Kyle & Lilly’s Puppies — 7 weeks old !!!

7 weeks old and loving every minute !!

The puppies have had a busy week !!   They are just at that special age where the whole world is something to be embraced and explored and they love the opportunities that each day brings !

We have spent more time outside this week — although the last few days have been too cold and rainy for much outdoor time — so the puppies also get lots of opportunity to run and play in the kitchen – which they always love.   For the first time this week they made it quite clear that they did not like being left in the sunroom in their “puppy quarters` and would much rather be with me (and the other goldens) in the kitchen – AT ALL times…..

The pups have continued to grow and gain well with their weights ranging between 11 and 14 and a half pounds…. with the boys being definitely on the larger side.   They love mealtime !!     The pups are also into a major teething stage now — so any other treats offered up for chewing are warmly welcomed.      They seem to take direction if they are reminded – and quickly realize that pant legs and people fingers are not the best chew toys and there are other things that might be more suitable !!!

The puppies are now at a stage where they need lots of TLC and time to play and interact — I absolutlely love watching each of their personalities spring to life and I very much admire the young goldens that each one is becoming 🙂

Steele X Star Puppies – 2 weeks old

Ready for new adventures

Star’s puppies have had a good week.    So much can change in the life of a puppy in the first couple of weeks…. the puppies have now opened their eyes and are becoming more aware of the world around them, they can also hear and are more mobile as they try to explore the whelping box.     My daughter is home from college for the American Thanksgiving break and serenaded the pups with a concert on the piano — without any howling or crying — so that is always a good sign that the puppies are happy and content.

The pups are all weighing in between 2 and 2-1/2 pounds.  This is a bit lighter than some of the other litters we have had where there have been less mouths to feed….  but it is to be expected (with 10 puppies) that the milk supply is a bit more spread out.    Fortunately the pups will begin a whole new dining experience with “mush” by the end of this coming week — so once they have some additional menu items I know they will catch up in the weight department.

Star continues to be a wonderful mum to her little babies.   She of course loves her walks and is spending a bit less time in the whelping box (and more time back with her golden friends and our family) — but she is quick to attend to her puppies and dotes on their every need.     She is especially enjoying the extra portions of food that she receives to keep up with the hungry demands of her boys and girls!!!!

We will look forward to spending more “awake” time with the puppies this coming week and adding new toys and playthings to the whelping box to broaden their experiences.       Once their eyes are open the world really seems to come alive for them so this is an exciting time in their development 🙂


Kyle & Lilly Pups – 6 weeks old

The welcoming comittee

Lilly`s pups have had a great week !!   They had their first experience with snow this week and enjoyed every minute of it.   They spend some of their time outside every day — although the weather is still unsettled this time of year and on the cold and rainy days we are usually limited to “indoor recess“.

The puppies are spending more time awake and enjoy spending as many hours as possible with family, friends and interacting with those around them.   Lilly still visits the puppies for snacks and constantly checks in on them — but she is not the center of their universe like she once was and the puppies are turning more and more to people for affection and attention.

They are all growing well and look forward to every meal.   Mush has now progressed to slightly soaked kibble and the puppies continue to display great manners when it comes to mealtime.

We look forward to a great week ahead and introducing the pups to more of the world around them 🙂

Steele & Star Puppies – 1 week old (already !!)

Ahhh the adventures that await !!

They say that time flies faster the older you get….  So I hate to admit that I must indeed be getting older as this past week with Star’s pups has just sailed by in the blink of an eye.

Star has been a wonderful mum and is so very proud of her new family.    I think the first few days were a bit overwhelming for her —  I can only imagine how it would feel to be a first time mum with 10 hungry mouths to feed !!  However, she is settling into her role more comfortably every day.    Initially she didn’t want to leave her babies alone for even a second – but she also didn’t like the idea of being left alone in the living room – so I sat in the whelping box for extended periods of time until she realized all was well and that I would be there to give her whatever support she needed.    She still enjoys her morning walks but always hurries back when we are on the return portion of the trip so that she can get back to her little ones.

The pups are all gaining well and are ranging in weight from 1-1/2 to 2 pounds — with the boys being on the top end of the weight range.    They are a contented little bunch and although they cannot yet see or hear they can certainly SMELL whenever Star is close by and give out an excited chorus when meal time is imminent.

Most of the day is spent sleeping, some is spent snuggled up to mum eating – and a few waking moments during the day are spent crawling over each other and around the whelping  box.   Motor skills are just starting to become stronger and by the end of this coming week they should already be gaining a fair amount of mobility.

For now their bodies are still doing a tremendous amount of growing so lots of rest is the first order of the day.

As for me – my first order of the day is keeping Star well fed so she can keep the milk bar stocked for her pups and my second task is making sure all the blankets are clean and dry for 10 round the clock!!    I will be looking forward to watching all the amazing changes that the pups will go through in this next week 🙂

Kyle & Lilly’s Puppies – 5 weeks old !!

A week of new adventures

Lilly’s pups continue to grow and mature in leaps and bounds and have had another joy-filled week !!!   The biggest adventure for the pups this week was time spent out of doors which they completely loved !   You could almost see the smiles on their faces as they scurried and frolicked about – and even though the weather is already cooler this time of year they didn’t seem to mind.

The pups are spending more time awake which conists of playing with each other, playing with toys and then also interacting with our family and the other goldens.   Our young golden “Sonata” from our litter this past summer with Abby (who is now 4 months old) is completely enamoured with the pups and would spend every waking minute in their play area with them if I would let her.   All of the adult goldens in our family have shown at least some interest in the pups – but Sonata certainly takes the prize for being the most concerned of their every move.   Her favourite activity is to sneak into their play area, lay down on the ground and let the puppies crawl all over her !

The puppies are all gaining well and now enjoy 4 hardy meals a day of glorious mush (which is actually not all that mushy any more and consists mainly  now of soaked puppy food and goat’s milk).   They are ranging in weight between 8-1/2 and 10 pounds ~ with the boys being on the larger end of the scale (of course).    They are all really quite civilized in their mealtime manners — one of the joys of having a smaller litter and seem to be quite tidy and neat for the most part.    When indoors in their play area, the pups have already well-established that sleeping is to be done on the side with blankets and toys and potty activities are to be carried out on the side with newspaper.    Not bad for 5 weeks !

The pups continue to have numerous visitors and fans – all of which they love and continue to be a ray of sunshine in our home.   We will look forward to more adventures with them this coming week !!

Steele & Star Puppies — The big arrival

After a busy night of pacing and waiting — Stars puppies are finally making their entry into the big world….

I will need to keep this brief as we are between puppies — but just to keep everyone updated — Star is doing a fantastic job and the puppies so far are doing well…

10:15 a.m. — Hello Miss Pink !!  Welcome to the world !!!   We are so glad to meet you !!

10.55 a.m. — A handsome little boy — Mr. Black….. who quickly found his way to the milk bar.

11:05 a.m. — A little sister for Miss Pink — We will call her Miss Violet until she grows into her real name…..

*****    More to come

11:40 — Another dashing young lad —  Mr. Green….

Star decides to take a little step out for a quick bathroom break ….. and doesn`t quite make it back to the whelping  box….   11:55 a.m. — Miss Gold is born in the kitchen !    (She must have been in a hurry to see what her brothers and sisters were up to !)


12:25 p.m.  — Another brother  — Mr. Orange has arrived !!

12:50 p.m. — Make room for one more at the milk bar — Miss Red is now here !!

(Just wondering how long Star can keep up the boy, girl, boy, girl equal opportunity pattern…. )


1:25 p.m. — another sweet little girl — Miss Yellow !!

1:55 p.m. — regaining the count for the boys — We welcome Mr. Light Blue


2:22 p.m. —  Ahhhh …. Score 1 more for team PINK —   Welcome Little Miss Chocolate !


It is now almost 6 p.m. and Star and her puppies are all snuggled and content in the whelping box.   Star is visibly tired after the long night and labour — but she is an excellent mum and seems very proud of her new little family.    Photos to follow soon  !!    The final count is 6 girls and 4 boys 🙂

A very proud (and a bit tired) mama Star with her 10 babies

Kyle & Lilly’s Puppies – 4 weeks old !!

4 weeks old and ready for adventure !!

The puppies have had a wonderful week and are gaining in their confidence and their curiosity about the world around them.    They had many visitors over the weekend which they loved and it is clear to see that they adore any time they can spend with their human family and friends.    Of course – Lilly is still the center of their universe and continues to be a great mum…..  but the pups are becoming a little more independent with each day.   They are also relying a bit less on the milk wagon now that they have discovered the world of mush.  Needless to say they never refuse a meal and any time there is food involved it is the highlight of their day !!

The pups weighed in today between 7 and 7-1/2 pounds.   Both Miss Red and Miss Pink are quite close to the 7 pound mark while the boys seem to have packed away a little bit more this past week.    They continue to be healthy, strong, chunky puppies and are becoming more co-ordinated in their movement and play.     They now spend more of their time awake and interacting with each other, playing with toys, or spending time exploring.

We moved the puppies today to the bigger area just off the kitchen (in the sunroom) where they will also have access to the outdoor deck and grassy area.   They will have lots of room now to play and hopefully the weather will stay nice so they can get some fresh air every day.

We look forward to the adventures ahead this week and continue to enjoy every moment with Lilly’s little beauties.