Ace & Sparkle Puppies – 6 weeks old

Having fun with mum !

Sparkle’s pups have had another banner week and the sunny, warm weather has allowed for lots of time outdoors.    The pups love being able to spend their days out in the fresh air and have spent more this week out on the grass and into the gardens where they love to explore.   They even ventured down to the lake which provided a whole new realm of experiences in the sand and hunting for new sticks and treasures.    They were quite interested in the lapping waves on the shoreline but weren’t quite brave enough to enter in yet (which is very typical for this age and hopefully over the next week the pups will decide to take the big plunge).    They always have a knack for finding some new shady spot to play and hide in and seem to be able to amuse themselves in the simplest surroundings.

The pups are all gaining well and still seem to wear quite a bit of their meal on their faces — but they enjoy dinnertime and are always a happy little bunch.   Sparkle still visits for the occasional snack and has been an outstanding mum.    She loves to be down on the grass playing with her puppies and visibly enjoys being with her little family.  The pups have also had the opportunity over this past week to play with other goldens of all ages in our family and have enjoyed the many visitors that stop by to check in and see how everyone is doing.

We look forward to another great week with the pups as their personalities continue to emerge and their development continues.

Ace & Sparkle Puppies – 5 weeks old

Living the good life….

Sparkle’s puppies have had another wonderful week and continue to grow in leaps and bounds.   The earlier part of the week was wet and rainy but the pups still managed to spend lots of time outdoors.   They especially love being down on the lawn and exploring the grass, bushes and gardens.    On any of the sunnier days they always seemed to be looking for a shady spot to rest – which means  you can find them in the most hidden and unusual places.     They are still a bit tentative when they encounter something new – but they are gaining more and more confidence with every day.

The pups are becoming much more refined with their eating habits — even over the last 2 days I have noticed they are staying much cleaner at meal time.   I am sure they will have it down to a science shortly.   They LOVE their food and love mealtime — nothing like the sight of 8 happy, wagging tails when they know that dinner is on its way.  Sparkle still stops by for the occasional snack but the pups are becoming less reliant on her for meals.   They still enjoy her company and she keeps a very watchful eye on her little family.

The pups have enjoyed having a number of visitors over the last week and are becoming more aware of the people in their lives.    They love any and every chance to snuggle and cuddle and look forward to any extra attention they can get.

The pups are becoming more steady on their feet and more interested in the world around them — we look forward to another great week ahead…


Ace & Sparkle Puppies – 4 weeks old

Enjoying every minute !

The pups have all had a wonderful week with a number of big events to mark their development.    Probably the biggest event of the week was the introduction of MUSH which consists mostly of goat’s milk, yogurt and oatmeal – with the addition of small amounts of puppy kibble as the week progressed.    The pups never know quite what to do with mush the first few times – and generally they wear more than they eat.   This usually leaves all the puppies in a licking and cleaning fiasco where they try to clean the mush off of each others’ face and paws….   Fortunately Sparkle usually intercedes and also helps clean everyone up – but it is definitely one of the messiest stages in puppy life.   The pups are fine-tuning their dining skills and are getting the hang of things — they now realize that mum isn’t going to be the only meal supply any more and that mush IS a wonderful thing!!  Sparkle does still visit frequently for snacks and is never far from the pups to keep a watchful eye – but the puppies are becoming a little less dependent on her.

The pups also ventured outside for the first time yesterday.   With all the wet and rainy weather we have had this week – yesterday was the first day that things were finally dry enough to head out beyond their indoor setup.    The puppies have their own area just off of our main deck – so they enjoyed spending some time outside in the fresh air and exploring the great outdoors.   Hopefully the rain will hold off today and we will have more time for them to explore the grassy and garden areas.

The puppies are also becoming more interested in human contact and enjoy every minute that we spend with them.  They love nothing more than being snuggled or just sitting on your lap.    Of course they all adore Josh (my youngest son)  and you can almost see their eyes light up whenever he enters the room.

We will look forward to an exciting week  !!!

Ace & Sparkle Puppies — 3 weeks old

Hey look at me !!!

Sparkle’s pups have had another great week and continue to become more interactive with the world around them every day.    They are increasingly becoming more aware of our family and more connected to people.   They adore any attention they receive and completely enjoy being snuggled and cuddled as much as possible.

The pups are all weighing around 4 pounds now and Sparkle continues to take great care of her little family.   Within the next few days we will be adding a meal of “mush” to the puppies’ daily menu as we begin the delectable transition towards solid food.    The introduction of “mush” is always an interesting time for the pups as they are never quite sure if they should swim in it, play in it, lay in it, sleep in it …. or …. eat it !!!   They usually end up wearing more than what they consume — but it will start to give Sparkle a bit of a break from their growing appetites – and it is simply the next necessary step in their dietary development.

The pups are becoming steadier on their feet and spend a bit of time now playing with each other and scurrying around the whelping box.   By the end of the week we will probably venture outdoors for awhile – as long as the temperatures aren’t too extreme.   The puppies always enjoy any new adventure so it will be a great experience for them to get outside and see the big, wide world.      We will be looking forward to an exciting week ahead and can hardly wait to see each of their personalities start to unfold !