Baron X Daisy’s Pups – 4 weeks old

The best part about eating mush is wearing it !!

The biggest event for the puppies this week was the introduction of solid food…. well … almost solid food which started out as a soupy gruel earlier in the week and has progressed to a thicker mush-like meal.    This of course is all part of the weaning process that will gradually take place over the next 4 weeks.    The puppies didnt quite know what to make of things at first and usually walked, crawled and waded through the mush before learning that it actually might taste good !!   They still have a long way to go as far as manners are concerned but this first week of something other than mum’s milk is always the messiest one !!   Usually the majority of the meal ends up on the floor and each other — and they all spend the next half hour licking everything up !Hopefully by next week they will have learned a bit more dinner-time etiquette and they won’t look quite so grubby in their photos !

The pups are all gaining well and spend more time each day playing with each other and spending time with our family.   They completely bask in the time we spend with them and love being cuddled and talked to.   Playtime can get a bit rough but they romp and roll around for a short period and then quickly fade off into dreamland.

Sometime this week we will be moving up town — well not really — just across the kitchen to the sunroom where the pups will have lots more space to play as they are outgrowing their current location in the living room.    The sunroom will give them a great option until they are a bit older and we can venture out into the snow for short periods each day.

Daisy continues to be a great mum and is never far off – except when we head out on our walks.  She still nurses the puppies a number of times through the day and is always checking in on them.

We will have another exciting week again as the pups continue to grow, gain confidence, and learn about the world around them.

Baron X Daisy’s Pups — 3 weeks old

Brotherly love....

Daisy’s pups are now spending more time awake and interacting with our family – which is the beginning of my favourite time in puppy development.    They are such cute little babies and it is so entertaining to watch how they play with each other and explore the world around them.    It would be easy to spend the whole day with them they are so adorable at this age !!

Daisy continues to be an excellent mum although she seldom stays in the whelping box with them for long outside of mealtime as it is just too crowded in there at the moment.    She usually prefers to stay perched just outside the puppies’ play/sleep area and now joins us regularly on our walks which she always looks forward to.   In the next 10 days we will look to move the pups to a bigger area with more toys and space as they become more active and mobile.

The pups still spend a good portion of the day sleeping and can be found in the strangest positions – either entangled around a sibling or snuggled under a stuffed toy.     The pups are all gaining and growing well although mealtime has taken on a bit of a different look as Daisy usually stands now so the puppies can all reach her easily without being crowded out by each other.   It gives a whole new meaning to the expression “meals on wheels” !!

The pups will continue to gain more awareness of the world around them and we look forward to this next interesting week of their development.

Baron X Daisy puppies – 2 weeks old

What a wonderful world I see !

Daisy’s pups have had a super week !! Our winter temperatures outside here have dropped drastically this week with most days ranging around -30 degrees celsius — so I am sure they are thankful to be inside and snuggled up to mum (and each other).   Daisy however has enjoyed venturing out on our regular walks with the rest of the gang and doesn’t seem to mind the cold….

The puppies’ biggest milestone this week was the opening of eyes.    This is always one of my favourite parts of puppy development – as they seem to take on a whole new dimension of their personality when you can gaze into those sweet, little puppy eyes.   The pups can also hear now — so they are becoming increasingly aware of the world around them.

The milk bar is getting more crowded at mealtimes and it is usually a hustle-bustle of activity when everyone is hungry and jostling for the best seating. With the cold temps I was thinking that “ice cream” might be on tap instead of the regular fare !!! but I’m sure the pups would gobble up whatever was on the menu ! Daisy continues to be an oustanding mum and is taking wonderful care of her little family.   The pups are all weighing in around 3 pounds — and are developing nicely.

This week we will add some stuffed toys and balls to the whelping box so that the pups have some new things to explore as they start to gain mobility and interact more with each other and the world around them.   We will also enjoy spending lots of snuggle time with each of them at this completely adorable stage !!   We are looking forward to watching the puppies grow and develop over this next exciting week!

Baron X Daisy Puppies — 1 week old !!

Daisy settling into her maternal duties with great enthusiasm !!

Daisy’s puppies have had a wonderful week and are growing and gaining well.    They are still at that early puppy stage where eyes are closed and ears are not receptive to sound…. so their only contact with the world around them right now is by smell and touch.    The majority of their day is spent in dreamland — which is followed by eating as a close second !!   They are a very happy and contented family.

The pups are all weighing in at around 2 pounds and are growing well.  Daisy has been a terrific mum.  For the first few days she would not leave the puppies for anything —  even potty breaks required a leash to coax her outside and “room service” was the only way to get her to accept a meal.    She is definitely devoted to her little pups and seems to be quite proud of the whole bunch !!

The pups do a minimal amount of crawling around at this age but their legs will become more sturdy even within this next week.    It is amazing how quickly the pups reach milestones and how much progress they make from one week to the next.

Little Miss Pink does not seem to mind being the only girl yet — and her weight is keeping up with the boys so something tells me she will probably give the boys a run for their money when she gets bit older !!   For now their is no real character development or anything other noteworthy regarding the pups temperament — other than the fact that they are all extremely sweet and are a full-time cuddling job !!

We will look forward to watching the pups grow over this next week and can hardly wait to introduce them to the world that is waiting for them 🙂



Steele X Star Puppies – 8 weeks old

Now the adventures will really begin....

Even though we always know that the 8 week mark will arrive sooner or later — nonetheless it is no easier to say goodbye to Star’s little puppies.    The first little prince left today for his new home in other parts of Ontario — where he will actually be joining a lovely “sister” Buffy from one of our litters last year.  That makes Mr. Blue — now known as “Thomson” the first official pup to depart from the home that Star’s pups have known here with us for these past 8 weeks.    We have truly enjoyed every minute of watching these little ones grow and learn during their short time here with us.

It has been a busy week filled with adventures out doors (whenever it wasn’t minus 24 degrees celsius) and we had lots of snow for the pups to play in and romp about.   The week was also marked by bath day (accompanied with groom and nail clip) for all.    The pups all did quite well with their bath experience and looked so fluffy and adorable when it was all said and done.

We also had our visit yesterday to the vet clinic for a final health inspection and vaccinations….  The pups had  a great time exploring the office and meeting all who were there !   They always seem to enjoy basking in the attention and have an immediate following of fans wherever they go !!

It is hard not to get sentimental as the pups prepare to head out to new horizons over this next week.   I find myself wondering what kind of life they will have ….?   What kind of laughter and sorrow will they see their family through….??  Will they feel loved and cherished — and will they be that unparalelled friend and faithful companion that touches a soul forever ?  What kind of furry friends will they meet and will they remember their time here with us?

A chapter will be closing for our time here with Steele and Star’s pups — but a whole new one is just beginning….    We wish our little pups and their new families the very best in their lives together.


Baron & Daisy Puppies – The GRAND Entrance

Daisy and her miracle babies - settling in for a long winter's nap

Firstly I would just like to apologize to any of our Dreamkeeper families who have been checking this page over the last 24 hours for news on Daisy’s puppies.     Pregnancies and the ways of Mother Nature are often hard to confine to an exact timeline….  and Daisy’ new little family is no exception.

Daisy spent a great deal of Saturday and Sunday in labour – and actually gave birth to her first little boy at 2:10 a.m. on Monday morning, January 2nd… at which point I usually start updating our chronicles page for those that like to have the latest breaking news.   However — things did not progress well from there so my time was completely consumed tending to Daisy and we actually ended up requiring a c-section to deliver the balance of the litter.  Our most sincere thanks to Dr. Duder and Sarah at Centennial Animal Hospital for taking such great care of all of us and ensuring that all of Daisy’s little bundles of joy were delivered safe and sound !!  I am happy to report that mum and pups are all doing very well and resting here now just beside the fireplace.    Daisy and Baron are the proud parents of 10 boys and 1 little (destined-to-be-spoiled) girl.

Daisy is tired and will need some extra TLC over the next couple of weeks to make a speedy recovery — but she is a superb mother and is tending to her new little family with great care.    She loves her puppies with such devotion – that she even tried climbing right into the puppy basket with them when we arrived home this morning.

We are reminded again today of the miracle of life and how very blessed we are to have this lovely litter in our home.      Wishing everyone a safe and happy 2012 !!