Rigger and Lovely’s Puppies – 8 weeks and beyond

Goodbye is always the hardest part (Lovely's puppy "Toby" shown here with the Fung family)

I apologize that this post is quite late …  technical difficulties got in the way of my post for week 8… and then somehow time just got away on me!    Lovely’s puppies are now 10 weeks old and enjoying life to the fullest.    Our last puppy left on Friday making the big trek east to New Brunswick.   “Cooper” arrived safe and sound with a whole bunch of AIR MILES under his belt and a wagging tail.   We wish him the very best as he begins life with his new family 🙂    This time around the puppies departure seemed a bit more gradual then with some of our other litters as the little ones moved  to their new homes over a two week period (instead of all in one weekend).   I am thankful that this made their goodbyes a little more bearable… although not much.  It is still so very hard, after weeks and months of caring for and cuddling each one, to watch them drive away – although I truly know that each will have a beautiful life ahead with their new family.   And as much as I always wish I could keep them ALL – I know that by 8 weeks they are truly ready for a family of their own.    Such a sweet little bunch – so much like their mother Lovely – they really were a grand group and our whole family has enjoyed every minute with them.   I am convinced that there is no other breed of dog with such a delightful, intelligent and loving temperament.

We feel very blessed to be able to keep one lovely girl puppy – Sugar from this litter.   She has already stolen our hearts and is such a wonderful pup.   She travelled with us this past weekend to Josh’s Provincials for Field Lacrosse and was an instant hit with everyone 🙂   She has started to learn some basic training and especially loves the water – so we are already into the next chapter as the legacy of Lovely lives on.

We will be thinking about Lovely’s pups as the summer unfolds and hope that they bring even half as much joy into the lives of others as they brought into ours in those special weeks we had together.

Our little princess Sugar swimming with mum Lovely - May 2010