Hugo & Sparkle’s Puppies – 2 weeks old


They say the eyes are the window to the soul….

Sparkle’s pups are all doing well and thankfully are not living in the hole that Sparkle dug for a den (back when her puppies were due) as they would have been flooded out by now with all the recent rain!   The most exciting development over the last few days is that the pups have now opened their eyes.   This is always one of the most anticipated parts of puppy development for me – as it seems like the puppies’ personalities and character starts to shine through the moment you can gaze into those big brown eyes.     For the most part, the pups can only see blurry shapes at this point but their vision will continue to refine and mature over the next few weeks.    They can also hear now and are spending a little less time sleeping, although naps are still very high on their priority list.

Sparkle continues to be a great mum and watches over her little family with great care.   The whelping box sometimes gets a little too warm for her so generally she sleeps just outside the entranceway of the puppy area where her pups are still in full view.    She plays for short periods of time with her older golden friends but always hurries back to be with her pups.

The puppies are all weighing around 3 pounds now and Sparkle is quick to provide them with a meal whenever they start to give any hint of being hungry.    Fortunately with only 4 puppies there is always lots of room at the milk bar and everyone’s tummy is always full.

We will look forward to this next week as the pups start to spend more time awake and interacting with the world around them 🙂

Hugo & Juliet’s Puppies – 6 weeks old


Four out of five…. One is just a little camera shy

Juliet’s puppies have had a great week.   We have been playing musical romping spots as the rain has really limited any length of time out on the grass and even when we are able to go out and explore the grounds are so saturated with water that every step is a slushy, mucky one.     The pups are always up for anything and as long as we’re together they don’t seem to care in the least whether the sky brings sun or rain.

The pups are spending more and more time awake and are becoming more inquisitive with the world around them.   They have enjoyed being introduced to the adventure cube – a cube-like structure with all kinds of toys and noise-makers tied to the upper beams.   It’s all a part of their socialization and helping them become accustomed to different sights and sounds.    They have discovered that everything from an empty water bottle to a garden glove can become a play toy :-).    They are such a sweet and happy bunch that it is hard to tear myself away from them to get anything else accomplished!   It’s actually quite amazing that I get any other task completed with so much cuteness competing for my attention.  Fortunately they do still spend time sleeping which is when I slip away and try to get other work finished…

The pups are weighing between 9 and 10 pounds right now.   They are enjoying their kibble soaked in goat’s milk and the regular daily snacks from Juliet.    Juliet is starting to concern herself less and less with feeding them and now is more interested in engaging in play with them – which is a delight to watch.

We will look forward to the week ahead and hope that we will have lots of sunny days to get out and do what pups love to do.   Play and explore.

Hugo & Sparkle’s Pups – 1 week old


Sparkle caring faithfully for her pups

Sparkle’s pups have had a peaceful and uneventful week – which is exactly how we like it at this age.   The first week of life is always the most fragile and I tend to breath a grateful sigh of relief when we make it safely through the first 7 days.   Fortunately with a smaller litter there is plenty of milk at the milk bar and plenty of room for everyone so mealtimes are very relaxed and manageable.    The pups are weighing in at around 2 pounds now which is double their birthweight.   They are all gaining well and seem quite content.

At this stage the pups do not yet have the benefit of all 5 senses – so we will be looking forward to the coming week where a whole new world will come alive as they gain their hearing and their eyes open for the first time (usually around day 12).

The pups spend most of their day right now in dreamland, with the exception of scurrying to find Sparkle in the whelping box whenever the dinner bell rings.    This next week will still be a fairly sleep-filled one; the pups are growing in leaps and bounds and their biggest requirements right now are sleep and food! and more food and more sleep!

We will look forward to what the week ahead has in store.

Hugo & Juliet’s Pups – 5 weeks old


Full of life and love!

Juliet’s puppies are at a wonderful age where everything is new and exciting and the world is one big adventure.     It is amazing how much they have changed even since a week ago; their hours spent in dreamland and cuddled in sleepy heaps with siblings are being traded for adventurous times awake outdoors, exploring the world around them.

They are playing more with each other and toys – and love being outside on our front deck where they can watch people come and go and marvel at birds, squirrels, the other adult goldens and whoever else comes into their line of sight.      With all the rain we have had in the past week the large covered deck is the perfect spot for them as they seem to prefer being outside where all the action is despite the weather – and this way they remain safe and dry.

The pups are all weighing now between 7 and 8 pounds and are eating a combination of puppy mush/goat’s milk with a bit of soaked kibble mixed in.   They absolutely love meal time and Juliet also tops them up with the occasional milkshake so their tummies are always full.   Juliet continues to be a vigilant and caring mum and watches over her family night and day.

The puppies are a very happy bunch and seem quite content to adapt to whatever the day brings – whether it means exploring outside in the sun or sitting up out of the rain.   Later today we will move to a bigger play area for evening/sleep time as they have outgrown their puppy area in the music room and will need more space for these last weeks.     They will have fun with the new space as it brings with it all kinds of new toys, sights and sounds.   Never a dull moment in the life of a puppy!

Hopefully the week ahead will deliver lots of sunshine and we can explore more of the world that awaits!


Welcoming Sparkle’s Puppies


Happily resting with her new family

We are proud to announce that Hugo and Sparkle’s lovely little fur babies arrived safe and sound during the evening hours of June 14, 2017.  The deliveries went smoothly and without incident and Sparkle has quickly settle into her motherhood role.    She seems quite proud of herself and her new additions:   Miss Spring, Miss Summer, Miss Fall and Mr. Winter 🙂     We will look forward to all the new adventures that are waiting for these sweet new babies.

Hugo & Juliet Puppies – 4 weeks old


Look out world – here we come!!

The pups have reached the 4 week mark and this is always an exciting time as they are becoming more active and interested in the world around them!   They scurry to greet me whenever I enter their play area and are increasingly fascinated with all the people that cross their paths.

The biggest event this week has been the “BIG MOVE” of the pups to an outdoor area (just outside my music room – and just for a few hours during the daylight hours) which they love!!  With all the wet and rainy weather we have had here the past two weeks – we have lots of mosquitoes and black flies.   So instead of putting the pups on our lawn area I have kept them up under the covered deck for now.  Hopefully the current warm temps will get rid of the bugs and then the pups can spend much of their day down on the grass having fun and exploring the great frontier.

The puppies are becoming less reliant on Juliet and now dine on a tasty meal of puppy mush three times a day.   They still manage to wear just as much as they consume so if you notice a pasty look to their faces in this week’s slideshow – you can thank the puppy mush.  I did in fact try to clean them up a bit first however puppy mush is a pretty pasty and sticky substance and it takes more than a quick scrub to take the gel effect out of its hold.

The pups are becoming more interactive with people and each other – however for the most part their favourite past time is to just watch the world go by and to snuggle up with each other and dream away.

The pups are all weighing in around 6 pounds and gaining well.   They are becoming more coordinated every day and stronger on their feet.    It is amazing to see how quickly they progress in their ability to walk, run and play.   They seem to make great strides almost overnight and change in the blink of an eye.

We will look very much forward to the week ahead as the pups become even more interested in the world around them ❤

Hugo & Juliet’s Puppies – 3 weeks old


Mr. curious

In comparison to the busy-ness of Tia’s 8 week-old pups, Juliet’s puppies have had a mild-mannered and quiet week.   They are spending a larger amount of time awake, but for the most part their day is still spent dreaming and sleeping.    However, the week has not been uneventful as they have learned how to climb out of the whelping box.  We have put the small barrier door in place to keep them safely inside – for now they are content to just explore the four corners of their  little area and play with the toys that Juliet leaves for them.

The pups are quite smart and observant; they have learned to recognize the sounds associated with Juliet or myself coming into the room and quickly scurry in anticipation when they think that meal-time might be imminent.   As of today the puppies are now getting one meal a day of PUPPY MUSH – which is that scrumptious delicacy of goat’s milk, yogurt, oatmeal, honey and an egg – already they seem very content to have something a bit more substantial in their tummy to add to Juliet’s offerings at the milk bar.    As the week progresses we will increase the meals to two and then 3 a day, and then add in some ground meat and other nutritious items.    The key is to always make this transition gradually – although their appetites would like a 24 hour buffet I’m sure if they had a say in it!!

The puppies are all weighing around 4 pounds now and their weight will most likely start to climb a bit more quickly now that they are not relying solely on Juliet for dining.    They are all healthy and strong pups with not much difference in weight or size right now between the girls and the boys.

Juliet continues to be a wonderful mum and watches over her pups day and night.    She is enjoying the occasional play date with her other adult golden friends here but she always returns quickly to check on her babies and is happiest to lay just outside the whelping box where she can keep a watchful eye on them.

We will look forward to the week ahead as the puppies begin to spend more time exploring the world and the people around them!!