The beautiful Analiesa – Day 38 Preparturition

Analiesa enjoying the summer

We were very excited to have received confirmation last week that our beautiful girl Analiesa is indeed carrying puppies – with the little bundles of adorable fur scheduled to arrive hopefully around August 17th !   We can hardly wait for this litter of pups to arrive as it will be the first puppies born here in North America for our handsome boy Steele.    Both Steele and Analiesa have wonderful, easy-going, cheery temperaments – so we are expecting a  houseful of sheer joy and bliss to be upon us shortly !!

Analiesa did experience some morning sickness/loss of appetite for a few days but she has returned to her normal self and is enjoying her meals once again to the fullest.    She is measuring approximate 72 cm in the abdominal area — it will probably be awhile before she sees that kind of slenderness again 🙂    At this point in their development the puppies are already starting to look like dogs – they are growing toes, whisker buds and claws and their faces are taking shape. Their skin pigment is already starting to develop and for size the fetuses are measuring around 45 mm.   Their growth will be very rapid now until they arrive in a few weeks – so much happens in such a little amount of time.  It still amazes me at how perfectly each phase of their development is carried out.

For now Analiesa will be enjoying her carefree summer days without the responsibility of little mouths to feed….  It won’t be long and her days will be filled (and mine too !)  !!