Armani X Nina Puppies – 4 weeks old

Ready for anything!

Ready for anything!

The puppies have had a super week – doing everything that puppies at this age do: mostly sleeping and eating but also starting to broaden their horizons by spending more time awake and interacting with the world around them.    The puppies have become much more aware of the people who come and go in their life over the past 7 days – and almost always rise to attention should Nina make an appearance or if I even utter the quietest word anywhere in the proximity of their puppy area and whelping box.   They are more playful with each other and simply more alert to everything around them in general.  Their play with each other seems a bit extreme at times – but this is all a part of the learning process and the smallest squeak or squeal when things get a bit too rough is a quick lesson to any pup as to the limits of play.

The pups had their first time outside today — until now the week has been too rainy and buggy (mosquitoes) to allow for any outdoor time.   First time outdoors is always a bit bewildering for the puppies as they are a bit taken aback by any new surrounding.    However they quickly embraced their new setup and enjoyed the sunshine and fresh air.

The pups still get a few snacks from Nina throughout the day – but they have also wined and dined on PUPPY MUSH this past week.  They all have great appetites and are weighing in around 6 pounds.

We look forward to this next week and will be praying for lots of sunshiny days so we can spend time outside and enjoy the great outdoors.

Steele X Sparkle Puppies – 8 weeks old


The pups have had an action-packed last week here.   Lots of playing and romping on the lawn and amongst the garden bushes, a car ride and trip to the vet, lots of visitors and lots of snuggles and cuddles.     Their vet visit went extremely well and of course the sight of 10 beautiful pups always becomes the centre attraction at the clinic.   They are certainly loved and doted on wherever they go.     They enjoyed meeting all the vets and technicians and everyone had a super exam.

The pups are all weighing around 12-13 pounds and always enjoy mealtime.     They have really enjoyed the recent visitors over the last week and always greet everyone with a waggy tail and lots of puppy kisses.  They play and greet with great enthusiasm which is usually followed by much needed nap time.   They decided most recently that the long cushion that is located on the bench in their puppy area would make a much better sleeping surface than the deck — so quite often I will find the cushion pulled off its rightful location with everyone sleeping on top….    They still love sleeping snuggled up together whenever the days stay cool enough for snuggling.

It is a bittersweet time now as the pups start leaving for their new homes.     As much as it is hard to say good-bye they have reached the point where they need a loving family of their own – not only the love of our family divided by 10!   Good thing that I have such wonderful families waiting to embrace these pups on the next part of their journey.   We wish them the very best that life has to offer as they set out on this next chapter of life.

Armani X Nina Puppies – 3 weeks old

Good morning world!

Good morning world!

Nina’s pups have had a great week.   They are now spending a bit more time awake – although that time seems to be more observatory than physical in nature.   While they are getting stronger on their feet and manage to drag themselves or stagger around the whelping box, the majority of their waking time is spent just watching the world go by and taking it all in.   They are just starting to engage a bit more in sibling play – up until now they have been a fairly reserved and laid back bunch.

The pups are all gaining well and are weighing in just over 4 pounds.    Nina still attends to her pups’ every need but this week will see a milestone as the puppies will be introduced to “puppy mush” which is one step towards solid food.   Puppy mush simply consists of goat’s milk, honey, oatmeal, egg and a bit of yogurt or kefir and will take some of the pressure off of Nina as the pups’ appetites continue to increase in leaps and bounds.

The pups are becoming more aware of their surroundings – the sights and sounds of our home and the people in our family who come and go.  They love listening to my daughter play guitar and sing, and they love to be cuddled.  It will be an exciting week ahead as their perception becomes even greater and they spend more time interacting with the world around them.

Steele X Sparkle – 7 weeks old

This is the life!

This is the life!

The puppies have had an excellent week.   Fortunately the weather “gods” have smiled down upon us as we have had much less rain which means that the mosquitoes are also much more bearable.   They are still ever present in the early morning and often down in the grass, but for the most part we (the 2 legged humans and the 4 legged babies) are winning the battle against the bugs!!

A typical day begins with breakfast around 8 or 8;30 and then the pups are allowed to go down to the grassy garden area where they run and play to their hearts content.    The simplest item becomes their treasure: a once forgotten flower pot, an old, empty Gatorade bottle, a discarded bone or stick from days gone by….. It never fails that ONE item and one only becomes the treasure of the day and everyone must compete for its possession.

The pups spend more time awake now so their personalities are emerging.   They are all very easy-going, good natured pups….. I don’t think their tails ever stop wagging.

We look forward to the week ahead and can’t wait to see how the puppies’ personalities continue to emerge piece by piece.

Armani X Nina Puppies – 2 weeks old

Hello world!

Hello world!

The puppies have had a great week doing what puppies do at this age: Sleeping, eating, sleeping, crawling, sleeping, looking adorable… and sleeping some more.    The biggest newsworthy event of the week was the opening of eyes – which is always an exciting step in puppy development.   At this age the puppies can only see blurry shapes and shades of light – but it makes looking into their sweet faces all the more intriguing.     They can also hear now as well – so all 5 senses are up and running.

The pups enjoy mealtime immensely and Nina is completely devoted to attending to their every need.  She is quickly met with excited cries from her pups whenever she enters the whelping box and there is always a flurry of activity as the pups scurry to get into position for the best spot at the milk bar.     They never miss a meal and are now weighing in at around 3 pounds.   They are a very contented and happy bunch and continue to grow more adorable every day.

Nina still enjoys her daily walk and swim but beyond that is quite content to keep a watchful eye on her little family and is never far from their side.

It will be an exciting week ahead as the puppies become more mobile and interact more with the world around them.   We are looking forward to watching their little personalities blossom and come to life….

Steele X Sparkle Puppies – 6 weeks old

Shhhhh!  Never wake sleeping babies.

Shhhhh! Never wake sleeping babies.

Sparkle’s puppies have had a different sort of week.    We have had lots of rainy days and lots of overcast weather which makes the mosquitoes and black flies pretty much unbearable.   So we have been limited to short excursions outdoors and the pups have spent the majority of their days bouncing around the kitchen looking for an adventure.

Of course the pups love any situation and don’t seem to care in the least whether their time is spent out in the open air or exploring the far corners of the kitchen, sunroom and mud room.    They are a happy bunch and don’t seem to have a care in the world.

The pups are all weighing in now at around 9 pounds and are solid, chunky pups.   The boys are a wee bit bigger but the girls have kept right up to their brothers in the size and eating department!!   The pups are receiving 4 meals a day and a late night snack from Sparkle so they are always content with a full belly.

The puppies are spending more time awake so  their personalities are beginning to emerge a little more each day.    They love to play with each other and also love to follow me around the kitchen and assist me in whatever I am trying to do – whether it be laundry, emptying the dishwasher or sweeping the floor – they are always in the middle of everything 🙂

We had a big bath day and nail trimming day mid-week which the pups all enjoyed.   It was nice to try and remove a bit of the mush-face look that seems to be so hard to avoid at this age.   The puppies scampered around the kitchen after being bathed and fluffed up – and then quickly crashed into a long afternoon nap.

We will look forward to the week ahead and hope that Mr. Weatherman sends some nicer, sunny days in our direction.

Armani & Nina pups – 1 week old

A very happy and glowing Nina with her babies.

A very happy and glowing Nina with her babies.

Nina and her babies have had a great first week.   You never know completely how a first time mum will be with her pups – but Nina has come through the first week with flying colours and dotes completely on her new family.  She will occasionally take a short recess for a potty break or a little dip in the lake, but she is dedicated 100 percent to her babies and keeps a very watchful eye on all of them.

The puppies at this age live in a unique world of darkness and silence.    Newborn pups cannot hear and have not opened their eyes yet – so their days at the moment are experienced through smell, taste and touch.  They are minimally mobile and feebly crawl through the whelping box in search of mum Nina’s milk bar or the comfort of snuggling up to a sibling.   Often when a pup gets turned around in the wrong direction (which is usually signalled by little whimpers and cries that escalate to wailing within seconds) that is where I enter in to airlift the pup to the comfort of Nina’s side.   By the end of this coming week the pups will open their eyes which is always an exciting part of development.

The pups are all gaining well and are weighing in around 900 grams or 2 pounds – which is double their birthweight.    Their day is spent either bellied up to Nina’s smorgasbord or sleeping – it’s a wonderful life as far as they are concerned 🙂

We look forward to watching the pups awaken to their surroundings even more over this next week and excitedly await their new adventures.