Simson X Sophie Pups – Day 48 (Pre-parturition)

Sophie then (regular body condition) with Sophie now (at 7 weeks gestation)

Our beautiful Sophie continues to expand this week – with her abdominal area now measuring 90 cm. !!   The puppies are situated very high in Sophie’s abdominal cavity – so their location does make things visibly uncomfortable for Sophie from time to time – however frequent and moderate walks seem to be helping quite a bit.    Other than the walks, Sophie is most content to just lay at my feet and grows less interested in spending time with the others every day.    She is also starting to lose the hair along her stomach/abdominal area in preparation for the “milk bar” where the puppies will line up for a nourishing drink before long.  She is eating very well and continues to stay in good health.

The puppy fetuses themselves are developing their coat now and every aspect of their puppy features is becoming more pronouced.   Even whiskers will soon be visible !!    Needless to say we are all growing VERY excited for the big day.   We set up Sophie’s whelping box yesterday just so she can become acquainted with the area that will be her homebase once the puppies arrive.   We also decided to pull out our Christmas decorations yesterday – so lo and behold – Sophie will be right next to the Christmas tree !!   It will certainly make for a wonderful Christmas with Sophie’s pups practically underneath the tree.    My youngest son Josh quickly commented: “Won’t Santa be surprised !!”.     We will continue giving Sophie lots of TLC and plenty of R&R as the puppies’ arrival draws ever near 🙂

Sophie and Simson Puppies (41 days pre-parturition)

Puppy fetus at approx 39 days

The puppies continue to grow inside of Sophie’s expanding waistline and have almost doubled in size since last week’s post.   Their puppy features are continuing to become more pronounced and Sophie is visibly pregnant now.   As they mature the pigmentation of their skin is developing and within the next few days their nose will become clearly visible.

Sophie continues to do very well – although she is growing a bit less interactive with the others when it comes to playing and from time to time she gives Simson her two cents worth to stay away from her.     She loves any time that I spend with only her and is most content when she is glued to my side or laying at my feet.    She has lost her slim, trim physique and has a definite waddle in her walk these days.   Here is a comparitive photo of Sophie a few months ago and her new shape at 5.5 weeks gestation:

Sophie at 5.5 weeks gestation

Sophie has grown to 82 cm. in the abdominal area – I’m sure it will be quite awhile before she recognizes her own waistline again!!

As for our household… we are all growing quite excited about the arrival of Sophie’s pups as we head into the final 3 weeks.    As I reflect on Sophie’s own puppyhood days I am reminded of what an easy-going puppy she was and a complete joy.   I can hardly wait to have a houseful of special little pups just like their mum.   I am sure the next few weeks will just breeze by and look forward with great anticipation 🙂

Sophie X Simson puppies – Day 34 ***** (pre-parturition)

Our charming Simson - November 16, 2009

I thought I would break with the traditional insert of our puppies or mums-in-waiting this week and feature a photo of our beautiful boy Simson…. afterall – these are his puppies too!!   Simson is such a fantastic boy with the most lovable and easy-going temperament you could ever ask for.   He has been especially good with our two younger goldens over the past few weeks (Bella – 4 months and Eva – 3 months) and lets them crawl all over him, chew on him, and do just about anything without so much as a whisper.   He is always such a good sport about anything and everything – and his offspring thus far have carried on that same mellow and pleasant demeanor – so I look forward to meeting his new boys and girls in a few more weeks.

Sophie continues to do very well.  Her appetite is starting to increase so this week we will add even more little special delicacies to her dinner dish – which I know she will love 🙂    Her abdominal area is just starting to lose its tuck up – she has only increased slightly in size since last week (from 71 cm to 75 cm) but the real expansion will start to take place from here on in.   The puppy fetuses really begin to mature rapidly at this point.  They have already started to develop toes, whisker buds and claws and are actually beginning to look like little dogs.   Their eyes – which have been open to this point are now closed – and will remain this way until even after their birth.   In size – the actual fetuses are approximately 30 mm in length but they won’t stay this small for long.

Sophie remains just as sweet and special as ever.   Her activities have remained fairly the same – she still loves the water and races to the door for her morning walk.    She has been staying a bit closer to my side than usual – and seems to already be seeking the den-like comfort of the area under my desk…..  All foreshadowings of the days ahead.    We will keep giving Sophie the royal treatment and look forward to the exciting days ahead 🙂

Day 27 (pre-parturition) Miss Sophie !!

National geographic embryo 25 days

Golden retriever embryo at 25 days (National Geographic)

It seems like forever since I have made an entry in the Puppy Chronicles !!!  But finally – here we are – a big day with big news !!   Dr. Bruhn-Moore at the Centennial Animal Hospital joyfully confirmed today that our beautiful Sophie is indeed expecting.     Thank you Dr. Moore for your wonderful expertise, tender care and professionalism.  We are certainly excited about the news and can hardly wait for the big day.

For the greatest part of the last week our usually easy-going Sophie has been acting quite hesitant about going outdoors – preferring rather to just lay by my feet.  She has almost been glued to my side – and has also braved her fair share of  morning sickness – so I had hoped that today’s examination would confirm my suspicions 🙂    It has been too long since the pitter-patter of little paws – it will be wonderful to have Sophie’s pups filling our house with all their adorable puppyness – not soon enough !

At this stage the puppy fetuses are still quite small – approximately 14-15 mm in length.   Their eyes and the spinal cord are just starting to develop and their little, beautiful puppy faces are already starting to take shape !!   (Reasons why nutrition is so important for a golden mum during these weeks !)  Sophie’s abdomen is currently measuring at 71 cm. – which will not remain that way for much longer.  By next week she will arleady start to gradually swell as the puppies grow inside of her.

I’m sure Simson is celebrating too…  except he is just so cool and debonaire he will not let on !!   I am hoping that his puppies will have his same laid back and gentle personality …  although both Sophie and Simson have such sweet and charming temperaments I am sure the pups will be wonderful.   

We will continue to pamper and especially spoil Sophie in the weeks to come and look forward to December 15th with great anticipation !