Kingston & Lucy babies – 34 days (Pre-parturition)

It's confirmed!!

It’s confirmed!!

It’s exciting for us to kick-off the new year with the fantastic news that our beautiful girl Lucy is indeed expecting!!   We took Lucy in for an ultrasound late last week and the vet confirmed what we had hoped and believed.    Unfortunately most ultrasounds can not give a reliable count on numbers – so we will just need to wait for tummy measurements to give us some clues in that area and of course the big day will be here soon enough to completely eliminate the guesswork!

Lucy has experienced a few days of morning sickness which seems to be typical for many golden mums-to-be.   Hard to believe that a golden would actually refuse food – but it does happen on rare occasions such as this!    Fortunately Lucy is not at the point yet where her body needs extra food.   Most of the development to this point has been cellular and has involved the beginning stages of organ and body growth.    Now, at this stage in the timeline the puppy fetuses will start to look like “puppies”; eyes and ears form, whiskers develop and organs continue to mature.   Amazingly, seventy-five percent of the weight/size gain of a puppy fetus takes place in the last 3 weeks of pregnancy, so much of the growth to this point has focused on all of those profound  intricacies that go into the miracle of life and have involved no changes on the scales.

Our biggest focus at the moment is to keep Lucy on the best diet possible with an assortment of high-quality fresh foods added to her daily meal.   Moderate exercise and lots of TLC are also the order of the day and we will do everything to ensure that Lucy remains happy and comfortable throughout her pregnancy.

We look forward with great anticipation to the arrival of her new family!!