Postscript (the puppies of Analiesa and Beauty)

Miss Lily cooling off in the water dish

Miss Lily cooling off in the water dish

It is certainly quiet here this week.   We are short the pitter-patter of about 60 little puppy paws these days (15 puppies times 4 paws) and the house seems quite empty.   Fortunately Miss Lily and Miss Sophie are still with us – as their families are away on vacation – so it has not been complete puppy withdrawal for our household.    I must admit that I think the older golden gang here had a bit of celebration this week as they now have more time with me for walks and swimming and have the spotlight (for the most part) once again.    Lily and Sophie continue to grow and do all those adorable puppy things that are so entertaining to watch.   They absolutely love being outdoors and are getting braver each time they venture down to the lake.    However – Lily seems to prefer the water dish above all else for swimming and bathing.    She often plants herself in the middle of the dish and sits there for the longest time 🙂   I try to remind her that the lake is only a few feet away and would make a better bathtub.     Both Lily and Sophie have enjoyed their time together this week – no more competition for Nylabones or doggy toys and most of all no line up at the dinner dish any more !!   They love to explore and investigate and leave no stone unturned in their adventures.   I am glad they have each other as they really seem to enjoy the other’s company.   

I have been thinking about their brothers and sisters this week – wondering how each is doing as they adapt to their new life !!  I’m sure they all have stories to tell.    It is my hope that all of their experiences here for the first 8 weeks of life have prepared them above and beyond what they will need for the next chapter of their lives – and that they will become the cherished and adored family members they were meant to be…

It looks like another sunny, hot day here – so it’s off now to dodge the few remaining bugs and let the goldens old and new enjoy this great time of year.   So ends the PUPPY CHRONICLES blog for now –  Sophie and Lily will soon be setting off for new horizons and our puppy days will officially be over…..    So until next time – Cheers.  🙂

8 weeks old (Analiesa’s pups)

Mr. Unforgettable Song - Handsome Hudson at 8 weeks

Mr. Unforgettable Song - Handsome Hudson at 8 weeks

The pups are turning 8 weeks old and I keep asking myself where the last 8 weeks have gone !!   It’s hard to believe that the time has already come when each pup will be heading out for new horizons and life with their new family!!   By this point – the puppies are all really ready for it.   It’s time for them to start bonding with their new family and receive a much more concentrated amount of affection and training than what I can give each one …   I am happy that they will soon have their very own family to dote on them and love them unconditionally.   They deserve it !!  🙂   So as much as this is a very sad stage for me – I know it is necessary for the well-being of each of them…  
It has been great to watch each of their personalities blossom just a little bit more this week….    Lacey of course is the big snugglebug, Maya puts up the front that she can play tough with the boys but still loves a cuddle just as much as the next one, Lake – the king of the belly rubs, Hudson – the wise one… always watching and taking it all in, Sophie – the forever cheerful and happy one, Frisco – the “can’t get enough of me” one who is always waiting for me (whether it be for food or just for affection) and always wanting me to play, Mr. Clementine – the resident one-man welcoming committee – always full of 100 puppy kisses and would rather be on your lap then any place else in the world.   They are all a very good-natured bunch with lovely personalities.   Just writing about them is making me realize exactly how much I am going to miss each one of them.                  
The pups have had lots of time down by the water and have loved every opportunity to explore.   They have all ventured into the water – some a bit more bravely then others – but with each day they take a few more steps into the lake and I know it won’t be long and they will be right in there ready to swim.   They still take great pride in any “treasure” they can find – whether it is a duck feather,  an old pine cone or whatever else the waves have washed ashore.   Yesterday their aunt “Star” took great delight in digging holes all along the beach which quickly filled in with water and gave the pups a great place to splash and “bathe” in.    It doesn’t take much to entertain 8 week old pups!   
It has already been an emotional week with the departure of most of Beauty’s pups – the next few days will continue to be difficult for our family as we say goodbye to the wonderful little cuties that we have had the privelege of raising for the last 8 weeks.   We have enjoyed every moment – even though my kids have lamented this past week that they don’t have any clean socks and sometimes dinner doesn’t make it to the table until a late hour….   It has been a crazy 8 weeks in many respects – but it has been a GREAT 8 weeks and we have all loved every minute we have been able to spend with the puppies.   We hope that every ounce of love that we have poured into them will be multiplied a thousand fold as they bring joy and happiness to the lives they touch in the years to come.      We wish Analiesa’s pups and their new families all the best !!   May every moment you have with your new family member be “golden”…..    🙂

8 weeks old – Beauty’s pups

Beauty's beauties at 8 weeks old

Beauty's beauties at 8 weeks old

Beauty’s pups have had some of the best times this past week as they have continued to grow and explore the world around them.   Most noteworthy is that they all have had a great interest in the beach and lake area, always seeming to find some little treasure to clutch in their mouth and parade with.   The most sought after item seems to be pine cones these days – but even little sticks and random pieces of tree bark become the greatest prize for the pups.    They continue to explore the water with a certain degree of caution – quite willing to get their feet wet and paw at the incoming waves – but not quite sure if they want to take a full-body plunge yet…   Of course Hugo boldly made the first water entry last week….  The others????  They seem to wade just a little deeper with each trip to the shoreline.  Miss Pink actually followed Hugo’s lead yesterday and bravely bounded into the deep where she happily paddled around for a few seconds before heading back in to shore.  🙂

A big change in the pups this week has been their increased hunger for human interaction.    While they have always enjoyed any and all time we spend with them – they are becoming more and more aware of their surroundings and prefer spending time with “someone” above everything else.   For example – in the mornings when I place their food dish down, they will only take a few bites and then scurry back over to me for a morning hello and cuddle as I clean out their pen area.  Ahhh…   affection over food !  Hard to believe.   Only once I cuddle them for a few minutes and give them some attention will they scamper back and finish their breakfast.  They are really an affectionate and loving bunch. 

This past weekend the bittersweet “exodus”  began with the pups now heading off for the next exciting chapter of their lives.   It has been quite an emotional time for everyone….   I know as a breeder you should be somewhat prepared for the fact that your puppies will not be staying with you forever (!!) but it is hard not to feel your heart break a little as you say good-bye to someone that you have loved and nurtured for the last 8 weeks.   All of our kids also invest a great deal of time and care into each puppy – so they also have their own way of dealing with the grand departure…. Our youngest son Josh spends the most time with the little ones which makes it particularly hard for him.   The exit of Maxx this past weekend (his sidekick for the last 8 weeks) is something that will leave its mark for many months to come – if not forever.   Beauty also seems very aware of the absence of some of her pups – she has been such a terrific mum – still dedicated and vigilant even now.  It will be my number one job these next few days to keep her cheered up and try to distract her from her shrinking family….

Not to get caught up in too much gloom – there is a very bright side to all of this.   We have had some unbelieavable times raising Beauty’s pups.   Some heart-warming, funny, interesting, enlightening, amazing, endearing times….   We have had the opportunity to meet some absolutely wonderful people.   Some of the sweetest people!!   The biggest silver lining in watching the puppies go – is knowing that they are going to great (and I mean really GREAT) homes where they will have a fantastic life.    I know with the kind of care they receive they will live up to every inch of the golden they were meant to be !! and they will bring many years of joy and companionship wherever they go. 

So little ones – you will always hold a very special spot in our hearts and we are glad that we could be a part of your first 8 weeks of life.    It has been a pleasure and a privelege to raise each of you and when we think back on these days (that have just flown by) you will ALWAYS bring a smile to our faces!!    We wish you the very best of everything life has to offer with your new families !    Come back and visit whenever you can.   Fare thee well…     🙂

7 weeks (Analiesa’s pups)

Dreamkeeper Never-ending Song - Maya

Dreamkeeper Never-ending Song - Maya

Analiesa’s puppies have had a great time these last few days romping around outside and exploring the lakeshore.    No one has been brave enough yet to take the plunge – but they have all been curious enough to approach the waves as they hit the shore and get their noses wet.   Of course – maybe if it was warmer they might have a reason to head in for a swim !!   The mosquitoes and black flies continue to be a real nuisance and usually cut our time outside on the short side.   We have also had our share of rainy days – so on a couple of occasions we have had indoor recess all day 🙂   However – they are always content to play with each other or  find an aunt or uncle to climb all over.  

We have had a full week with a trip to the vet for vaccinations, car rides, visitors….    They all seem quite happy to go or do whatever is on the agenda.  They were all a HUGE hit at the vet’s office – not just because they are strikingly beautiful – but they all have such sweet and social personalities that they are an instant attraction wherever they go.     The pups are all growing well and eating well…. they are all weighing in at around 9 pounds – with the girls being a bit more on the “dainty” side and not quite up to the size of their brothers!   

We had an interesting time trying to take the photos this week… me and my bright ideas to try using flowers as an “accent” for the picture.   I really do know better than to try this with 7 week old puppies…. but I thought it would make for a nice photo.    You can probably guess that the pups had a much different plan in mind though – they tried eating the flowers, ripping apart the flowers, batting the flowers, tunneling through the flowers…. so the flowers didn’t last too long.    The pups have also caught on to all of my “let’s get this puppy’s attention” sounds.   I have totally exhausted my repetoire of weird and ear-catching sounds – so if the puppies are not looking at the camera this week or appear maybe even bored – it’s because although I tried to catch their eye by making noise – they had heard it all before and were not interested !!    Plus – they really have reached the point where they love being outside or playing on the floor with each other, wrestling with their aunts and uncles – or even better yet – hanging out with JOSH.    So the camera session wasn’t the best this week!

They are a wonderful bunch of pups and we are having a great time watching them grow and learn.   They are all a pleasure to be with – and it won’t be long and they will be able to spread their contagious joy to their new families 🙂

Puppymania !!!!

Hudson and Lacey - caught in the act!!

Hudson and Lacey - caught in the act!!

Do you know what you call 17 pups on the loose in a kitchen on a rainy day ??    We have ONE word for it here – Puppymania !!   Yesterday I was away for quite a few hours at my youngest son’s (Josh’s) lacrosse tournament – this is the most time I have been away from the pups since they have been born.   Of course – upon our return home all of the puppies were excited to see us and had missed our company.   Outside – the weather was rainy and cold (plus the mosquitoes and black flies were thicker than thieves) which meant that taking them all for a little jaunt out of doors was not really an option.   So you can probably guess where this is going….   we let all 17 puppies loose in the kitchen (something I don’t normally do as I prefer to have smaller groups of 3’s and 4’s that I can personally interact with and keep an eye on).    Wow – what fun!!  The puppies all had a blast running and playing with each other and were quick to collectively find all kinds of things to get into (I guess 17 heads are better than one).   As you try to envision 17 little furballs frolicking through our kitchen all at once – here are some things to ponder….

How many pups does it take to hold open a refrigerator door?

How many seconds does it take for those same pups to find something interesting and tasty to pull out of the fridge ? (boy they’re quick!)

How many piles and puddles can 17 pups create in one hour?  (I won’t even comment on this one)

How many little pups does it take to cover one 16 year old girl??

How many socks and pieces of laundry can 17 puppies pull out of one laundry room in 5 minutes? (what is it with goldens and socks ?)

How many times will 17 pups circle around a kitchen island chasing a 7 year-old boy before they collapse and fade off into dreamland?

How many pups does it take to distract and sidetrack one resident “chef ” (moi) long enough to almost burn dinner ??

Oh well – it was a great time for all and fortunately today has had its moments of sunshine and the pups have returned to their adventures outside once again !!  🙂

7 weeks old (Beauty’s beauties)

Beauty's handsome boy at 7 weeks

Beauty's handsome boy at 7 weeks

What a great week we have had…  We have certainly had a full slate of activities with baths for the pups, trips to the vet, car rides, walks outside, visitors, temperament testing, expeditions along the shoreline….   The pups are definitely becoming more curious and investigative in their approach to the world and look forward to our time outside and our playtime on the lawn or near the lake.   Mr. Gold (Dreamkeeper City of Gold – aka HUGO) takes the prize for courage this week as he was the first to actually brave the cold Muskoka waters and head into the lake.   I don’t think it was actually a planned event as a I had a few of the brothers and sisters down by the water and they were all tentatively prodding and snooping in the sand without too much interest in the water.   As the pups were casually exploring the shore – one of our older goldens went enthusiastically running past them into the water to retrieve a stick – at which point Hugo just followed – without even giving it a second thought.  Before he knew it he was chest deep and had the most surprised look on his face !!  

The pups have also notably increased their desire to be cuddled and snuggled this week.   It’s not that they mind being in their designated area or little pen outside – but they have arrived at a point where they would much rather be interacting with someone with two legs than left in the company of  brothers and sisters.    However – they are all quite a good bunch and get along harmoniously when they are together.  

We also did temperament testing this week.   All of the pups did extremely well – Not one scored at the high end (multiple results in this range would indicate a dominating, overly independent dog) or the low end (a fearful, intimidated dog) in any of the exercises!!  and they all exhibited a great intelligence level and will to please (thanks to great parents like Beauty and Simson).   I am excited for the future that each of them will have – they are all just super pups and our family has enjoyed each and every minute with each one of them!    We will be looking forward to this last week we have and the opportunities it will present to help each of them grow and learn about the world around them.     It is hard not to get a bit teary at the thought of each of them leaving soon (and it is always the hardest on the younger members of our family) but we will savour these days ahead and steal as many snuggles as we can. 🙂

6 weeks old (Analiesa’s Babies)

Analiesa's handsome boy at 6 weeks

Analiesa's handsome boy at 6 weeks

The pups have been enjoying the great outdoors this past week and have really started to look forward to their time outside.    A few of our days were cut short by the cold and rain that seemed to linger late last week – and the pups even got their first taste of SNOW on Sunday!!  They will certainly be well seasoned by the time they head to their new homes with ice pellets confronting them one day and our Amazonian level of black flies and mosquitoes the next !   They don’t seem to mind though and have had a great time exploring the lawn and garden area…  a few have even ventured a bit closer to the lake this week – although no one has been brave enough to step in yet.     The pups continue to engage in play with each other – which can sometimes get a little rough but is a necessary part of learning and development.    They would still love to nurse off of Analiesa if I would let them – so their time with her is a bit limited but they have enjoyed the company of their “aunts and uncles” and never have a shortage of other goldens to play with.  

All of the pups continue to grow nicely and all are weighing in around 8 pounds.   The girls are always a bit smaller – not only in weight but also a bit more “feminine” through the face and body.    They are all looking strong and healthy and they have fantastic personalities – very sweet and extremely affectionate.   Their favorite game is to chase Josh around the kitchen island – which usually ends with Josh on the floor and 7 little puppies licking him and crawling all over him (to his delight).   I have also tried giving them a Nylabone to chew on … however none of them seem too interested at the moment – it seems they would rather chew on each other or someone’s toes…. although lately any socks they can steal out of my laundry room are the grand prize….

We have started taking the pups on car rides, as well as trying to expose them to as many other household noises and experiences as we can.   In the next few days we will go for our first set of vaccinations which always is an interesting time for the pups as they experience the veterinary office and all of its sights, sounds and smells.

It is still hard to believe that we have already reached the six week mark and I will be trying to savour these last weeks with Analiesa’s little beauties… trying to equip them in every possible way for the big world and their new lives that are waiting.  🙂