Steele & Analiesa Pups – 6 weeks old !!!

Brotherly love !!

Analiesa’s pups spent more time outside this week which they just loved.    We had a few sunny breaks over the weekend which gave them opportunity to explore the long grass and flowers and pounce on grasshoppers or whatever else they could find.    They are just at that age where they love to check everything out — usually with their mouth first !!   I love watching them at this age as they bounce through the long grass and just seem so happy and carefree !!

The pups are eating pretty much on their own now — they have snuck the occasional snack from mum Analiesa – who still keeps a very watchful eye on all of them — but their main food supply is now kibble that has been slightly moistened to make things a bit easier.   They are all weighing in between 10 and 11 pounds and are good solid pups with stocky builds.   They are certainly an armful now whenever I am carrying them anywhere.

The puppies continue to play together and love to rumble and tumble and chase each other around.  Of course they are just as quick to snuggle up together in one huge pile – and especially love to huddle together in the doggy igloo.    They are really quite an easy-going bunch and the only time you ever hear much out of them is when they know that meal time is coming !!    Mr. Lime however is always the dear soul that won’t touch a bite to eat until he comes to me for a quick snuggle and scratch behind the ears first!!   They are all quite gentle and affectionate — and love any time that we can spend with them 🙂

We will make our first trip to the vet’s office this week so that will be an exciting time for all of us !!   This will be proceeded by bath day and although all the pups have had a partial bath from time to time – this will be the first time they are fully in the tub and suds-upped to look their best !!   It will be an interesting week for them – and lots more adventures outdoors too …. There will not be a dull moment around here in the days ahead 🙂

Steele & Sophie Puppies – 3 weeks old

A whole new world.....

The world is getting bigger every day for Sophie’s puppies !!  They are spending a bit more time awake every day which gives them time to explore and learn about new things, new sounds, new smells, and the people that love them.   They spend more time interacting with each other, with our family – and even with the other goldens as the older ones are always curious to see what the puppies are up to.     Hard to believe that 3 weeks have flown by already !!   The puppies are growing cuter by the minute and all have very lovely faces with soft and gentle expression.   They are all gaining well and are weighing in around the 4-4.5  pound mark with the boys being slightly larger than the girls 🙂    This week we will begin solid food (which is really only mush at this point) as they all seem quite ready for something more substantial.   Plus they have teeth now (!!) — which doesn’t make for the most pleasant meal time for Sophie !!   Sophie has been very dedicated – but in the next week we will start to relieve her of some of her mothering duties.   I think Mr. Indigo and Mr. Chocolate are just about ready for a steak dinner anyway – so there shouldn’t be much trouble convincing them that there is more to life than the milkbar !!

The puppies still spend a lot of their day sleeping…. which I am sure they need with the amount of growing that they are doing.   They still love to snuggle up all in one big pile and can be found in the strangest sleeping positions.   They are also starting to roll and play with each other a bit more – but are all quite gentle and sweet as they romp around together.

We will continue to broaden their horizons over this next week with new toys and more time outside of the whelping box — these first 8 weeks are vital in socializing them and preparing them for the rest of the adventures that their life will bring 🙂

Steele & Analiesa Puppies – 5 weeks already !!

Gotta love the doggy igloo !!

The pups had SO much fun this week venturing outside for the first time !!   The weather was nice enough on Monday that all the pups could spend some time out on the deck playing with toys and exploring the great outdoors.    At first there were a few whines and whimpers as they were unsure of their new surroundings — but within the hour they were running and playing, chasing balls and chewing on a large bone that Analiesa had finished with.    It wasn’t long before they all tired from their playtime and huddled up in one large furry bunch to fade off into dreamland !!

The pups continue to grow very well – beautiful, thick coats and lovely faces with such sweet expressions.  They are all starting to get a bit of their own unique look – but each one is really lovely in their own way.   The boys are all weighing in around 8.5 pounds and the girls around 7.5 —  as you may be able to guess they love mealtime !!  Trips to Analiesà`s milk bar are very limited now — although Analiesa is always close by and would willingly give them a drink…. It is just high time for the pups to segue into the world of solid food as they prepare for life with their new families 🙂 … and Analiesa has done a marvellous job; it is time for her body to have a much deserved break from the demands of 7 rolly-polly puppies !

The puppies are spending more time awake which gives me a chance to get to know how their little personalities are forming.   Across the board they are a sweet bunch — they can play quite rough with each other from time to time – and love to explore outside – but they are quick to settle in on your lap for a snuggle and just love to be doted on…  

We are having lots of fun watching them grow and look forward to whatever this week will hold !!

Steele & Sophie Puppies – 2 weeks old

Eyes open now and ready to start a whole new adventure !

Sophie’s puppies reached a big milestone this week with eyes now being open to the world !!   Of course at this age – things are still pretty fuzzy but  from our perspective – being able to gaze into the sweet little eyes of Sophie’s puppies everytime you pick them up really changes things !!   The pups are becoming a little bit more mobile with each passing day and can crawl around the whelping box with ease.   Whenever Sophie enters the area they are filled with excited little puppy sounds and quickly rush to get in line for the milk bar.    Sophie continues to keep a watchful eye on the puppies – although she is spending more and more time out of the whelping box (and more time swimming in the lake).  I have also found her digging in a number of locations this past week…. I guess she is not so fond of the place I have chosen for her puppies to live and is contemplating moving them out !!  You would think with all the rain this past week she would be happy to have a nice, warm place indoors for her little family !  Fortunately I don’t think she would be able to carry her puppies too far at the rate they are growing !

The puppies are all getting stronger and continue to grow well.  The boys are all weighing just over 3 pounds and the girls a bit smaller (which is completely normal).   Miss Peach, who was a bit more petite when she was born, has more than caught up (Hooray miss Peach for pushing those boys out of the way to get your dinner) so all of the pups are fairly consistent in size – with maybe the exception of Mr. Indigo.   He has a touch of gold in his coat and must also be sneaking snacks when no one else is looking – as he is the chunkiest of the bunch 🙂    The pups are all very enthusiastic eaters and never miss a meal !!

This week we will begin to add some toys to the whelping box and spend more time playing  with the puppies as they become increasingly aware of the world around them.   We can hardly wait to watch each of their little personalities unfold in these coming weeks !!

Steele X Analiesa Puppies – 4 weeks old

Exciting times for Analiesa's pups ....

The puppies are really starting to blossom this week and are becoming much more interactive with the world around them.   They are SO very adorable and as soon as they hear my voice I am greeted with 7 happy, wagging puppy tails !!    I think I am greeted almost as exhuberantly as their mum Analiesa (and I have MUCH less to offer)– so I feel quite honored with the welcoming they always give me !

The pups continue to grow in a very consistent fashion.    Structurally and physically they are strong, healthy, chunky pups with the boys now weighing between 6 and 7 pounds and Miss Cherry and Miss Lemon just a slight pace behind at 5-1/2 pounds.   They must be sneaking in an extra steak dinner when I am not looking as they seem to gain and grow every time I blink….     They all have very thick and lush coats and the beautiful, blocky head that is really the hallmark of the breed (I think we have Steele to thank for that !).

The biggest event this week has been the introduction of solid food – which is really still pretty mushy at this point – but still a big change from their “milk only” diet.    The first few times I end up with most of the food on my hands and fingers as I try to encourage the pups to lick it up…. but they have quickly caught on and now are quite happy and excited when I appear with the food dish.    Hats off to Analiesa also – who must have been coaching them on proper manners and etiquette as they are the neatest and tidiest puppies I have ever had….   Most puppies end up wearing more food than they have eaten by the end of mealtime — however these clever little pups have somehow managed to conquer their eating time with hardly any mess at all !!   Of course mealtime is quickly followed by naptime and quite often they all fall asleep with heads still hanging in the food dish 🙂   They are definitely an adorable bunch.

We have also added more toys and a little play set-up in the whelping box to introduce them to more experiences.   We have also added the extra compartment onto the whelping box which most have quickly learned to use for bathroom duties….   Such a bunch of smarties !

We are enjoying every minute and it is especially amazing to see how far they have come with Sophie’s puppies as a comparison only a few feet away (who are 2-1/2 weeks younger).    They grow so quickly during these first 8 weeks !!    Hopefully by the weekend we will venture outside for a bit if the weather is nice and also take a car ride or two…     Lots of exciting days are still ahead 🙂

Steele X Sophie Puppies – 1 week old

One week old !!

Sophie’s puppies are all doing well and have doubled in weight since their birth a week ago.   Most of the puppies are weighing around 1 kg or 2 pounds – with the girls being just a slight bit more “delicate” than the boys.   The black pigment on noses and paw pads has continued to darken this week and their coat is beginning to fill out more also.    Of course the puppies at this stage still have no sense of sight – eyes are closed – and their ears will also not begin to fully function for a few more days.   The number one order of the day right now is sleeping – followed closely by eating and snuggling with mama Sophie.

Sophie has been stepping out for the occasional swim these past few days – although she never leaves the pups for long and is an excellent mum.  She watches over them carefully – and Analiesa is never far away to keep a second set of eyes on things if needed.    The pups are often damp at times during the day as I towel Sophie off from her swims – but when the pups are nursing they crawl right into some of those underlying areas that are still damp.    Fortunately the heat lamp usually dries everyone off before long….

The pups are all nursing well – with the boys being a bit bossy when it comes to mealtime.  They like to push the girls right out of the way – so I am trying to teach them some manners 🙂   All the puppies are gaining well though – so I don’t think anyone is missing out on anything.

It will be exciting to watch this next week as the puppies become a bit more mobile in their crawling around the whelping box – and the best part of the week will be when eyes start to open !!  That is always one of my favorite times in puppy development.

For now my biggest job will be keeping mum Sophie stocked up with lots of food and everyone clean and dry…   We are looking forward to a great week ahead !!!

Steele X Analiesa Puppies – 3 weeks old

3 weeks old and growing strong....

Three weeks old already !!!!   These are certainly busy days around our household.  Mornings are especially a full time as with two families of pups on the go there are two whelping boxes to clean out and freshen up as well as lots of blankets and laundry to clean.   Mums need to be fed lots of food (usually a mix of home made with kibble, lean meat, cottage cheese or yogurt, eggs and veggies) at this point – so meal preparation also needs to be tended to first thing in the morning, followed by the weighing of the younger pups to make sure that everyone is gaining like they should.   All this amidst preparing lunches and getting kids off to school – feeding the adult goldens and then getting everyone out for a swim or run…..   Never a dull moment.

The pups are growing very well and seem to change overnight sometimes.   The boys are all weighing between 4-1/2 and 5 pounds and the girls are both around 4 pounds …  we will be starting on some solid food (although really its mush) within the next day or so as they are needing SO much milk these days to keep up with their growing bodies.    Some other highlights this week have been the appearance of teeth (definitely not a reason to celebrate from Analiesa’s point of view) and increased ability to walk.   Mr. Licorice managed to climb right out of the whelping box last night — so a whole new world will now open up as they begin to walk and explore with more ease.

The three week old mark is like a light switch turning on for puppies.   All the puppies’ senses are now functioning and this will be a very critical period in their development.   Up until now each puppy has only really reacted to warmth, food, sleep and their mother.  Now they will truly begin to interact with each other, with our family, with new experiences and encounters and with the whole world around them.    We will be providing as many safe and stimulating situations for them in these upcoming weeks as possible.   

Most of all this is an exciting time for us as we watch each puppy become their own individual 🙂   So far the entire litter is really quite even in terms of physical attributes – chunky, strong puppies with great coats and good structure.    They are all very easy-going and love to snuggle – truly a joy to have as part of our family.   Now the fun begins as we help them learn about the world that waits for them !!