Ace & Honey Pups – 5 weeks old

Just about nap time !

The puppies have had a full week with lots of time outside exploring.   The days have been fairly sunny and warm so their most favourite activity is finding a nice shady spot to lay in the cool grass.   They are spending more time awake and love to explore the area under our pine trees where they inevitably find some kind of treasure whether it be a pine cone, a little stick or some kind of bug to chase.     The pups are also becoming much more connected to people and enjoy every minute spent with visitors or our family.

The pups have made the transition easily from mum’s milk, to mush and now moistened kibble (still with a bit of goat’s milk).   They are all gaining well and are chunky, stocky little balls of fun.   They have quite a bit of coat which sometimes leads to a “bad hair day” kind of look – but they are adorable no matter what and we are enjoying our time with them.   Honey still visits them for the occasional snack and Opal as well seems to keep her eye on the pups just to make sure everything is OK.   Their temperament is starting to shine through a little more each day and they are all very sweet-natured and easy to please.

We will look forward to an exciting week ahead with an introduction to the lake at some point and lots of one on one time with the pups either in the kitchen or outdoors.   Lots of adventures ahead !

Ace & Opal Puppies – 5 weeks old


Discovering the great outdoors !

Ace & Opal’s puppies have had a great week with lots of visitors and many hours spent outside.   They love to explore the area around our large pine trees and always seem to find something of special interest there to play with.  They also love to find a cool, shady spot amongst the bushes and are content to lay there as long as I will let them !  They are becoming much more coordinated in their movements and interact more with each other and anyone who is near.   They have really enjoyed having visitors and can never get enough cuddles !!

Opal is still very active with her puppies and loves nothing better than to lie in the shade with them and pass the afternoon.    Fortunately we have had no more excitement with wasps, hornets or other wildlife — and for the most part Opal just spends her day watching over her pups or keeping the ducks off the shoreline.

The pups are dining nicely on mush/kibble and will become less reliant on Opal over this next week.  They are gaining well and all seem to have a bit of both their mother and father’s good looks !    We will continue to let the pups explore over this next week and will probably head down to the lake to see what they think by the end of the week.   This is always a very exciting time in the puppies’ development and we look forward to watching the strides they make over this next 7 days.


Ace & Lilly pups – 6 weeks old

The puppies LOVE visitors !!

The pups have had a great week and the weather has been warm and dry … so for the most part they have been spending most of the day outdoors which they love.   They are starting to explore more and more all the time and can find the simplest things like a butterfly or a pinecone to be a fascinating treasure.    We also ventured down to the beach for the first time and puppies all found the waves and water quite amusing.   For the most part they would just bat at the waves with a paw — and a few took steps in until they realized that it was unfamiliar territory and were not quite sure what to think.    They will become braver over the next few weeks and it is great to see the balance of inquisitiveness and caution in their approach to things…

The pups have had lots of visitors this week and certainly love all the attention and cuddles.  It is exciting for us to watch them interact with their future families and nice to always spend time with fellow golden-lovers.     The pups are all gaining well and have transitioned completely to kibble – which they always look forward to whole-heartedly.

We will continue to socialize the pups over these next two weeks and introduce them to as many new experiences as we possibly can to prepare them for the life that awaits them !

Ace & Honey Pups – 4 weeks old

Ahhhh Summer !!

Summer is officially here and the pups have enjoyed being able to play and explore outdoors this week !!  The weather has been extremely hot and humid so the pups are always looking for a nice shady spot or some long grass to stay cool.   We have a little wooden house in their play area and their favourite spot in the world seems to be not IN the house but UNDER it — all squished in there together in a bunch – but at least out of the sun.     I can’t imagine that is very cool with all those coats — but it seems to make them quite happy.

The pups are all gaining well and love the fact that they can now dine on both Honey AND mush.    Honey’s mealtime visits are becoming less and less – although our other mom Opal is constantly checking in on the puppies and is quite happy to provide them with an extra snack whenever they want one !!    This week we will be transitioning to some soaked puppy kibble so the demands on Honey will be less and less….

The pups have enjoyed time indoors as well and are quite fond of  playing with toys and balls – as well as with each other.    They love time with people above everything else and are a very gentle and affectionate bunch.    They are becoming more aware of those around them and are starting to interact more with our family and anyone who visits.

We will look forward to another exciting week of adventures for the pups !!

Ace & Opal Pups – 4 weeks old

Spending time outdoors is tiring business !

Opal’s pups had their first taste of the outdoors this week.  The weather was SO beautiful it seemed like the perfect time to introduce them to the world outside and they truly enjoyed every minute of it.    Even mum Opal seemed quite content to just lay in the shade and let her little family crawl all over her.   The pups are still fairly reliant on Opal for their meals however they are slowly transitioning to other sources of food and seem to enjoy their mush of oatmeal and goat’s milk.   I think Opal is looking forward to the break that lies ahead as little teeth and hungry mouths can’t be that comfortable for her !

The pups are spending more time awake interacting with each other and are now exploring the big world that lies beyond the whelping box.    They love spending time with our family and friends and soak up as many cuddles and snuggles as possible.    They are a very content and quiet group — except for maybe that pre-dawn time of the day when they are very hungry and want everyone to know about it ….   They love playing with their toys and are very gentle in their puppy wrestling with each other.

We look forward to a great week ahead with more time spent outside and lots of new adventures !!

Ace & Lilly Pups – 5 weeks old

Every day is an adventure !

Ace and Lilly’s puppies have had a wonderful week !   The weather here has been warm with not much rain so the pups had lots of opportunity to spend time outside – both in their puppy play area and exploring the grounds.    They just LOVE being outside and seemed willing to explore every inch of our property.    Yesterday in particular was quite hot so the pups were constantly looking for a shady spot to cool off.    They are a happy little bunch and it is great fun to watch them scamper around – either after each other or the occasional butterfly.

The pups are all eating well and rely less and less on Lilly.    Lilly still visits for an early morning and pre-bedtime snack (and constantly checks in on them to make sure they are behaving !!) but for the most part the pups are self-sufficient now and enjoy dining on their softened kibble with goat’s milk and oatmeal.   They are all gaining nicely and have lovely coats.   They still spend quite a bit of the day napping but when they are awake they are ready for anything and enjoy any time spent with our family or visitors.  They are becoming much more aware of human attention and really love being around people above all else.

It will be an exciting week ahead and hopefully the skies will remain clear so we can spend lots of time outside.

Ace X Honey Puppies – 3 weeks old

Ready for the next big adventure !

Honey’s puppies are now spending more time awake and are interacting more with each other and our family every day.    Their coordination is becoming more refined and they can walk and scamper around quite easily now.     The apple of their eye is mum Honey who is still very protective of her little family – as well as keeping an eye on everyone else’s pups !!    The pups can get quite vocal now when they know that Honey is anywhere close by with a meal at hand.    They are all gaining well and the girls have kept in closer standing with the boys compared to most litters.   The pups are all weighing around  4-4.5 pounds and are healthy, chunky little bundles of adorableness.

The pups have enjoyed playing with balls and other toys this week and also puppy wrestle with each other.    They are quite content whether in the whelping box or out exploring other areas of the house — and in this week ahead we will give the puppies some time outside to explore the whole new world that awaits them there.     It is an exciting time to watch as they start to take on their own personality more and more every day and spend more time involved in life around them.     We will look forward to seeing how they grow and develop in this week ahead.