Malloy & Star Puppies – 3 weeks old

Cuteness personified

Cuteness personified

Star’s pups have had a pretty laid-back and relaxing week.   One would think that these boys are on a Muskoka vacation!!  All they need now is some flip-flops and a pair of sunglasses !

The boys are all very content and I don’t really hear much from them unless someone manages to attach themselves to Star and get carried out of the whelping box…   They are all looking quite handsome and even Star herself seems quite smitten with her new brood of boys.   The pups love to spend time snuggling with our family and also seem quite open to the adventures of exploring the living room floor.

We will have an exciting week ahead as we get ready to move the pups into the Sunroom and also allow them to start spending time outdoors.   It will certainly be a lot of fun to watch them as they encounter the world for the “first time” in many ways!

We can hardly wait to be a part of this next week as the puppies personalities slowly being to emerge.

Steele X Sparkle Puppies – 7 weeks old (Already!!)

Just catching a few zzz's

Just catching a few zzz’s

Sparkle’s pups have had a banner week.    Their favourite activity is to run through the lawn and garden and head straight for the aluminum fishing boat that sits on the shoreline of our lake.    I am not sure exactly what is so intriguing in that area – but the pups will literally spend hours pawing at the sand and playing under the beached section of the boat.   You can almost see their smiles stretch from ear to ear as they scamper through the sand and amongst the reeds – happy pups just enjoying the Muskoka sunshine.

The pups have all been eating and gaining well and love mealtime.    In typical golden fashion they are completely infatuated with food and would probably do anything for a treat.   They are still enjoying the occasional snack from Sparkle — but the majority of their time with Sparkle is spent playing and chasing.    Sparkle has been such a wonderful mum and continually watches over all of her babies even though her feeding duties are drawing to a close.

The pups are spending more time awake and playing with each other — they have also made it clear that they would much rather be with our family and friends then sectioned off in their own puppy play area.  They are definitely an affectionate and connected bunch and love any time at all that they can spend with the “human” branch of their family.

It will be an exciting week ahead with the first official visit to the vet and as many other adventures as we can store in a day !!

Armani & Tia’s pups – NEW HORIZONS (8 weeks old)

Wags & Smiles

Wags & Smiles

This is always a very bittersweet time around our house.    We spend 8 weeks preparing each puppy for this day – and then when the day gets here it is a time mixed with both satisfaction at seeing how nicely the pups have matured and how far they have come, and sadness at the thought of saying good-bye.

The puppies have had a good 8 weeks here I believe.    They have had lots of snuggles and cuddles, lots of adventures – and their little tails never seem to stop wagging.  They have enjoyed their playtime indoors, their time outside in their play area, exploring the grounds and gardens, and this past week they have especially enjoyed seeing what they can find down at the lake.    They are a very confident and easy-going bunch.   I love their outlook on life and their love for every single living being (human or otherwise) that they encounter.   The pups will have their first big vet visit tomorrow – and then they will each start leaving for their new families.     Tia has been a great mum.   I think she will be a bit lost to see her puppies leave — but she has done a job over and above the norm and truly needs a break from her responsibilities.

I hope that each one of these little beauties will bring as much sunshine into their new homes as they have given us these past 8 weeks.    We will miss you greatly little ones.    Fare thee well….

Malloy X Star Puppies – 2 weeks old

Snuggle buddies

Snuggle buddies

Star’s puppies have had a quiet week – in contrast to the activity of some of our older puppies that reside here at the moment, Star’s pups still spend the majority of their day sleeping.  Those sleeping stretches are only broken up momentarily for Star’s “meals on wheels”…. and after those times of fine dining the entire crew always returns to sweet slumber.

The most interesting development this past week was the opening of eyes.   The puppies always seem to take on a whole new dimension when you can gaze into those big brown eyes.    Of course all that they see right now is a blur of fuzzy shapes – but it’s all a great beginning.    They can now hear as well – and don’t seem to mind when any of us strike up the piano or guitar not far from their resting place.

Star continues to be a very devoted mum.   She occasionally leaves their side for a quick jaunt around the yard or a dip in the lake – but she is very vigilant and keeps a close eye on her babies.

The pups are all gaining well and seem very content.   We don’t hear much from them unless Star is just outside the whelping box and they are anticipating her arrival.   We look forward to watching the pups become more mobile and interactive over this next week ….

Steele & Sparkle’s Puppies – 6 weeks old

Nothing like puppy kisses

Nothing like puppy kisses

Sparkle’s puppies have had a great week enjoying the outdoors.   They clearly seem to be loving their time outside more than any time spent indoors these days.    We have had a couple of warmer days so the pups find great delight in finding a cool (and dirty) spot behind the bushes where they can relax and snooze.   They have also decided that their play area on the deck is too warm for the hotter days – so they usually spend a very limited amount of time in their penned area before being released to the freedom of the lawn and gardens.

The pups have had loads of visitors this past week.   Not only do puppy families come for visits but all the nearby residents on the lake seem to have a puppy addiction 🙂  My children’s friends are also in the mix so there is plenty of activity and lots of new faces to keep the puppies entertained.   All of the socialization is a great thing for the puppies – so I am glad to see that there is never a shortage of puppy fans.

The pups are becoming much more co-ordinated in their movement and love to run and scamper around the birch tree.   They spend some of their day playing and chasing each other – some of their day snuggling with each other…. and the rest of their day is intertwined with visits from their 2-legged friends, time with our family, meal-time  and time spent with Sparkle and our other goldens.   The puppies are eating well and are all weighing in between 8 and 9 pounds – with the boys all between an ounce or two of each other (hovering just over 9 pounds).

We look forward to the week ahead and hope for many more sunny days so we can enjoy this exciting time in their development.

Armani & Tia puppies – 7 weeks old

3 is not a crowd....

3 is not a crowd….

Tia’s puppies have had a brilliant week.   It has been a wee bit of a juggling act — as the weather has been quite unsettled here…. Beautiful and sunny one moment and pouring down rain the next.   But the pups don’t seem to mind the parade-type rotation from indoors to sunroom, kitchen, outdoor play area, garden, lawn and the works.      The puppies absolutely love anytime out on the lawn where they can explore under every bush and every nook – and love to lie in the cool areas just behind the boxwood bushes.    They also carefully supervised any garden work I carried out this past week — I was so grateful to have such watchful and contented helpers !!

The puppies all continue to eat and gain well.   All are weighing now between 10 and 11 pounds.     They have strong contraction and continue to grow very uniformly.

Tia still enjoys playing and hanging out with her puppies at every opportunity.   She will let them suckle for a quick snack and then converts to mama/playmate role.   It is interesting to watch the dynamics amongst all of them.   Tia is a wonderful mum and the focus of her world right now continues to be her little family.   Her favourite past-time is to roll on the lawn and let her puppies crawl all over her!!

We will continue to enjoy the great outdoors over this next week and we can hardly wait to see how much the pups will blossom in those days to come.

Malloy & Star Puppies – 1 week old

Lined up for lunchtime

Lined up for lunchtime

Time certainly flies around here these days.  It is hard to believe that Star’s handsome boys are already one week old!    The pups are all gaining well and their weight has doubled to just over 2 pounds.   All the puppies are within 1-2 ounces of each other in the weight department so they are a very uniform litter.

The majority of the puppies’ day is spent sleeping, either cuddled right up with mum or snuggled in with each other.    They are still blind and deaf at this age so they are pretty much oblivious to everything except the entrance of mum Star into the whelping box and the time we spend holding each one.    They have a significant sense of scent at this age and seem to be able to tell even when their mum is standing a few inches away, just outside their whelping box.   The thoughts of the approaching dinner wagon always gets them quite excited.   They can scurry and crawl quite quickly to move around – but their coordination is still very disjointed.   Over this next week it will be an interesting time as they will open their eyes and begin to hear for the first time.   They will also gain increasing mobility.

Star is an excellent mum.    She will only leave her little family for short spurts of time.  I finally coaxed her into the lake over the weekend on one of the hotter days – but she quickly hurried back to check on her babies.    Whenever she is in the whelping box she must have everyone right beside her and accounted for.   If anyone wanders even a few inches away she begins to whine and cry in concern over the straggler – and quickly gives me a grateful look of thankfulness when I replace the puppy up against her.    She is very content to just lie with them hour after hour and keeps a very watchful eye on anyone who comes into the room to make sure that her babies are always safe.   These days Star would rather stay right beside her puppies than go for a walk or a swim.   That says a great deal about her devotion as she has always had a huge love of the water.

We will look forward to the great strides that the puppies will make in this week ahead 🙂