Hudson & Juliet Puppies — Day 38 (Pre-parturition)

Puppy fetus 39 days

The puppies are now at day 38 in their development.  This is what a normal puppy fetus looks like at this stage….    The eyes, kidneys, liver and limbs are all beginning to develop  and the puppies measure approximately 5-6 cm in length.   Skin pigment is also developing and there is an unfathomable amount of growth that is going on every hour of the day…. even while Juliet is sleeping.    Juliet continues to be her usual beautiful, lovable, easy-going self.   She is starting to lose a bit of her defined waistline but for the most part her weight gain is not noticeable yet.    She is still enjoying her walks and swims — but she is slightly more reserved than in days gone by.   It is important for her to maintain a good level of exercise and activity at this stage — over the next few weeks her willingness to participate in fun and games will slowly start to diminish.    Juliet’s meals have been increased slightly – and she is also sleeping a bit more — but this is all typical for this stage of pregnancy.

All of us here are growing more excited at the prospect of meeting Juliet’s new family….   Here is a photo of Juliet with her sister when she was still a puppy at 6.5 weeks.

JulietandHuntleyat6 weeks

We can hardly wait to meet this next generation ….

We will continue to give Juliet the “royal treatment” over these next few weeks and are counting the days until her new family arrives on the scene !!

Hudson & Juliet’s Puppies – Day 31 (Pre-parturition)

Juliet for blogIt seems like forever since our last post in the PUPPY CHRONICLES !!   We are celebrating the wonderful news this week that our lovely girl Juliet (Canadian Champion Dreamkeeper Jewel of Zamora) is confirmed to be expecting puppies sired by the handsome, sweet and charming Hudson (Canadian Champion Dreamkeeper Unforgettable Song — loved and owned by Regal Goldens).   The above photo was taken just minutes after we learned that there will definitely be the pitter patter of little paws in our home again soon !   Juliet seems to be glowing at the news !

The puppies are at Day 31 of their development which means that they are now starting to develop toes, whisker buds and claws.  The development of eyes and spinal cord is also well underway.  The fetuses are already starting to look like an actual “dog” — the amount of growth that goes on at this stage is exponential. Juliet is still maintaining her same, beautiful, svelte figure that she always has — however that will begin to change (slightly) already over this next week as her appetite increases and as the puppies double and almost triple in size.

Here is the ultrasound image from earlier this week:

IMG_3372We will look forward to keeping Juliet as active and happy as possible during these next few weeks and can hardly wait for the big day to arrive – which should be around October 25th…