 weeks

Sophie’s little beauties continue to spend more active time awake this week.   One of their favorite games is to see how much paper they can tear up in the potty area and carry back to the play/sleep area !!   It always amazes me how quickly they pick up on leaving bathroom duties to the papered side of their quarters – and how already at this young age they would prefer to keep their sleeping quarters clean and comfy and know exactly where any “business” should be done!     All the puppies are enjoying more rough and tumble playtime together and the brothers and sisters are all learning exactly how hard they can pull on a playmate’s tail before it solicits a yelp 🙂  Across the board they are quite an easy-going and gentle bunch – always loving snuggle time and always meeting any visitor or any family member with happy eyes and a wagging tail.

Most of the boys are between 8 and 9 pounds for weight – with the girls being a bit more on the delicate side (as is typical) and closer to 7.5-8 pounds.     They have all caught on very nicely to solid food and ALWAYS enjoy mealtime.    They still have the occasional snack from Sophie – but for the most part they are pretty happy with kibble and a bit of canned food mixed in and never refuse a chance to eat !!

This week we will be going for the first set of vaccinations which is always an exciting trip.   I don`t expect too much of a protest with the vaccines and the vet`s office always provides a great chance for socialization and a chance to explore something new.   We will also start taking the puppies on car rides this week so they can be introduced to another new experience.   My daughter especially always enjoys pulling up to school with a couple of cuties on her lap !!

We will also be pairing each puppy with their new family this week – which is always a task that I consider very seriously.    As we spend 24 hours a day with the puppies – we feel we have a pretty good idea of how their temperament is evolving by week 6-7….  so it is always an interesting and exciting time to consider which pup will be the best match for each family.  Definitely not something to take lightly – and I will probably lay awake many times this week as I try to ensure we are doing the best for both puppy and family.   Although the puppies are quite even-tempered – it is the subtle differences that I always look at to make sure that each pairing is the best fit !    It will be an interesting week in many ways as the puppies continue to become more established and grow stronger with each passing day.

We will enjoy every minute that we have with the pups for these last two weeks before they head out for even bigger adventures !!

Simson and Sophie Puppies – 5 weeks old

The charming Mr. Green !

The time is sure flying by and it is hard to believe that Sophie’s puppies are already 5 weeks old !!   They say “time flies when you’re having fun” – and although it hasn’t ALL been fun with the ordeal we recently went through with our boy Steele (details can be found on our GOLDEN LOVER BLOG – the time truly seems to be speeding by and there have still been many joy-filled moments since my last post as we have watched the puppies bloom before our eyes.    They are all spending more and more time awake – so there is more interaction with each other, the sights and sounds of the world around them – and most noticeably with our family.

Of course it seems like everyone in our family (as well as my children’s friends who visit) has their own favourite.  And no two favourites are the same – which I think is a great testimony of what a sweet natured and easy-going bunch they are.  Although there are subtle differences among them – they all are very gentle and calm – most of the time you wouldn’t even know that we have  a litter of puppies in the middle of the living room !    They all sleep quite soundly now from about 10 at night through to about 6:30 a.m. when I am always greeted with 9 happy wagging tails at the sound of my voice !   They are truly a happy and contented bunch and enjoy whatever activity is on the go – whether playing with each other, exploring the living room floor, being snuggled in someone’s arms or trying to sneak one last snack from Sophie.     

All of the puppies are weighing in around 7 pounds and are becoming quite the fine diners !    Mealtime is still one of their highlights of the day I am sure.    They usually end up with just as much on their face as in their mouth – but they are adorable whichever way.   Mealtime and playtime is always quickly followed by a nap – and they can be found in the most unusual positions when they decide its sleep time.

We tried our first “stand” pictures for this week’s slideshow but all of the puppies were more interested in lying down or snuggling than anything else.   I posted them anyway on our site (although they are not the best) – and we will try again next week 🙂

The puppies will continue to take on their own individual personalities and mature in their appearance this week.    Hopefully if we get some dry weather that’s not too cold – we will even venture outside for a short time later in the week.    We will continue to enjoy our time here with them and hope to do everything possible to prepare them for their new life ahead !!

Simson and Sophie’s Puppies – 3 weeks old

Miss Gold at 3 weeks old

Sophie’s puppies continue to grow rapidly and even from one day to the next there is notable change in their activities and personalities 🙂    They are now playing with each other and spending a bit more time awake.  They are walking more confidently on all fours and sometimes even try to run (which is quite comic).   Mr. Green gets the award for being the first to crawl out of the whelping box !  The puppies are  also interacting much more with with our family when they are picked up to be snuggled or even when we come near.   How sweet to always be greeted by 9 wagging tails !!

Sophie is a bit reluctant to nurse at this point as the puppies now have sharp little teeth that make milk time quite uncomfortable.    This week we will slowly introduce the puppies to some real food (mush is more like it) – but hopefully it will help fill their little tummies and take some of the pressure off of Sophie to meet the demands of their growing appetites.     The puppies are all growing quite robustly – so it is hard to keep up with the milk needed for such chunky little bundles of fur.    They all LOVE to eat – so I’m sure that any kind of food will be a welcomed sight.

The puppies are beginning to develop their own personalities and are very affectionate and gentle.    They are very easy-going and absolutely love to be picked up and snuggled as much as possible.    Fortunately there are always lots of volunteers to help in this department.    

It will be interesting to watch them continue to grow – and these next few weeks are always my favorite as they explore the world around them and continue to grow into their own individual.     They will all have an exciting New Year ahead 🙂