Hudson X Juliet Puppies – 1 week old

Juliet's darlings at 1 week old

Juliet’s darlings at 1 week old

Juliet’s puppies have had a wonderful week !!   First and foremost Juliet has proven herself to be a wonderful mum – for which I am truly grateful (as not every golden has been blessed with equal maternal instincts).   Juliet completely dotes on her family and rarely leaves their side.   It has only been over these last few days that I have been able to even coax her into going for a walk and taking a wee break from her new family.

The biggest job at this point is to keep Juliet well-fed with all the best nutrition to support the 8 pups she is feeding.   Currently she is eating approximately 6 cups of food a day which consists only partly of kibble.  The majority of her meals are made up with goat’s milk, oatmeal or barley, fresh liver, beef or chicken and a variety of fruits and vegetables.     The second biggest job is to keep all bedding and the whelping area clean – and make sure that all of the pups get equal time at the “milk bar”  ~ as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson have been known to push the girls out of the way from time to time 😉 .

The puppies are all gaining well and are all in the 700 gram (or 1-1/2 pound) range.  The girls are a wee bit smaller and the boys are a tad larger which is typical.   They are all good eaters and greet Juliet very enthusiastically in hopes of a meal whenever she leaves the whelping box for potty duties or a walk.

At this stage the pups’ eyes are still closed – and the puppies cannot hear.  Their sense of smell however is incredible — they can tell when Juliet is even standing near the whelping box simply by scent.    Their sense of touch is also very high and they enjoy being picked up and cuddled, as well as snuggling with each other.   It will be exciting to see their eyes open towards the end of this next week.

We will look forward to a great week ahead and can hardly wait to see little personalities emerge in each of these darling pups….

Hudson X Juliet Puppies — HELLO World !

Ready for the great adventure !

Ready for the great adventure !

It has been a busy 2 days here — Juliet went into the first stages of labor yesterday which always involves countless hours of pacing and restlessness…   Fortunately things moved along nicely and by noon today (Oct 24th) Juliet started to bring her beautiful new family into the world.

We are happy to announce that Hudson and Juliet are now the proud parents of 4 adventurous young boys and 4 adorable young girls.

Juliet handled the complete delivery (deliveries) with composure and perseverance.    With 8 pups to deliver – it was not an easy feat but Juliet was in great spirits throughout and the pups all arrived safely and without too much pomp and circumstance — although the boys in particular tried to keep us on our toes.

Normally we name the puppies Mr. Blue, or Mr. Blueberry – or something quite similar….. However — I guess I had too much time on my hands in between puppies as we have decided this time to go with a US early History theme — In honor of my son Josh’s current history lessons !!

So in the above photo from left to right we have:  Mr. Thomas Jefferson (red) , Miss Clara Burton (gold),   Miss Dolly Madison (pink),  Miss Betsy Ross (yellow),  Mr. George Washington (blue) , Miss Martha Washington (orange),  mr. Abe Lincoln (black) , Mr. Robert E Lee (green).

The pups are all doing well and the entire litter is very consistent in size — for which I am pleased.

Juliet is quickly picking up on her role as a first time mum and is doting on her little family…..

We can hardly wait for all the adventures that lay ahead !!!

Hudson & Juliet — Day 59 (pre-parturtion)

Still enjoying a swim...

Still enjoying a swim…

Juliet has had a great week.   She is actually starting to slow down a little bit these days — but she will still happily break out into a full run from time to time — especially if she is excited about heading to the lake for a swim !    Her slim, athletic profile has disappeared and she is now measuring approxinmately 93 cms at the abdomen – but she is still quite content to go for a walk or a swim (although the water is getting so much colder these days she seems to be mindful of spending too much time in the chilly waters).

It already appears that we both have a very different opinion of where these puppies will be born !    Juliet, as of yesterday, has chosen a nice spot outside – underneath a doggy-shelter building we have (which nobody ever uses) and she has already begun to dig a nice little hole where she thinks her puppies should be born and raised 🙂    I am not so sure she is going to like my idea of the whelping box in the living room — but we will be setting it all up tomorrow and hopefully she will understand that this is a far more comfortable spot to raise her family…..   I never quite understand why our girls think flower beds and holes in the ground are the best spot for puppies to be born!

Juliet has been eating well and sleeping well and is in great spirits. We have been trying to include as much fresh meat, fruit and vegetables as possible in her diet to give her the very best nutrition for the demanding days that lay ahead.

So now comes the fun but difficult task of waiting for the big day to arrive !!   We will have the whelping box to set up, bedding to freshen up and wash, puppy supplies to stock up on, other preparations to make…. It will be a very exciting week here and we can hardly wait for the big day to arrive !!!

Hudson X Juliet Puppies – Day 52 (Pre-parturition)

ThanksgivingFirstly I would just like to wish all of our PUPPY CHRONICLES followers, families and friends a very HAPPY Thanksgiving !!  I am reminded today of how easy it is to take things for granted and how very blessed we are to live in North America – which is truly the land of plenty.     I know personally that our family has much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving weekend !

Juliet continues to blossom and is doing very well.    Her abdomen now measures approximately 86 cms around — and bikini days are long gone…. She is still eating well and staying moderately active.  Her pregnancy is progressing nicely and we are starting to get excited as the big day moves closer and closer.

At this stage in development the puppies now have a full coat of hair, whiskers are visible and all of the bones and organs are completing their final stages of pre-natal development.  This is still one of the most significant weeks ahead in terms of growth in size — so Juliet’s pace and activity will most likely start to slow down over this next week as her abdomen continues to enlarge.

Our goal over this next week will simply be to keep Juliet as happy and comfortable as we are able to with a healthy diet, continued activity and as many hugs and cuddles as possible !

Wishing everyone a blessed and happy Thanksgiving !

Hudson X Juliet Puppies – Day 45 (Pre-parturition)

Our lovely mum-to-be Juliet

Our lovely mum-to-be Juliet

Juliet is in great spirits and has maintained her normal routine to this point – with the exception of more cuddles and hugs and more food !!   Her abdominal area is starting to expand a little more every day — these next three weeks will mark the most noticeable growth in terms of the size of the puppies — which will be reflected in Juliet’s waistline as well !   She still very much enjoys having a swim or a long walk — although it is important at this stage to make sure that she doesn’t over-do things, moderation is the key.


In terms of development most of the major organs are now well underway and an x-ray would easily show the puppies’ skull and spine.   The eyes, kidney and liver would also be visible.  By now the spinal cord is fully developed and the puppy fetus is starting to look more and more like a “dog”….    I am still always amazed at the vast amount of growth and development that goes on in such a short period of time.   By the end of this next week we should already be able to feel the puppies moving when Juliet is resting or laying down.     I’m sure the sensation of little puppy paws moving in her tummy must be a bewildering event for her — but it will certainly be an exciting next step as we prepare for the arrival of her little family.

We will continue to do everything possible to keep Juliet happy and comfortable over the next few weeks….  We will be keeping her diet healthy and diversified with extra protein, chicken, eggs, beef….  and hopefully she won’t start requesting pickles and icecream !!