Steele & Opal Puppies – 8 weeks old

Collage8 weeks of puppy rearing is certainly not for the faint of heart – and often the long days and nights that come with it can be exhausting…….   But I can honestly say that I never tire of having a litter of puppies in the house – and when the day comes to say good-bye to them – it is always a very sad time.       I have marvelled at each one of these little beauties as they arrived in this world, opened their eyes, first wagged their little tails, and I have watch them grow into the amazing young pups that they have become over these past 8 weeks.    It is really a privilege to have a part to play in their little lives.

We have had an amazing week with lots of adventures on the lawn and through the gardens – with the favorite all-time spot always being the nice shady patch of dirt and rocks underneath our birch tree.   I’m not sure what it is that the puppies find so appealing about that spot – but they love to just lay and play there for hours.    It is always entertaining to watch them as they chase each other around the tree, through the nearby bushes and then plop themselves in a cool, shady spot with what I’m sure is a smile on their face.

We had our first official vet visit this week and everyone passed with flying colors.   It was quite the adventure to get all 12 pups bathed, nails trimmed, spruced up and loaded up for the big trip.    Everything in the clinic usually comes to a standstill as the parade of cute little pups makes its way through the reception area….   The puppies love every minute of it — the more attention the better !!

The week was a mix of sunny days and rainy, cold weather — so the pups had a good mix of time outdoors and time amusing themselves indoors – usually in the kitchen.  They are such a gentle and good-natured bunch – it has been exciting to watch how each of them has developed to this point.

So now comes the bittersweet part of our journey….   It is always heart-warming to see how much joy each puppy brings to their new family.   I have met some of the most awesome, kind-hearted, generous and loving people through our puppies 🙂  I feel very blessed that our puppies have such amazing homes waiting….   However it does not ever get any easier to say good-bye to the little babies that our family has loved and cuddled for the last 8 weeks.       We wish each of Opal’s little gems the very best that life can bring as they head out now for new horizons and new adventures….