Steele & Star Puppies – Photo update

Star enjoying her pups

Star enjoying her pups

Just a quick photo update of Star with her beautiful family.   Everyone had a great night and has settled in.  Star and her pups are right beside the fireplace so everything is warm and comfortable, and everyone seems happy.  Star is a devoted mum and has no interest in leaving the whelping box for anything – not even food !!  It will be “room service” most certainly for the next week as Star’s biggest wish right now is to be close to her pups at all times.   All the puppies are doing well and Star is extremely attentive to their every need.    We will continue to post weekly updates of the puppies’ progress here 🙂

Steele & Abby Puppies — The grand entrance !

Home safe and sound....

Home safe and sound…. 

For those who have been following along with the progress of Abby’s puppies… I apologize for the delay in getting this update posted.   It has been an action-packed 48 hours here with Star and Abby both going into the labor, the arrival of Star’s puppies – and the progression of Abby’s status which eventually led to an emergency C-section at Centennial Animal Hospital last night (& then getting everyone cleaned, fed, settled here back at home).   I am so very, very grateful to the compassionate and skilled professionals at Centennial and their speedy assistance to deliver Abby’s little family.   A special thank you to Dr. Birgit Degen and Dr. Stephanie Lehmen for helping the events to have a happy ending….  As it turns out Abby was carrying 5 very plump babies — 3 lovely girls and 2 dashing boys — all weighing well over one pound each.

Abby is home resting now with her new little clan and she has already been such an inspiration with her love and dedication to her little family – despite the discomfort she must be feeling.  Everyone is eating well and seems quite content.   We will be sure to post weekly updates on the adventures of Abby’s puppies — Let the adventures begin !

Steele & Star puppies – They’re here!

Just a super quick note to let everyone know that after a busy night of panting and pacing Star’s babies are finally making their grand entrance.   First little girl made her appearance at 10:50 am.  More updates later !!


As of 1:05 p.m. we have two boys and two girls — all four puppies are strong and healthy.   Star is doing very well – she is just taking long breaks between each puppy so we could be here for a while !!    Abby seems to sense that I am tied up with Star right now — and although she is panting and restless herself – for the most part she is content to just sit on the couch and watch everything unfold (what a dear girl!).     So very blessed to have Josh home helping me — and thankful that both girls are doing well so far.   More updates later.


My apologies to all those waiting on updates for not posting something sooner….   Star was still experiencing contractions up until recently – so we weren’t sure if she was finished or not ….

But it appears that she is – and the final count is 5 beautiful boys and 3 lovely girls.   The pups are all a very good size and everyone is doing well.    Star has already had a nice meal and been out for a potty break – but she quickly hurried back in to be with her pups.

Abby is in labor as well so I am now concentrating on spending some time with her (and making sure Star is kept comfortable with her new babies) – so I will have photos tomorrow and will be in touch with families then — sorry for any inconvenience.

Steele X Star Puppies ~ Steele X Abby Puppies – Update

Abby pups

Fond memories of puppies from Abby’s first litter…. Summer 2011

Just a quick update for all of those families who are anxiously waiting for news on Star and her puppies….

Star is doing great and had a good night – a bit restless (which is normal at this stage of pregnancy) – but otherwise good.   Her temperature has dropped which means that she will go into labor today (probably once everyone has gone to bed later tonight — that seems to be the favorite time to have puppies !).      Abby is doing very well also — her temperature has also dropped – so it will be a busy 24 hours here.  (Abby was already out this morning hiding under the woodpile, trying to convince me it would be a better place to have her puppies than the whelping box !  It took quite a bit of coaxing to get her to come back into the house….)    I will post updates as soon as the puppies make their grand entrance !!

Steele & Star Puppies — Day 63+ (!!)

Still waiting....

Still waiting….

I thought I would just give everyone a quick update on Star — as her estimated due date was yesterday…    Everything is great and Star is just as happy and well as ever – but she is obviously in no hurry to dig in with maternal duties…..   As you can see in the photo above from this morning, she still loves her walks.

Star and Steele had their big romance over the days surrounding Christmas Eve, Christmas Day — so we did not do progesterone testing with Star every day (due to the holiday schedule of the clinic and lab etc) – which would have given us an “exact” birth date for the puppies.   So yesterday’s predicted date was merely an estimate….  and it looks like Star has other ideas.    Her temperature has still not dropped which is always a precursor to labor — so it doesn’t look like we will have puppies any time today….

But all is good and I will be sure to post as soon as we have some arrivals !!

Steele X Abby Puppies – Day 59 (Pre-parturition)

Still looking beautiful....

Still looking beautiful….

Abby and Star continue to compare “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” notes….  Abby is a few days behind Star — which can make quite a difference at this end stage of things.   Abby can still manage quite easily on our walks and hasn’t yet developed that restless feeling that Star is undergoing.    Nice to know that both girls are “veteran” mums so I think they have an idea of what is about to transpire in the days ahead.

Abby continues to expand through the mid-section and we continue to cater to whatever her pregnant taste buds are in the mood for.    She seems to like fresh, real food: chicken, fish, oatmeal, veggies or the tasty Canine Life muffins over regular kibble these days – so we are quick to indulge her in whatever she is craving.   At this point the puppies are expending most of their energy simply on growing — which is easy to witness with Abby’s growing waistline.   You can easily feel the pups move and kick when Abby is resting — it won’t be long and they will have a chance to completely stretch out without the space restrictions currently in place.      So now we just watch and wait — we will monitor Abby’s temperature daily to get an indication of when puppies will arrive, but thankfully they are far enough along that they can arrive safely anytime now.     Exciting days await !!

Steele X Star Puppies – Day 61 (Pre-parturition)

Almost there !

Almost there !

Up until today, Star has been maintaining a pretty good pace – still even scampering along at times when we are on our walks.   However, in the last 24 hours it seems like the puppies have “dropped” and shifted lower, and Star has also slowed down.    She didn’t have the usual spring in her step today…..  I don’t think I would either if I was carrying all the extra weight that she is carrying !!  Her abdominal area now measures approximately 103 cm.    It is comical on our walks – because if Star and Abbby are at the front of the line – the banks of snow are so high on the trail, and our path is so narrow, that no one can get past the two wide mums !    Usually the younger puppies get a little impatient – and make a detour through shoulder high snow to get ahead of the two slower-moving mums…..

Star is still eating well and enjoys the home-made Canine Life meals most of all.    Her temperature has not dropped yet (24 hours before the onset of labor, the body temperature in a mother-to-be will drop significantly) — so we are at least 24 hours still from the arrival of her little family.

All set !

All set !

The whelping box has been double and triple disinfected and is all set up and ready to go.   Towels and bedding have all been washed and supplies are all in order.    So now we just wait on Star and her timing.   She has been restless on and off the past few days, and as the time grows near she will pace and pant and find it difficult to settle.   Usually it seems that puppies arrive in the middle of the night more often than not…. so it is time to stock up on the coffee as well…     We can hardly wait to meet Star’s babies !!!