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Sweet Dreams

Dreamkeeper Goldens warmly welcomes you to the PUPPY CHRONICLES…  and a special “golden” welcome to all our Dreamkeeper friends and families-in-waiting.     Here you will find a blog dedicated to recording the progress of our “mums-to-be” and their beautiful babies.   Please feel free to leave any comments or additional observations.   Enjoy.

Hugo & Juliet Puppies – 1 week old!

IMG_6688Juliet’s pups have had a great first week and great first chapter in their lives!   At this stage their eyes are still closed and they cannot hear a thing – so their world revolves around the smells of their sweet mum Juliet and the touch of either human or fellow golden contact…    We make sure at this stage that the pups are picked up, snuggled and cuddled lots – not just because we love to do it but because it lays a great foundation of security for who they will become in the future 🙂

Juliet is an attentive mum and makes sure that each pup is always well looked after and has a full tummy.    The pups spend most of their time these days either nursing or sleeping.    They manage to scurry around the whelping box to find Juliet whenever she approaches to feed them – but other than that their hours are spent snuggled alongside their mum at the milk bar or lost in dreamland somewhere…

The pups have doubled in size and weigh approximately 2 pounds now.     They are all quite uniform in size at this point – the girls are keeping up just fine with the boys and everyone is healthy and strong.

We will look forward to this week ahead and especially await the big day when eyes open and a whole new world unfolds for these little pups!

Thoreau X Tia Puppies – 6 week old

IMG_6626Tia’s pups have had another wonderful week 🙂      They are absolutely loving the adventurous life of exploring the great outdoors and enthusiastically investigate every leaf, twig and corner of our yard.    They are becoming much more coordinated in their movement as they walk, run, tumble and play.     They still love their naps!   But clearly there is a great big world out there that is waiting for them and they are not going to miss out on any of it!

Mum Tia is still doing a stellar job of watching over the pups and providing ongoing meals and snacks.    Her favourite post is to lie just beyond the pups’ immediate line of vision, under a tree or in the shade where she can keep an eye on the pups in their outdoor play area.     She is still feeding the pups 2-3 times a day and then the other 4 meals are my turn and consist of soaked kibble, goat’s milk, egg and yogurt – alternated with a raw meal of duck, beef, turkey or tripe.     Needless to say they are all quite hearty eaters and never, ever miss the chance to belly up to the dinner table!!  The pups are all weighing in around 11 pounds now — we are keeping a watchful eye so that their exercise matches their food consumption… we don’t want them to become too roly-poly in the pursuit of their favourite dishes….

The pups have also enjoyed playing and following some of our other golden family — Ivy and Scarlet in particular have quite a fascination with the pups and are only to eager to engage in any kind of adventure with them.   Even the boys are constantly checking in to make sure that all is well with the pups.

We look forward to the week ahead and hope for many more dry and sunny days so that the pups can enjoy lots of time outside.   Fortunately the black flies and mosquitoes haven’t been too invasive yet so let’s hope for many more bug-less, happy adventures!!

Welcome Hugo & Juliet’s Fab 5!


Welcome to our world!

After a very long and difficult labour our girl Juliet’s fabulous 5 have finally made their grand entrance into the world today.     Our star of the show, Juliet, deserves a medal and a hundred gold stars for staying strong and hanging in there throughout the entire ordeal (with Hugo not far off, cheering her on).

Hugo and Juliet are now the proud parents of 3 beautiful boys and 2 precious girls.    Unfortunately there was one other female puppy born but she was not breathing and could not be revived……   Life of every shape and size is a precious thing – it was very heartbreaking to lose such a beautiful young pup before she even had a chance to take her first breath.

However – we rejoice in the wonderful lives that we have now been allowed to care and watch over:   Mr. Bluejeans, Mr. Greenjeans,  Mr. Bojangles, Miss Pink Lady and Miss Violet.       We can hardly wait to see how their little lives unfold and hope that this next week will help build a solid, healthy, happy foundation for all.     Busy days ahead 🙂

Thoreau & Tia’s Babies – 5 weeks old


Ready for anything!!

Tia’s pups have had an amazing week!!   They are first and foremost becoming more adorable by the minute and it has been wonderful to see how enamoured and attached they are becoming to our family and the special people in their lives.    They are a happy, waggy bunch and love, love, love spending time interacting with whoever crosses their path.

We had a couple of monumental milestones this week.  The pups moved to a much bigger play area on the weekend and now have all kinds of toys and items to broaden their perception of the world.    Of special interest is their “Puppy Adventure Box” where we have hung all kinds of miscellaneous items like balls, metal spoons, garden ornaments and other toys to intrigue the pups and challenge their interests.    They have quite the time running through the adventure box and making all the toys swing and ring or bang.   Fortunately they are all a pretty confident group and this will only help build their confidence to face new sights and sounds in the future.

The puppies also had their first play session outdoors….  They weren’t sure quite what to think at first with the bright sun, the open air and the funny feel of the grass underneath their feet – but they had fun running and chasing each other and then quickly collapsed into  a deep sleep.

The pups are all weighing around 8 pounds now and are eating a mix of goat’s milk, oatmeal, yogurt, honey, egg and a mix of different raw protein sources.   They have also had a small amount of ground kibble with goat’s milk this week which they had no trouble finishing to every last morsel.

The pups have especially enjoyed the families that have visited over the past 2 weekends.   I am pretty sure that if they could talk they would say that meeting and snuggling and playing with all of these new friends is the absolute highlight of their week.   They are a very affectionate and sociable bunch and it has been a treat to watch them blossom into the beautiful young pups they are becoming!

Tia still keeps a watchful eye on her little darlings and stops in for the occasional snack – but her role is becoming less with every week.   She is spending more time with her adult friends and allowing me to care for the pups in whatever area they need….    With the nicer weather I know she will be happy to get outside on the lawn and play a little tag with her pups in the week ahead.

We can’t wait to see how this next chapter unfolds in the days to come!

Thoreau & Tia Pups – 4 weeks old


Getting cuter by the minute….

Tia’s puppies have had another super week.   They are becoming more active and spending longer periods awake.     They are especially enthusiastic when I call their name for mealtime or when Tia enters the room with her travelling milk wagon….    They are a happy and contented bunch and life is their oyster 🙂

The pups are all weighing around 6 pounds now and certainly have a zest for food.   When they aren’t snacking with Tia they are quite excited to lap up our “puppy mush” meal of goat’s milk, oatmeal, yogurt, egg and honey.     They still manage to wear a bit of every meal but their enthusiasm to finish every last drop is now ensuring that more and more of the delicious concoction ends up in their tummies….

The pups are happy to play with each other and although their playtime often seems a bit rough it is all in good fun.   They love spending time with each other, with Tia, with our family and with anyone who comes to visit.    There is never a time or situation where their tails aren’t happily wagging.

Tia still keeps a watchful eye on her precious family and offers as many meals as the day allows, but clearly she is passing on many of the duties to me now.  The days of laying with the pups for mealtime are just a memory now and meals are “standing room only” – and then Tia is quick to rejoin her friends and move on to the next adventure.

This coming week we will move the pups to a larger play area and hopefully if the weather cooperates we will get some time outside.       We will look forward to lots of snuggles and cuddles and a world of adventures in the days ahead!!

Sweet Juliet – the home stretch


Juliet – taking a break from knitting booties and preparing the nursery….

Exciting times, or should I say even MORE exciting times are just around the corner for our Dreamkeeper family as we head into the final stretch of Juliet’s pregnancy.    Juliet is doing very well and just like Tia is an “old pro” at motherhood so she is entering this last stage of things with calm assurance and a very easy-going outlook.   The pups should be arriving next week; right now (in utero) they still have substantial growing to do, but basically by this time all of the major organ and skeletal foundations have been laid and are almost ready for the outside world.   The puppies by this stage have started to grow a coat of hair, toenails are forming, tails are wiggling and the puppies have started to look like little dogs – although in my humble opinion they still look quite prehistoric when they are born.     Puppies are born without any sight or sense of hearing – their entire world right now consists of the sense of touch and anything that they might feel through the warm and cozy surroundings of Juliet’s tummy.    Not that there is ever a shortage of belly rubs to go around – but these tummy sessions are especially valuable at a time like this as it already prepares the pups to welcome human touch.

Juliet is still enjoying her walks although they are growing a bit shorter with the increasing weight she is carrying.   Swimming is a bit higher on the list of activities as it allows her to float along with ease….  and she is never one to turn down a time to splash around and retrieve a ball.     She is eating more food these days to sustain the little lives growing inside of her and we ensure that she gets the best nutrition possible with lots of variety to give everyone a healthy road ahead.

This coming week we will shuffle around the living arrangements so that Tia’s GROWING pups have more room to play and easy access to the outdoors (if spring ever returns).    Juliet will take over the puppy nursery and we will make sure everything is ready for the arrival of her precious pups.

The rest of the golden crew just loves watching everything unfold and is always ready to help with every task – especially if it involves puppy toys.

Exciting days await!

Thoreau & Tia’s pups – 3 weeks old


A picture is worth a thousand words

The pups have had a wonderful week.   As much as it would be easy to write volumes about the pups as the stars of the show today – I just wanted to take a minute and applaud Tia for her exceptional care and mothering skills.   I know most would think that motherhood comes easily to goldens – but this is not always the case.   Plus there are good mums and then there are extraordinary mums.    Tia would clearly fall into the second category.    The love and care that she shows to her pups is really just an extension of the love and care that she shows to EVERYONE – her two-legged family especially.  She truly is an amazing girl and shows unparalleled devotion and loyalty in every situation.   You may not realize it but by this stage of the game all of Tia’s darlings have sharp little teeth (which send many mums heading in the opposite direction) and these same cuties can be rambunctious and ravenous when it comes to meal time.    But Tia handles it all with calm and ease – she is willing to do whatever her pups require.  I am so very thankful for the way that she dotes on her pups day and night and for the complete joy it is to watch her interact with her little family.

The pups have all had a great week and are blossoming just like the daffodils that have made their appearance here after the long winter snow.    Each day their eyes seem just a little brighter and they seem just a little more aware of the world around them.    They look inquisitively into my eyes when I talk to them – and react to the sights and sounds of life in our home.    They are becoming more mobile every day and their steps that once resembled those of a drunken sailor are becoming more and more sturdy and sure.

The pups have all gained well and are weighing in between 4 and 4-1/2 pounds with the boys being at the heavier end of the spectrum.    We had an exciting milestone today as we introduced the pups to their first taste of “puppy mush” – a delightful blend of goat’s milk, yogurt, oatmeal pablum, honey and an egg 🙂    The pups were unsure for the first few slurps but quickly decided it was a yummy treat and lapped up every last drop, along with any little dribbles that were left on siblings.      In the week ahead the pups will receive increasingly more meals of “puppy mush” as the demands for food become too much for Tia.   Eventually we will add in some solid food as well – but the key is to always make any change gradually.

We will look forward to the week ahead as the puppies become more  interactive with our family and the world around them ❤