Kyle & Lilly’s Puppies – 3 weeks old !

2 of Lilly's huggable babies enjoying cuddles

Lilly’s puppies have grown in leaps and bounds this week and are interacting with the world around them a bit more every day !!   They are becoming sturdier on their legs and travel around the whelping box now with ease.   In the last two days they have also started playing with each other in puppy wrestling games and rolling matches  – it is exciting to watch their little personalities come to life.

Lilly is still being a caring and doting mum – despite the fact that the pups now have little teeth that must make meal time a bit of an unpleasant ordeal for Lilly.   However – she has not wavered in her attention or devotion to the pups. Within the next couple of days we will introduce the pups to “MUSH” to start the weaning process – which is always an interesting (and messy) time for all concerned.

The puppies are all gaining well.  With a bit less competition for food than some of our larger litters – they are always running on a full tummy.   They are all weighing just over 5 pounds and all within a couple of ounces of each other – even the girls.   Both Miss Pink and Miss Red are weighing in with identical amounts.

The pups seem ready to explore so we will be adding more toys, balls and new sights and sounds to the whelping box in the days to come.   They completely enjoy any time spent with our family – and by the end of this week they will be ready for their first “official’ visitors !!!

We will continue to love every minute we can spend with Lilly’s little beauties !


Steele X Star Puppies — 50 days (Pre-parturition)

Star with her expanding waistline enjoying a knee-deep wade in the lake

Time continues to fly around our household and its hard to believe that another week has sailed past with Star’s pregnancy and we are now two weeks away from the big day….

Star continues to do well – she has curtailed the swimming a bit this past week but the water is getting colder with each passing day so I’m sure the thoughts of submerging her belly of babies in the cool temps are what has her keeping closer to the shoreline these days.    Her waistline continues to blossom and now measures appoximately 87 cm.     Certainly not bikini measurements for our beautiful girl !!

Star’s appetite is increasing – which for a golden is no surprise – as she already loves her food but now can indluge even more to provide for the wee ones growing inside of her.  She is keeping active throughout the day to try and keep muscles and everything else toned up and in good shape for the delivery.

Usually about this time I start setting up the whelping box — but fortunately it is already up and running – even if it is occupied currently by Lilly’s little family.     In the next week to 10 days we will be moving Lilly’s pups to a more advanced play area with more room, toys, and access to the outdoors as they will soon outgrow the whelping box — just in time for Star to move in !!

Star’s puppies continue to grow in size now and the next week will probably see her slowing down a bit as the weight becomes greater.   Hopefully she can put her feet up and catch a few extra winks in order to be well prepared for the busy time ahead 🙂

Kyle & Lilly Puppies – 2 weeks old !

Always time for a snuggle....

This week has flown past and Lilly’s puppies have passed a couple of milestones.   They are now able to hear and their eyes are open when awake (although at this stage they are only seeing blurry shapes and vision is still developing).  It is always my favourite stage when you can gaze into those beautiful dark eyes and know that their entire personality is just about to blossom….

The pups are moving with more steadiness around the whelping box.  They are gaining better control of their legs underneath them and have learned how to scurry quite quickly – especially whenever mum arrives with the milk wagon !!   They are all gaining well and are remarkably consistent with their weights.  All of the pups weigh around 1.69 kg or 3 pounds 12 ounces.   All 5 puppies – even the girls are within one ounce of each other — so Lilly is definitely doing a super job at keeping everyone well fed and happy !

Lilly continues to be a great mum and dotes on her little babies night and day.    She sometimes sleeps just outside the whelping box now where she can still keep a watchful eye on them — but it starts to get warm in there with all those chunky little bodies – as well as crowded — So she is spending a bit less time in there these days.   This week she is spending a bit more time playing with the others – and of course looks forward to her walk and swim time.   She seems quite happy and content and is quite proud of her little babies.

This week the pups will continue to gain more co-ordination and will become more and more aware of the world around them.   We look forward to watching each of them grow into their own individual and will try to somehow tear ourselves away from cuddle time to get other work done around the house !!

Steele & Star Puppies — 43 days (Pre-parturition)

Star still enjoying the lake as she awaits the arrival of her little family....

Star has had a great week and continues to enjoy the last lingering moments of fall in Muskoka !   The lake has become remarkably cold for water temperature in the last week – but it doesn’t seem to slow Star down in the least and she still enjoys her swim time and trying to beat the others to whatever stick or toy is the object for retrieval.

Her appetite contiues to increase as well as her waistline !!   She now measures approx 83 cm around the middle.   However the extra passengers on board haven’t seemed to slow her down yet — which is great news as it allows us to maintain a moderately active exercise schedule which will keep her in tip-top shape for the arrival of her pups.

The growth and development of the puppies continues.  Skin pigment and puppy features continue to develop and this is a period of rapid growth for the puppies.  Skulls and spines are becoming calcified and shortly Star’s mammary glands will already begin to prepare milk for her wee ones.

Star is still enjoying a few more naps than usual but otherwise is her usual, cheerful, affectionate self.    We look forward to keeping her pampered and comfortable until the big day arrives in 3 weeks time !

Kyle & Lilly Puppies — 1 week old !

Miss Red at one week old !

Lilly’s puppies have had a super week and are doing all the things that one week old puppies should be doing…..  which mainly consists of sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating and….. well you know….

Lilly is being a super mum and keeps a close eye on her pups.   She seems extremely proud of them and you can almost see her smiling when she is watching over them or laying in the whelping box snuggled up to them.   She hasn’t missed out on much in the way of activities and was happily swimming for sticks the day following the arrival of the pups !!   (It goes without saying that Lilly just loves the water and I’m sure she would have had her pups in the lake if I would have let her !)   As much as Lilly loves to spend time with her pups – she looks forward to her walks and time outside which is helpful to keep her in great shape as she cares for her little ones.

The pups are all gaining quite consistently and are weighing in at around 2 pounds.   The girls are slightly smaller — but without the competition of a larger litter there is lots of food to go around and all of the puppies are gaining in leaps and bounds.

By the end of this week eyes will open and ears will become developed enough to hear – so it is an exciting time for us to watch them grown and mature.

We will look forward to a week full of snuggles and cuddles with Lilly’s pups and will enjoy every minute as they never seem to stay little for long…..


Steele X Star Puppies – Day 38 (Pre-parturition)

Star anticipating the great joys of motherhood to come !!

Star has had another great week and is doing very well as she continues along in her pregnancy.    She is still sleeping a bit more than usual but she enjoys swimming just as much as ever and of course never misses out on her walks and play time with the others.   Her appetite is definitely increasing and her abdominal area has grown now to 79 cm. as the puppies begin the last weeks of their rapid development.    The size of the fetuses is now around 5-6 cm long.   With the skeletal and developmental groundwork now laid they will gain and grow substantially in these final stages.

Daisy and Lilly have been passing along all their own personal mothering notes to Star — so I am sure that Star will be good and ready when the big day arrives.    For now she just seems to be enjoying the fall and is staying in great shape partaking in all of her usual activities.    We will keep treating her royally for these next few weeks, indulging her in her favourite dishes and treats, and doing everything we possibly can to keep her healthy and strong for arrival of her little babies.

Kyle X Lilly Puppies — Arriving Finally – !!

Well Lilly has been keeping us all on the edge of our seats since Friday with the highly anticipated arrival of her babies by the ultimately handsome “Mad About You de Ria Vela” – fondly known as Kyle.   As each day of the weekend passed – I was beginning to wonder if Lilly was ever going to stop long enough for her “passengers” to de-board !!   Maybe she was just trying to squeeze the last enjoyable moments out of our beautiful Canadian Thanksgiving weeked – as the weather has been exceptional !!

After a day spent panting and pacing –  and digging new holes in the garden in preparation for her little ones — Lilly is now in “active” labour and has delivered one adorable baby boy so far.  He arrived at 3:45 a.m. and has already reserved his own special spot at the milk bar where he is relishing room to stretch.   We will be calling him Mr. Blue – and he is already loving this whole new world and spending quality one on one time with mama Lilly.    We will do our best to keep you posted on how things unfold in the next few hours….

4:40 a.m. — Mr. Blue now has a playmate !!  Miss Red.   Keep up the good work Lilly….   Wonder if I have time to go put some coffee on… ??


5:10 a.m. — Another dashing young boy — Mr. Green.  Lilly is doing a great job 🙂  and I have a coffee — so we are all good.


6:30 a.m. — Certainly no speed records being set here on Lilly’s part….    We welcome another darling boy to the world — Mr. Purple.


7:05 a.m. — Another precious girl has arrived — Miss Pink !!


Lilly and Kyle are the proud parents of 5 beautiful little pups — truly a miracle thanks to the modern science of artificial insemination along with the great worker of wonders – our amazing God.    The pups all weighed in at around 1 pound and are now nestled in with their beautiful mum.   We are so very thankful for the safe arrival of this very special litter.

Lilly with her new family