Hugo & Lucy Puppies – 5 weeks old


Leaving no stone unturned

Lucy’s pups have had an amazing week.  We have had the luxury of some extremely nice weather for this time of the year (and this part of the country) with limited bugs outdoors….  so the pups have had lots of time to play outside and enjoy the big, beautiful world that surrounds them.    Our day often starts out with the pups up on the deck area with toys and breakfast (while the grass is still wet with dew and mosquitoes are lurking) and later in the day we venture onto the grass so the pups can explore the yard, the gardens and scamper around to their hearts’ content.

The pups are weighing in around 8 pounds now and are very consistent in size with only an ounce or two difference from one to the next.    I think they must all be raiding the kitchen refrigerator when I am not looking – as they seem to grow almost overnight sometimes.  Lucy is spending less and less time in charge of meals – for now her greatest contributions are to play with the pups and give them the benefits of her company.    Lucy has for the most part returned to much of her regular schedule of swimming and playing with the rest of the golden gang….

The pups continue to mature and spend more time awake.   There isn’t too much noticeable difference yet in terms of personality ….  At the moment they are all just sweet, inquisitive, affectionate, wide-eyed little cuties that love to play with each other and love to be around people.   They would follow Josh to all ends of the earth without a doubt!

We will look forward to another great week ahead as these little beauties continue to captivate and amaze us!


Kingston & Ivy Puppies – 3 weeks old


Ivy’s pups started off the week in dreamy, sleepy, lazy, baby-golden puppy fashion however we have seen major changes in the last few days.   The pups are now spending more time awake in a playful, interactive mode; jostling with litter mates and playing with toys, listening and watching for any sights or sounds of Ivy or our family.     Tomorrow we will be making the big move to the sunroom as it is clear in the last 48 hours that the pups have outgrown the “sleepy hollow” mood of the whelping box!

The puppies are all gaining well and weighing in around 4 pounds.   The boys definitely have their own club going on and are a few ounces larger than the girls.   Rumour has it that it all comes down to the politeness factor as the girls seem very dainty and well-mannered when it comes to approaching the milk bar (please wait to be seated) whereas the boys have an “all-or-nothing” (I can set myself) approach.   We are transitioning to “puppy mush” as of today so that will hopefully allow for all kinds of dining styles in the near future.

Puppy mush is the first step in the pups’ independence and is a welcome sight for Ivy who has been stellar in her care for the puppies.    At this stage – 10 ravenous mouths with tiny new teeth is not really a whole lot of fun for Ivy – so it is a sign of sheer dedication for her to still feed the pups so willingly and loyally.    Puppy mush consists of goat’s milk, yogurt, eggs, oatmeal and honey and will be the first step for the puppies towards solid food…..   We had our first try today and everyone devoured things to the very last drop (and then promptly fell asleep in the mush dish) – so we are certainly on the right track.

We will look forward to an exciting week ahead: moving the pups out to their bigger play area, and then hopefully getting some short sessions outside later in the week if it isn’t too hot or rainy.   Big adventures await!!

Hugo & Lucy Puppies – 4 weeks old


Enjoying every ounce of the Canadian long weekend in golden style!

Lucy’s pups have had an exciting week!    We moved out to the sunroom (aka Puppy Playroom) early in the week which now gives the pups much more space to play and romp.    They are loving this new space and are very content to explore, play, eat and snooze in this new location.    Mum Lucy still has easy access to the area and still stops by for occasional snacks and check-ins with the pups, but she is becoming more independent and enjoys more time with the rest of her adult friends these days.

The pups are spending more time awake and more time interacting with our family, playing with each other and the toys that scatter their living area.   The pups also had their first introduction to the great outdoors on Thursday.  The weekend here has been beautiful and sunny so what better time than to let those pups enjoy some Muskoka sunshine and fresh air.     They seem to enjoy the late mornings the best outside; any trace of blackflies disappears by then and the sun is warm but not too hot.    Even though they have a shaded area, they seem to like it best when I bring them inside during the peak sunlight and heat hours.    It’s a good time for lunch and a nap anyway – so that is our current schedule.

The puppies are all gaining well and have nice chunky substance and lots of coat.    They are a waggy, happy bunch and are a sheer delight to be around.    It’s hard to get some of my other chores done with so much cuteness calling out for attention!

It will be a great week ahead as the pups become more alert and continue to mature on many levels.

Kingston & Ivy Puppies – 2 weeks old


The pups have reached a major milestone in the last two days in that their eyes are now open!!   To be honest, they can’t really see much at this point and their vision consists of fuzzy blurred shapes – but to be able to gaze into those sweet brown eyes is one of the highlights of puppy development.

The pups still spend the majority of their day sleeping; interrupted for the occasional meal from mum Ivy and a few tipsy steps around the whelping box every now and then in search of food or litter mates.   The pups are a very quiet bunch and only make the odd squeal when they know Ivy is close by and dinner is pending!!   Ivy of course has been an excellent mum and rarely leaves their side.    She has graduated to sleeping just outside of the whelping box as the pups take up quite a bit of room – but she always is sure to have them in her sight.

The pups are all gaining well and weighing in around 3 pounds.   The boys have been packing on a few ounces more than the girls and have decided to get a little pushy with their appetites over the last few days – so my job is to make sure that they learn a bit in the manners department so that their sisters don’t get pushed out of a meal at every opportunity.   Obviously they haven’t learned the “ladies first” rule yet!!   It won’t be long and we will be on to “puppy mush” but for the next week we will make sure that the girls get their fair share of time at the milk bar.

As the pups become more aware of their surroundings we are looking forward to watching them interact more with each other, the world around them – and most especially with us!   Exciting adventures ahead!

Hugo X Lucy Puppies – 3 weeks old


Hugo and Lucy’s pups have had a great week.    They are spending a little more time awake which always makes things much more exciting for us as we get to interact more with the puppies and enjoy their sweet company.    They are a very quiet and gentle bunch and will spend short little spurts of time playing with each other or their toys, but they quickly tire and fall deep into peaceful slumbers.

Lucy continues to be a great mum and is always checking in on her pups and catering to their appetites.     The pups are all weighing in around 4 to 4-1/2 pounds so they have quite the demand for milk.    We will slowly start to introduce some puppy mush/gruel this week to begin transitioning the pups to a diet other than what Lucy’s milk bar as to offer.    On a grateful note – Lucy has finally stopped excavating my flower beds in search of the perfect “den” for her puppies and has seemingly accepted the fact now that the puppies have a much nicer area to sleep and play in the whelping box indoors.     However, this will also change over the next week as we will be moving the puppies out to the sunroom where they will have a much larger area to play and move around.    In the weeks to come this will also give the puppies easy access to an outdoor play area.

We will definitely have an exciting week ahead as the puppies are introduced to all kinds of new sights, sounds, tastes and experiences!

Kingston & Ivy Pups – 1 week old!

IMG_0237Time really does fly sometimes and it is hard to believe that Ivy’s pups are already one week old!   The first week is always the most tentative and fragile in any puppy’s life so it is always great cause for celebration when we make it through that crucial first week.  It is not uncommon for a new mum, an exhausted mum, or an overwhelmed mum (especially when there is a larger litter) to accidentally lay on a newborn pup in the middle of the night during the early days – so for the first week I am always sleeping just a few feet away from the pups with one eye open hoping that I don’t miss anything and everyone stays safe.

Needless to say – Ivy has been an amazing mum, constantly caring for and watching over her pups.   She won’t even eat her meals unless I place them right in the whelping box or directly beside it.     She will go for a short walk and swim with her friends in the morning – but she quickly scurries back and is always the first at the door waiting to go back in and see her family.   Right now her new family is the number one concern for her – every hour of the day.

The pups at this stage have no sense of sight or sound.    Their eyes will open sometime in the next week which is always an exciting time in puppy development.   For now their only stimulation is through touch and smell.   Their sense of staying with the “pack” is also quite escalated at this stage — if any pup happens to crawl away from the bunch, even by a few inches they quickly sound a cry of alert so that Ivy or I make sure that he or she is returned to the “puppy huddle”.    In the wild this would be an important means of survival for any pup.

The pups have all gained well and have doubled in size from their birth weight.   They are now all weighing around 2 pounds and are quite uniform throughout, especially for being such a large litter with so many mouths to feed for Ivy!

We look forward to this week ahead and all the great changes we will see in these little ones.



Hugo X Lucy Puppies – 2 weeks old


Lucy’s pups have had a great week!   It would be pretty hard NOT to have a great week at this age when all that’s really on the agenda is eating and sleeping, and eating and sleeping…     Lucy continues to be a very happy mum and loves spending time with her puppies.     She still enjoys going on our walk and out for a swim at least once a day – but after any adventure she is always the first one to race for  the door to get back inside and see her puppies.

The pups are all gaining well and are very uniform in size.   They are all weighing in at around 3 pounds and even little Miss Scarlet is managing to stay right in there, never missing a beat when it comes to mealtime.    As you can see in the photo the milk bar is getting pretty crowded even with only 6 of them!!

The biggest development this week has been the opening of eyes.   My favourite stage of puppy progress!     The pups will still have very blurry vision at this point – but it seems to add a whole other dimension to their personality when you can gaze into those big brown eyes.    The pups can also hear now – so lots of new stimulation for them.

The pups will start to spend a little more time awake – so we will provide lots of toys and cuddle time to ensure that they are learning and experiencing new things every day.    It will be an exciting week ahead!