Kingston X Ivy Puppies – 8 weeks old

IMG_2652Now comes the bittersweet stage in our time together….    It has been a wonderful 8 weeks watching these little ones become who they are today and it is such a privilege to be a part of this first chapter of their lives….    By this age the pups are beginning to need more attention than I can possibly provide all 10 of them individually.  They truly need the one-on-one love and care that only a family of their own can provide.   And so – Ivy’s little munchkins begin the journey to their new homes this weekend.

Looking back, the pups have had another super week.  Gaining in size and growing in their love of life.    They have become a little bolder this week and explore every inch of our property with confidence and excitement.      They are simply ready for any adventure that comes their way.

We had our first official vet visit this week which was an exciting experience.   The day began with baths for everyone which all seemed to enjoy.  The pups then spent most of the morning scampering around the kitchen (in order to stay clean for at least a little while) before being loaded up for their first car ride experience.

The vet clinic was thrilled to see such a happy and healthy bunch of babies and of course any other visiting customers stopped whatever they were doing to come and check out Ivy’s little crew.   Ivy’s pups of course greeted every new face with a waggy tail and plenty of puppy kisses…  All the pups had a great visit and passed their exam with flying colours.  Once we returned home the pups spent most of the rest of the afternoon sleeping – all tuckered out from the day’s excitement!!

It has been a real pleasure to meet so many outstanding families over the last few months who will soon be welcoming one of Ivy’s precious pups into their homes and hearts.    We wish everyone a sweet, full, happy and healthy life ahead – filled with the kind of love that only a golden can bring.  ❤