Steele X Star Puppies — 7 weeks old !

Ready for anything !!

Star’s pups have had a great week of celebration !!  Santa of course left some extra special treats in their stockings (as they had been such good pups — and SO cute to boot — who could refuse !!) which the pups enjoyed along with all of the holiday visitors and yuletide snuggles !!

It has been a strange time for weather here —  either very rainy and miserable or bitterly cold (minus 24 C) so the pups have only been outside for short spurts here and there.   For the most part our kitchen is their playworld and they have enjoyed every minute of it !!  They are still outside multiple times daily – but at this age I can’t let them get soaked and cold — so we look for creative ways to play indoors !  Fortunately with the holidays there is no shortage of visitors and playmates – so the puppies always have a good time.

The pups are weighing in at around 10 pounds for the boys and 9 for the girls — and there is never a dull moment at mealtime !

Hopefully the weather will warm up enough that we can romp in the snow a bit more and explore the great white Muskoka world that awaits in this week ahead.    We will also have a busy week with car rides and a trip to the vet — so the pups will have lots to keep them busy !

We wish all of our Dreamkeeper families and friends the very best for 2012 !!   I can only imagine the great adventures that are in store for Star’s lovely pups as the New YEAR unfolds !!

Baron and Daisy — Miss Daisy day 59 (pre-parturition)

Lovely Daisy in a photo taken earlier last week

The final countdown is on and our sweet girl Daisy is enjoying the last few days of solace before the big arrival of her puppies.    We were thrilled to learn a few weeks ago that our artificial insemination procedure with Baron of Stanroph du Domaine des Rives de L’erdre had been completely successful and that puppies could be expected around January 1st !!   It has made an exciting time of the year even more exciting for our household.

Daisy has been doing well throughout the pregnancy although has notably slowed down this last week.   She still loves our walks but is generally the caboose of the group and I often have to stop and wait while she meanders along and catches up 🙂     Her abdominal area is measuring approximately 96 c.m. and she has really blossomed these last two weeks – so there is not much room for food.  She manages to eat well if we break it down into numerous smaller meals throughout the day to accommodate the limited space !!

We had the opportunity to take Daisy for an xray yesterday just to double check on how things were progressing and she received lots of positive comments and cuddles (which she is always ready for).   I always find the xrays at this stage are such an amazing thing — you will be able to see in the photo below the skulls and spines of the little pups that are waiting for the big day …   Our vet could count 11 (!!)… It looks like Miss Daisy is going to be a very busy mom !!

Daisy and Baron's pups at day 58 (pre-parturition)

So we will try to make Daisy as comfortable as possible as we wait out these next few days…. For now she will have the pitter patter of Star’s little puppy paws to help keep her pre-occupied and we will look forward to ringing in the New Year with a very special event !!

Steele & Star`s Puppies – 6 weeks old !

7 of Star`s little pups -- Not quite enough room for all 10 to squeeze in !!

Star`s pups are certainly ready for Christmas (even if I`m not) and most certainly will have made Santa`s `NICE` list because they have all been such good little angels !! They have been wonderful this week and have enjoyed spending more time in the kitchen exploring and playing with all the `big dog` toys !!  The pitter patter of 10 sets of paws can make things pretty busy in the kitchen at times — but the weather has been so wet and miserable outside it has not allowed us very much time out of doors !!   We do manage to get out for a few minutes each day — but hopefully the weather will improve sometime soon so we can go and play in the snow and sun !

Most of the pups are weighing in between 7.5-8 pounds….  We do have a couple of stragglers in the weight department but it is usually because they are just having too much fun to fully commit to mealtime.    The pups are enjoying their solid food more all the time and becoming less dependent on mum — so the slowpokes at eating should catch up soon.

Star spends much less time with the pups these days — she still checks in on them for a quick snack and a little bit of mum-pup time…. but she is more interested now in playing with the others and walks in the woods…    She has been a great mum and deserves a bit of R&R now that the puppies are getting more independent.

The pups are playing more with each other and are also becoming notably more interested in the activities of our family.    They would prefer to be in the kitchen at ALL times if they could — and when they are scooted into their sunroom play area out of the main action they are always pretty disappointed…. Mr. Orange in particular has the saddest song to sing and is usually quite put out that he cannot remain with me at all times.   However – the pups have a great area of their own to keep them busy when the bigger dogs need a turn indoors.

It will be a busy few days now with Christmas coming and I know the pups will enjoy the extra visits and cuddles that will be coming their way….

We would like to wish all of our puppy families – both present and past – the very, very best this Christmas and may the New Year be filled with great happiness, good health and wonderful adventures !!

Steele & Star’s Pups — 5 weeks old !!

5 weeks old !!

Star’s pups have had an exciting week.

Early in the week we moved the pups from the living room to the sunroom (which is just off of our kitchen) so that they would have more room to play — and possibly even venture outdoors if the weather should ever allow it !!   The pups have greatly enjoyed their new quarters and even Star seems to have approved of the move.   We have yet to have a nice enough day to venture out — the earlier part of the week was marked by strong, cold winds and the last few days have rained non-stop.   Hopefully there will be some kind of change in the weather soon so that the pups can get outside and see what the big world has to offer !

For now their play areas have been limited to the sunroom and into the kitchen – which seems to keep them happy enough.   There is lots to explore and always a fellow golden to play with or chase — so for now it is keeping them happy and content.

The pups are spending more time awake and playing – and the playing with each other can get seemingly rough at times but they are all very easy-going and are getting more adorable every time I turn around.   They love spending time with Josh and the rest of our family —  any kind of attention is becoming extremely important to them.

The pups are all weighing in just over 6 pounds – with a couple pups a bit lighter but all of them are continuing to learn the finer points of dining on solid food.   Star still makes a quick couple of “snack”  visits per day – but the sharp little teeth and over zealous mouths can only be endured so long….  Star has been a great mum and although she enjoys her time out playing with the others and going for walks – she is very watchful and mindful of her babies and is always checking in on them.

A few of the pups have already had car rides so we will continue to introduce all of them to automotive travel this week as well as many other household sights and smells…   Hopefully we will have a chance to venture outside soon as well.    As the days count down to Christmas I know they will all be on their best behaviour so their stockings will be filled !!!

Steele X Star Puppies – 4 weeks old :-)

Wondering if he has made the 'Naughty" or "Nice" list !!

Star’s puppies have had a good week and we see changes in their development with each day.    They are starting to interact a bit more with one another now – as well as taking more interest in our family and the world around them.    They continue to be very sweet and gentle and have completely mastered the “puppy eyes” look !!

The pups are all weighing in around 5 pounds with a couple of the girls weighing a bit less – mostly due to their polite eating habits !!   Even if I set them aside with their own dish – they are very dainty and reserved in their table manners and just have not developed quite the same appetite as the boys !!    However – they will eventually catch up in the weight department and I know I won’t have to worry about finding one of them in the mud room eating their way through a bag of dog kibble (like a few have been known to try in the past !!).

The puppies spend a bit more time awake and enjoy having toys, balls, and stuffed animals to crawl over and play with during their waking hours.   They still DO love their sleep though and the majority of the day by far is still spend lost somewhere in dreamland.

Star is spending less time with the puppies now – I am sure the tiny teeth that each pup has acquired has much to do with it.    She has loved being able to play more with the older dogs again and always enjoys the snow ….  She still sleeps just a few feet from her pups and allows them to catch a snack frequently throughout the day – but she is already allowing the pups to spend more time on their own.

We will look forward to the week ahead and will continue to introduce the pups to new sights and sounds.   We will probably move out to the sunroom by the end of next week so that the pups have more room to play and romp – as the whelping box is becoming too small for all 10 little munchkins.    We can hardly wait to watch the pups grow and mature over these next few weeks 🙂

Kyle and Lilly’s Pups – 8 weeks old

Ready for New Adventures

This is always the hard part — saying goodbye…

The pups have had an excellent week.  Despite the wet, cold and soppy weather we managed to get a good mix of short play periods outside and lots of other recreational playtime in the kitchen.    The puppies’ most favourite game is always to chase Josh around the island — so they never miss out on much even when the weather isn’t the best.      The pups have continued to grow and develop and are all looking wonderful.   Of course – with only 5 there has not been much competition at mealtime so the pups are quite consistent in size – with the boys being just slightly larger than the girls.       The pups had a variety of visitors and activities this past week including numerous car rides and a visit to our vet for their final check up.    They loved every new encounter and it is clear to see that they are more than ready for their new lives and all the new adventures that are waiting for them.

Lilly has changed in her role this week – finally putting an end to any snack time but still enjoying her pups and eager to play with them.     She has enjoyed getting back with the rest of the other adult goldens and has even been wading in the lake a few times – apparently the icy temps do not bother her !!

The pups begun their departures on the weekend – and I am extremely thankful for the beautiful and loving families that will be making places in their hearts and homes for Lilly’s little ones.   I have met some of the most wonderful people over our years involved with goldens – and it really brings great joy to everyone in our family when we see the kind and caring families that will be receiving one of our pups.     Still – saying goodbye never gets any easier and it seems especially quiet here today (even if Star’s puppies are just in the other room).   Lilly’s pups will be very much missed…..  We wish them the very best that life has to offer as they begin the next wonderful chapter in their new lives…

Steele X Star Puppies — 3 weeks old

Star enjoying her beautiful family....

Star’s puppies have had an excellent week.    They spend more time awake now which gives them lots of opportunities to interact with our family and learn about the world around them.   Star is a super mom and is never far from her little family — although she usually sleeps outside the whelping box now due to the size of the pups (and their budding teeth !!).    She loved the snowfall that we had these last few days and seems to have given herself permission to spend a bit more time playing with her other golden friends and enjoying the outdoors.

We have had an interesting couple of days here as our first official winter storm made its appearance and consequently we lost all power.   Normally we have a generator to help with the essentials like heat and water ….. but even our generator decided that the inclement weather was cause for objection !!  Fortunately the whelping box is in the living room – not so far from the fireplace ….. so as long as we kept everything stoked the puppies remained warm and happy.    The puppies are still at that age where they need constant heat so I am grateful that the fire kept them content.

Today we introduced the puppies to the wonderful world of mush.  This will begin the puppies gradual transition to solid food !!   I think Star was quite happy at this turn of events …. although the puppies were not sure whether they should play in it or eat it !     It was both a messy and entertaining time and I know they will begin to welcome their mush meal a bit more with every day.  (Mush is a mixture of goat’s milk, oatmeal, honey and special herbs proven to help calm the digestive system and aid the puppies as they make the move from mother’s milk to kibble).

The pups are all weighing between 3 and 3-1/2 pounds — and hopefully now that we have some solid food on the way they will continue to grow and gain well.   They all love any time spent with our son Josh or with anyone else in our family and have very easy-going and happy temperaments.

We will look forward to the adventures that lay ahead this week as we try to introduce the pups to more new sights and sounds — and introduce them to the world that awaits !!!!!