Gulliver X Daisy pups – 43 days (Pre-Parturition)

Puppy fetus at approx 39 days

 This is an amazing photo produced by National Geographic a few years ago that will give you a very good indication of how the development is progressing this week for Daisy’s puppies.   The puppies are now approximately 45 mm long and have begun to develop skin pigment.   Their canine features continue to become more pronounced.Daisy is still a bit picky with her morning meals but always seems to enjoy the fresh turkey, chicken or beef that we add in along with fresh veggies or cottage cheese.   Diet is extremely important at this stage as the puppies grow rapidly during these next few weeks.   Hard to believe that we are only 20 days away from the “big event” !!    We have already set up the whelping box and have begun to get everything in place so that we are prepared when the time comes….

Daisy continues to be in great spirits — still swimming like a puppy when we throw a stick into the lake and very much enjoying all the treasures that are revealed on our property now that the snow is disappearing.    She loves to explore around the gardens and tree areas to see what the winter has left behind.     She still enjoys playing with the others – although she is sleeping a bit more than usual and seems to like catching a quick nap in a quiet corner whenever she can.

Our sweet Daisy at 43 days gestation

Daisy’s abdominal area is now measuring 83 cm. and she definitely has a bit of a matronly waddle to her walk — but she is still as beautiful as ever !!    Even though Steele is not the daddy for this litter he seems to keep a bit of a protective eye on her as though he senses the events that are about to come….   Maybe he will even be allowed into the delivery room if he keeps up his debonaire and gentlemanly charms !!

We will continue to do everything possible to help Daisy have a successful pregnancy and are looking increasingly forward to May 15th ~~ !!

Gulliver & Daisy Puppies (Day 36 pre-parturition)

Daisy just starting to show a bit of a puppy tummy...

It seems like an eternity since we have had puppies in the house — even though in reality it has only been a few months.   Needless to say we are looking forward to Daisy’s expected litter by the handsome and dashing Gulliver (CH Giltedge Traveller) with great excitement and anticipation.   Both Daisy and Gulliver are simply the SWEETEST –  so we can hardly wait to meet their little bundles of joy.

Our visit to the great team at Centennial Animal Hospital confirmed our hopes last week and thanks to the wonderful world of ultrasound Dr. Mason was able to get a great view of everything that is going on with Daisy’s expected puppies.   We could already see little hearts beating strong and development was all looking good for this stage.    Today is Day 36 in the grand scheme of things and by now this means that the fetuses are already starting to look like dogs; they have developed toes and whisker buds, faces are starting to take shape and the fetuses themselves are approximately 30 mm in length.

Daisy is still her usual beautiful self – although she does spend a bit more time resting lately.   She is still always in the mood for a nice walk or playtime outside — but once indoors she usually finds a quiet little corner and sometimes you will hear her softly snoring away….   She has been fairly picky with breakfast the last 7 or 8 days – but today her appetite seems to be back to normal so I’m sure within the week she will be eating everything in sight.    Her stomach has already grown from its normal 71 cm to 80 cm – so we are well on our way.

We will continue to give Daisy the royal treatment in the weeks to come and are looking forward to the arrival of her special little babies.