Hugo & Sparkle’s Pups – 6 weeks old!!



Sparkle’s pups have had a great week and are becoming even more adorable with each passing day – if that is possible!     They are all weighing around 9 pounds now and are enjoying their daily meals of puppy kibble and goat’s milk – with the occasional delicacy on the side of raw beef dinner or duck dinner.   Sparkle still provides the occasional evening snack but the pups are fairly comfortable now with waiting on my offerings when it comes to meals.   In typical golden fashion they love, love, LOVE their food!

The weather has been all over the map this past week so we have tried to make the best of it.   The pups spent most of the weekend on the covered deck to keep them out of the rain with a couple of daily trips through the lawn and garden area – which kept them very happy and entertained.   Evenings of course they come indoors but they love being outside during the day irregardless of the weather!   Yesterday we moved the pups to the bigger puppy area next to the rock wall which they immediately explored and made their home.     They love all the sights and sounds of the new area; they especially love the mornings when my husband is loading up his truck for the day’s work and people are coming and going and showing the pups all kinds of attention.    The pups absolutely love any and all snuggles and cuddles 🙂

Sparkle continues to be a great mum and always enjoys playing with her pups….   Every golden mum is a bit different but Sparkle is one of those mums that just dotes on her pups completely and loves spending as much time with them as she can.   It is heart-warming to watch her play and interact with her pups.    She is indeed a special girl.

The pups are spending much more time awake and playing these days – they are a happy and inquisitive bunch.   There is not yet much to note as far as differences in temperament – but over the next 2 weeks we know that there will be subtle changes to observe.   However – with parents like Hugo and Sparkle – we know that we are set for a wonderful, lovable, easy-going crew.

We will look forward to the week ahead and will be hoping for lots of sunny days so the pups can have lots of time outdoors to explore the world they find so fascinating!

Hugo & Sparkle’s pups – 5 weeks old



Sparkle’s puppies have had a very adventurous weeks full of firsts!!
Even though the weather has been a mixed menu of clouds, rain, and I think that golden ball in the sky might be the sun? – the pups have had a chance to venture into the outdoors which they have completely embraced and enjoyed.  Firsts have included: first time outside, first time hearing thunder, first time on gravel, first time on grass, first time hearing wind chimes, first time seeing robins on the ground, first time going potty on newspaper…. you get the idea 🙂

With all of the wet weather the lawn areas have remained fairly soggy and buggy so we have spent isolated periods down on the grass and in the balance of time the pups have enjoyed lazing around on our front porch overlooking the garden.   They love watching people come and go, birds and insects busy in the garden and the fish that occasionally jump in the pond.  They are fascinated by everything so it is a great joy to watch life unfold through their eyes.

Sparkle only provides an am and pm snack now – but she continues to watch over her precious babies and play with them whenever the time is right.   The puppies are all weighing around 7 pounds now so they are clearly doing well and thriving on their smorgasbord of Sparkle’s offerings and puppy kibble soaked in goat’s milk.

The pups are continuing to gain confidence in the world around them. We try to introduce them to as many new sights and sounds as possible and they are gaining in leaps in bounds in terms of being comfortable with whatever each day brings.

We will look forward to another adventure-filled, exciting week ahead!!

Hugo & Sparkle’s Pups – 4 weeks old


Hmmmm – I wonder what’s for dinner tonight?

Sparkle’s four musketeers have had a great week.   They are spending more time awake and are much more aware of their surroundings and the people in their lives.     They get quite excited whenever they think that meal time is pending and equally excited when they know that humans are around to play, cuddle or snuggle with.

The pups are becoming more and more mobile and although their steps are a little wobbly at times,  they still manage to scamper around the whelping box with increasing surety.    Sparkle is now providing “meals on wheels” services and no longer lays down with the pups when its time for them to eat.    She is never far from the puppies but prefers to cruise in and out of the whelping box to make snack time a quick event especially now that the puppies have teeth.   Thankfully the pups have also started on Puppy Mush.    If you see any kind of sticky substance on their faces these days – that would be Puppy Mush.    Apparently it is just as much fun to walk in, lie in and wear puppy mush as it is to eat it.     The pups have been enjoying this delicacy for a few days now and are still working on refining their manners  – but they seem to always gobble up every last bit of it.   Puppy Mush is the way that we transition the pups from Sparkle’s milk bar to solid food and consists of goat’s milk, yogurt, baby pablum, egg and honey.      Over the next week they will rely less and less on Sparkle as Puppy Mush and eventually puppy kibble and other treats become their mainstay.

Hopefully we will get the pups outside this week – if we ever get a sunny day!!    Most likely we will move out to the covered porch later today as they are outgrowing their original space indoors and with all the rain we have had it is just too wet and buggy anywhere else.     I’m sure the pups will be up for the adventure no matter where we end up!!

We will look forward to an exciting week ahead with new sights and sounds and bigger living quarters!!

Hugo & Juliet’s Puppies – 8 weeks old and setting off for new horizons!


Ready for anything!

The puppies have had yet another marvellous week and have grown in their enthusiasm and zest for life.    They look more and more forward to visitors and time I spend with them — truly there are no longer enough hours in the day to give all 5 of them the attention they crave.    So as much as it is bittersweet to say good-bye – I know that they are now ready and needing the one-on-one love and care their own family will give.

We continue to have a mixed menu of weather so the puppies are in and out and all over but they love life no matter what any day brings.    They are all weighing between 13 and 15 pounds now so they are chunky little pups and they never turn down an invitation for dinner.

The pups invented two favourite games this week.    The first one was the “Climb and Retrieve” game which involves climbing into my newspaper basket (filled with newspaper I use for part of their puppy pen) and retrieving sections of newspaper – either to distribute and scatter throughout the play area randomly (the goal is to create as much mess as possible) or to carry around in their mouth like some prized possession (or occasionally to tug and rip up with some fellow littermate/partner in crime).    The second game was the more popular of the two – “Capture the (flag) Pink Cloth”.   I somehow left the cloth I use to wipe down the eating area in a spot just within reach of one curious pup and before you knew it the pup grabbed the cloth and all the pups were madly chasing after the coveted pink cloth.     This went on for quite some time – and was resumed again later in the afternoon when the cloth was rediscovered.   Apparently a pink cloth is a much more valued prize than any other toy in the toy box!!   The pups had quite a time chasing and chasing whoever happened to be the lucky one with the pink cloth.     I’m not sure why I spend money on puppy toys sometimes!

The puppies have really been a delight to raise these past 8 weeks and they are such a sweet and happy bunch our home will seem empty without them.     My hope is that they will bring that same joy, love and laughter into each and every life they touch from here forward.    We certainly will miss you, little ones – but a piece of our heart goes with you wherever you go.

Hugo & Sparkle Pups – 3 weeks old


Growing in leaps and bounds

Hard to believe that Sparkle’s little cuties are already 3 weeks old!!   Seems like just yesterday they were making their grand entrance into this world – tiny and scantily clad, eyes closed and not even able to hear….     What a long way they have come!

Sparkle’s puppies still spend the majority of their day sleeping but they do have periods of being awake where they interact with our family or stumble around the whelping box with their awkward steps – usually in search of Sparkle and their next meal!

They are still very primitive in their movement and only scurry a few steps before finding a comfortable position to lay or roll around.   Sparkle is still the centre of their universe as she is the primary source of meals — however beginning tomorrow we will start to introduce the pups to “puppy mush” which is marvellous blend of goat’s milk, honey, yogurt, egg and baby pablum.   As much as the puppies like me now – I will become their ultimate best friend once they know that I am the keeper of the “puppy mush”!!

The pups are all weighing between 4 and 5 pounds and sometimes seem to gain almost overnight!    It will be interesting to see how they adjust to puppy mush this week after being so catered to with Sparkle’s devoted milk bar.

We are looking forward to an exciting week ahead as the puppies become more interactive with the world around them!


Hugo & Juliet’s Puppies – 7 weeks


Say “Cheese”??

Hugo and Juliet’s puppies have had a wonderful week.    The rain has continued for the most part but the pups still enjoy getting out every day and always find some kind of adventure to entertain us all.

The pups are becoming more and more engaging with the world around them and are spending more time awake investigating new sights, sounds and smells.   They have had a parade of visitors which they always enjoy immensely; they are learning more and more in regards to manners and socializing every day.

The pups are not depending on Juliet at all for food anymore – so her shift has been to that of playmate and comforter.    Juliet’s favourite game is to run circles around the pups and have them chase her.    She then lies down and rolls on her back and seems to glory in the pups crawling all over her.     She continues to be a great mum and loves to spend time with her puppies.

The pups are all gaining well and growing well – they are a healthy and happy bunch that can’t help make many people smile every day.