Simson X Sophie Puppies – 2 weeks old

A new world unfolds for Sophie's pups

Sophie’s puppies continue to grow strong and healthy this week.   The biggest event in the last few days has been the opening of their eyes …. which means a whole new world is beginning for each one of them.   Vision itself is still very underdeveloped and will continue to sharpen until 8 to 10 weeks of age – but there is something profoundly special about being able to gaze into the inviting eyes of a little puppy.   Eyes are the window to the soul – so they say.

The pups are all big eaters and meal time is a noisy one as they scramble for Sophie with excited little squeals followed by happy sounds of contentment.   They are all up on wobbly legs trying to move around more each day – although you won’t really find too much action in the whelping box until Sophie enters – at which point they all spring into action and hurry with awkward steps to get to Sophie as fast as possible.    Sophie spends her “free time” laying just outside the whelping box these days – just returning to feed her little ones, clean them or snuggle with them…  So whenever she re-enters the box she is met with great exhuberance !!    It would be safe to say that the puppies’ favorite time of the day – without a doubt – is mealtime !  

The puppies are all weighing  between 2-3 pounds and are also enjoying the extra snuggle time this week with our children who are  home throughout the day right now on Christmas break.   The pups are all quite easy-going and love to be held and cuddled.   It is exciting to see their awareness of the world around them grow with each day !

This will be an exciting week ahead as they also gain their hearing and start to explore more and more …..

Simson X Sophie Puppies – One week old

Sophie's sleeping angels

It’s hard to believe that one week has already passed since the arrival of Sophie’s little beauties!!!  The puppies are all growing in leaps and bounds and have almost doubled in size since they first made their appearance last Sunday.    Their pigment has turned to jet black and their little faces are filling out more each day.    They are all fairly close in size – with the girls in general being a little smaller – which is to be expected – but all are looking strong and healthy and LOVE feeding time.

Sophie is a very vigilant mum.   Her technique is a little different from some of our other mums in the past – in that she will not rest or sleep when she is with her puppies in the whelping box.   She is “on duty” completely whenever she is with them…. licking them, watching them, feeding them – she is very dedicated.    The only time she will rest or sleep is when she ventures out of the whelping box for a wee break.   She is still enjoying her walks every day – although sometimes I don’t know how she manages – as her full-time maternal duties and the demands of 9 hungry little mouths leave her pretty exhausted.

The pups spend most of their time sleeping at this age – with the highlight of their day being dinner time.   They are all good eaters and make the happiest puppy sounds whenever their meal is being served.     The funniest incident of the week happened just this morning as I was in helping Sophie get resettled in the whelping box without laying on any pups.   As soon as Sophie entered the box –  all the puppies began quickly crawling to her in great anticipation of the milkfest.  However –  Mr. Black inadvertantly took a wrong turn and started crawling up my pajama leg in search of milk – crying all the way as his efforts to find milk were coming up empty !    I of course quickly tried to rescue him and laid him alongside his brothers and sisters for his morning snack.   It seems the boys are always the most urgent in their search for food 🙂

It will be exciting to watch them all continue to grow this week and it won’t be long before eyes are open and a whole new world begins for them.

Sophie’s Pups – Day One

Simson X Sophie pups at one day old !!

Sometimes you never know what to expect with a first time mum…  But Sophie has breezed into her new motherhood role with flying colors.   She is an extremely attentive mum and really does not wish to leave her pups for anything.   I finally coaxed her out of the whelping box a couple of times for a quick bathroom break but she was very eager to return to her precious little family.    She has been eating well (inside the box as she will not leave her pups) and is in very good spirits – basking in all the attention that is being shown to her and her new little boys and girls.   

All the pups are doing well – nice chunky pups with lots of bone and wonderful coloring.     It is going to be so much fun to watch them grow !!   I could sit and watch them for hours – they are such adorable little miracles.   However – there is lots to do with cleaning up from yesterday and keeping Sophie fed will be almost a full-time job in and of itself.   I have tried to spend a little extra time with the rest of our four-legged family today as they were all pretty put out that I have been completely wrapped up with Sophie for the last two days.

Later today I will be weighing the pups to make sure they are all gaining and plan to take Sophie for a brief walk to stretch her legs if she will let me talk her into it !!   All is well – I am thankful for such beautiful pups and such a doting, loyal mum. I will keep everyone posted on how the puppies grow 🙂

Sophies Puppies have Arrived!

This is Alexis typing for my Mom right now…
After a long night of pacing, panting, and waiting… Sophie had her first puppy at 10:04 a.m. this morning; weighing in at 510 grams.   He’s a beautiful little boy and I named him Mister Mister.   More updates as they happen!
And at 11:11 (make a wish!)  Boy #2 was born!    His name is Boots.


Update – 12:11 p.m. was the time of arrival for Sophie’s first little girl – Miss Pink – quickly nicknamed Dolly.

12:35 p.m. – Another handsome boy !!!   Sophie is doing really well and all the puppies are strong and nursing….


Sophie has been taking a little break….

3:15 – Another beautiful boy arrives

3:45 – A sweet little girl is now snuggled next to her sister 🙂


4:25 – Puppy #7 – an adorable baby girl 🙂     Sophie is being an excellent mum !

Sophie has always been the patient one in our household…. so no surprise that we are taking another big break….

7:25 – Another sweet and beautiful little girl arrives safely….

8:25 – One strong and patient little boy !     Sophie has delivered 9 wonderful puppies !! 

It has been a long two days of labor and delivery – and now I will get Sophie cleaned up and settled with her pups.  I will post full details and updates tomorrow…. 🙂

Simson X Sophie Puppies – Day 55 (Pre-parturition)

Golden retriever puppy fetus at full term

The puppies are heading into their final week of growth.   They now have a full coat of hair and their puppy features are all developed – although they will continue to grow in leaps and bounds this week.   The puppies could be born safely from any time on now – however the official full-term date is still 8 days away.  In any event it won’t be long now !

Sophie has slowed down a bit these past few days and is more interested in resting than usual.   She still enjoys her walks immensely – but I find her cuddled in a corner sleeping more frequently.   Her abdominal area has now grown to 95 cm. and she is unmistakably pregnant.    When she is laying down you can clearly feel the movement of the puppies inside of her.    It is getting fairly crowded in there – so Sophie has been a bit picky with food (I don’t think there’s much room to put it) and her diet now consists of many small meals throughout the day to keep her healthy and strong for the weeks ahead.    A few times this week Sophie has been up through the night pacing the floor (probably because things aren’t that comfortable for her now)…. I thought Simson was supposed to do that part !!.

We will keep monitoring her body signs every day as we look forward with great anticipation to the birth of her puppies !!  Wishing everyone a great week as we move closer to the big day fast approaching !