Kyle & Lilly Puppies (Day 55 Pre-parturition)

Beautiful Lilly counting down the days....

We are entering the final week of Lilly’s pregnancy and she is doing amazingly well.    Although her abdominal area has expanded now to 81 cms. she hasn’t slowed down like some of our other expectant mums in the past. She still completely enjoys her walks through the woods which are always followed by a nice rest, with body fully submerged in the shallow part of our lake.     She still can beat just about everyone to a stick when it comes to retrieving, and is still eating and sleeping well ….. If it weren’t for her expanding waistline it would be hard to tell that she was pregnant !!

We took Lilly for an xray on Monday — as the initial ultrasound had showed that Lilly would probably only be carrying two babies – which is always a possible outcome with artificial insemination – especially when it is frozen and has travelled half way around the world !!    However – good news on Monday.    The xray showed 5 little puppies – and a very slim possibility of a sixth….    If you see in the xray below (it is not the easiest thing to read)  there are 5 oval shaped skulls that can be identified by their white outline and are accompanied by the image of the spine.  Normally I do not do an ultrasound AND an xray — but in the event that there were in fact only 2 babies – we were going to be checking their size to make sure that Lilly would be able to deliver them naturally (Plus Lilly has been known to ‘hide’ puppies in an ultrasound before – therefore we wanted to do a final check).      So I am happy with the report that Lilly’s growing tummy is not the result of two gigantic pups – but 5 or 6 normal sized babies which will hopefully result in a normal and safe delivery.

X-ray of Lilly's Puppies at 51 days !! Try out your puppy counting skills ....

We will look forward to the week ahead and plan to continue giving Lilly the `royal treatment` until the BIG day arrives !!

Kyle and Lilly puppies (47 days pre-parturition)

Lilly enjoying the last weeks of pregnancy


Lilly has had another great week and has spent lots of time enjoying the lake.    Her most favourite thing these days seems to be going for a nice walk and run through the wooded area of our property – and then returning to the lake where she just lays in the shallow water to relax.    She hasn`t slowed down at all with her activities yet and continues to be her normal, happy self.

Her abdominal area has grown to approximately 78 cms. and she is eating well.   We have added an extra noon-time meal that consists of some puppy kibble along with a cooked egg or cottage cheese and she always looks forward to it !

The puppies are continuing to grow and develop inside of Lilly.   Their noses and facial features are now clearly resembling a dog and they continue to grow their coat of hair.  It is not possible to feel the puppies moving yet — but within the next week we should be able to place a hand on Lilly`s tummy and feel the little babies kicking and squirming about.    It will also be time this week to set up the whelping box and just make sure everything is in order to prepare for the big day !!

We will be counting the days until we can meet Lilly`s lovely new family of pups 🙂

Kyle X Lilly Puppies – Day 39 (pre-parturition)

Our beautiful mum-in-waiting - "Lilly"

Well it looks like we will have more than usual to be thankful for this coming Thanksgiving as ultrasound has confirmed that our beautiful Lilly is indeed expecting with the puppies due to arrive on October 7th (Thanksgiving weekend) !!   The father of the pups is an amazing boy residing in Spain: Mad About You de Ria Vela who is an accomplished champion and stunning boy with many superb qualities to pass along to his puppies.  We are very excited about this combination as it will bring together some outstanding bloodlines and both parents have charming, biddable and sweet personalities.

Lilly is taking it all in stride — still completely enjoying a swim once or twice a day as well as running and romping about like her usual self.   Her waistline is starting to lose a bit of its slender appearance and she now measures 73 cm at the abdominal area.   Her appetite is starting to increase so we will make sure she is treated like a princess and has all kinds of wonderful, nutritional treats and things to eat over the next 3.5 weeks until the big day arrives.    The gestation period for puppies is only 63 days – so a huge amount of growth and development goes on during this time.  At this stage the puppies have already started to develop toes,  whisker buds, and faces are taking shape. Each fetus still only measures approximately 5 cm. however now that the groundwork has been laid they will begin to gain rapidly over these next few weeks.

We look forward to spoiling Lilly as much as possible while she heads into the last half of pregnancy and can hardly wait for  the exciting big day !!