Hudson & Lucy’s Pups – 8 weeks old

Snuggle time with Nina

Snuggle time with Nina

Lucy’s pups have had a busy week – spending a mixture of time in the kitchen, time outdoors and time with visitors.    They also had their first official vet visit which is always a big event.    Of course everyone dotes on the pups when they arrive and it is an exciting day for them between the car ride, the new faces, furry encounters and the exam itself.   The puppies are always treated like celebrities and enjoy the entire outing.

The puppies have spent a bit more time outdoors this week and simply love prancing around in the snow.   They bound through the banks and often get stuck in the shoulder-deep snow but don’t seem to mind the adventure.  They don’t last too long outside once they are covered in snow – so the majority of their playtime is still indoors these days.

Lucy spends less time with her pups now (which is part of the natural weaning process) and instead the pups play with some of the other golden girls in the house.    In particular, our girl Nina loves to roll on the floor with the puppies and is extremely gentle and good-natured with them.  Even when the pups try to grab Nina by the tail, go searching with their mouths along her tummy for milk (!!)  or crawl all over her — Nina is in her glory.  When everyone is finished playing, the puppies love to snuggle up with her and drift off into dreamland.

It is hard to believe that our 8 weeks with Lucy’s little family is drawing to an end.    The puppies have been a joy to watch as they have gone from little bundles that could fit into the palm of your hand to this happy bunch of adorable pups.    The entire litter is a very happy and affectionate crew and we know they will all have a great future ahead of them.   May they bring a ray of sunshine into every life they touch !!  We will miss you little ones !!

Shiloh & Bella Puppies – 5 weeks old !

Ready for snuggles !

Ready for snuggles !

Bella’s pups have had a wonderful week !   They are getting more inquisitive and investigative and spend more time awake which allows them more opportunities to explore the world around them.   They are very sweet and tender even in their expeditions – and seem to greet each new adventure and encounter with innocence and gentleness.

This morning I was involved with the worship service at our church and was away for a few hours  (I always limit my time away from the pups when they are young and I figured they would be fine on their own for an hour or two at this stage).    When I returned home — to my surprise the puppies had all broken out of their play area somehow and were snuggled up in a corner of the living room – sleeping like little angels.    They had found the books and magazines under our coffee table and pulled them from one end of the room to the other — but nothing was chewed or ripped or torn —  and they had not touched anything else.    Two little puddles on the hardwood floor to clean up…. but other than that they just had a merry little time without touching a thing 🙂   And of course they looked up at me upon my return with the sweetest, innocent faces…  I could almost hear them saying “We’re so glad you’re home… what took you so long??….. Come and play with us !!”

The pups are now spending time in the kitchen throughout the day and love being able to run around the kitchen island and explore whatever toys the bigger dogs usually play with.   They are very inquisitive and like to explore every square inch of the room to see if anything has changed since the last time !  They love to play with each other and chase toys or balls — they are becoming more co-ordinated but are still quite entertaining to watch as their reflexes don’t always accomplish what they intend them to.

Meal-time is getting a little more civilized and the puppies are now consuming more of the puppy mush than they are wearing !   Their meal now is almost entirely kibble (soaked) with a bit of goat’s milk for good measure.  In any event – the pups never want to miss a meal and Bella still tops things up with the occasional snack.

We will be moving into the sunroom this week which is a larger play area for everyone with more toys and things to do.    If winter ever lets up for a moment — we will also have access from that area to the outdoors and I know the pups will welcome any new adventure!!

Hudson & Lucy Puppies – 7 weeks old

Ready for anything !

Ready for anything !

Our Muskoka weather has not been the most cooperative this winter and things have been harsh to say the least.   It seems like we either have blizzard-like conditions with blowing snow and bitter winds or sub-zero, frigid temperatures.    Needless to say the pups have not had the chance to spend a whole lot of time outdoors….. but when the sun is shining and temperatures are agreeable, they love nothing better than to go out and romp around in the snow.

The puppies are becoming much more active now and spend their mornings on the move in the kitchen and seeing what kind of mischief they can get into !   Of course the majority of that is just fun with each other and playing a game of keep away with the latest toy.     The puppies also love to spend time with some of our young adult girls; Nina and Tia — and don’t ever seem to tire of spending time in their company.

The puppies had their first big bath day today in preparation for our vet visit and everyone seemed to enjoy the occasion.   The pups were really not dirty enough to require a bath but I always like to have everyone looking spotless and beautiful for their first official vet visit.

The puppies have reached that mouthy stage where they like to explore everything first by putting it in their mouths.   We are trying to re-direct that behaviour with appropriate things, other than toes and chair legs, so that the puppies learn what is acceptable to chew on and what is not.    Fortunately they are all quite a smart bunch and seem to welcome the opportunity to chew on a marrow bone or an elk antler over my fingers and Josh’s toes !!

The puppies are a very happy and contented bunch and love nothing better than to follow me around the kitchen and watch my every move.   They make me feel quite important !!  (No wonder I love having puppies in the house)    I know however it is not me at all — but just a golden’s unwavering love for people.   I know before long each one of these pups will have their own family to chase around the kitchen – and they will love every minute of it.

I will be enjoying every moment of our last week with these charming babies.



Shiloh & Bella Puppies — 4 weeks old !

Sleeping beauties

Sleeping beauties

The puppies are getting more active now and spend time throughout the day playing with each other and exploring the living room.    They aren’t overly brave or curious yet – and never seem to venture off very far.  They are content to play with whatever toys are close at hand or simply snuggle on my lap or beside me.    It is a wonderful stage in their development as they are much more intent on human interaction now and always look into my eyes with the most sweet and loving expressions – seemingly hanging on my every word and trying to understand me.   They are completely adorable.

The pups are mastering their dining skills a little more with each day.   Early in the week we started PUPPY MUSH which is usually a messy time as the puppies seem to do everything BUT eat the puppy mush.   They walk through it, play in it — usually fall asleep with their head right in the dinner dish.    Much time is also spent licking the puppy mush off of fellow siblings – which is quite entertaining to watch.      As the week has progressed – more of the puppy mush is winding up where it should (in their little tummies) and I am not having to wash their little faces up as much.   The puppies are all weighing in around 5-6 pounds so they are gaining well.

Bella is a great mum but is now starting to distance herself a bit more from the pups which is the natural progression of things.   She sleeps outside the whelping box where she is still close enough to keep an eye on them, but not under constant demand to provide dinner.   She is also spending more time back in the rest of the house and outdoors with our other goldens and loves going on our walks in the woods.

It will be interesting to see more of the puppies’ personalities emerge this coming week – and we look forward to this next exciting stage in their development !

Hudson & Lucy Puppies – 6 weeks old

Taking a break from morning activities

Taking a break from morning activities

Hudson and Lucy’s pups are getting cuter by the minute and have enjoyed an active week of learning and exploring.     The big event of the week was that we did finally get a chance to get outdoors and explore the big world that lies beyond our four walls.   Up until the last few days the weather has either been too bitterly cold or stormy — but weather conditions finally lightened up enough that we could venture outside.   The pups loved every minute of it and happily bounded through the snowy banks and grounds without missing a beat.     They also spend quite a fair amount of time in the kitchen which is a great place for socialization.    Here they are completely immersed in the hustle and bustle of our household, sights and sounds of a busy home and they also have the chance to interact with the rest of our golden family.   Mornings are usually the busiest time as they love to scamper around the kitchen and see what toys or bones they can find.

The puppies also love spending time with Josh and it is clear to see that he has his own little fan club.     He usually resembles the Pied Piper with his own merry band of puppies trailing behind him wherever he goes.

The pups are all enjoying their area in the sunroom as well which is never far from the action of the rest of the household.      They are eating well and still try to steal the odd snack from Lucy – but are for the most part transitioned to puppy kibble.

The sun is shining here today so we will have a quick bite to eat and then head outside again so the pups can stretch their legs and enjoy some fresh air.    Hopefully the weather will cooperate over the next week so that we can continue to pursue daily adventures out in the great white north…..

Shiloh X Bella Pups – 3 weeks

Grace & Beauty

Grace & Beauty

The puppies have had a great week.   It has been an interesting one as I was out of town (unfortunately and unavoidably) for a few days – but the puppies were in great hands and completely adjusted to their new routine.   The puppies always LOVE any human interaction they can get – so I don’t think they missed me in the least and were quite content with all the attention from the rest of our family and volunteers.

The pups are spending more time awake and are more active now for brief stretches of time — although they still do very much love their sleep time.   Bella usually sleeps outside of the whelping box now so the puppies are happy to stay snuggled up in a pile together.

The puppies have begun their transition to “solid food” and are now dining on that most wonderful, delicious, gourmet meal known as PUPPY MUSH.   The pups are all quite strong eaters and have not seemed to mind (in the least) the transfer from their mum Bella as sole provider to this new alternative.

We can hardly wait to continue our journey with these fascinating little puppies and look forward to seeing more of their personality shine through this coming week…..

Hudson X Lucy Puppies – 5 weeks old

Getting bigger and braver !

Getting bigger and braver !

The blizzard rages on outside and we have had another week of record frigid temperatures – but fortunately Lucy’s pups have been safe and warm inside.     They are quite content at this age to spend the morning frolicking around the kitchen area – and by afternoon they usually move into the sunroom (which is just off of our kitchen) where they have their own play area with toys and blankets.    The puppies spend more time awake now and love to explore every nook and cranny in the kitchen and follow the older goldens around.    They love to chase one another and engage what would seem to be their own version of tag.   Our one girl Tia has become quite fond of the pups and is often seen playing with them or curled up next to them.

The puppies diet is moving away from puppy mush to something that more closely resembles kibble – although mum Lucy still provides snacks throughout the day.  They are all weighing in at around 7 pounds – with the girls being a little lighter than the boys.    Clearly no one has missed a meal and Lucy always makes sure that everyone is happy and has a full tummy !

If the weather warms up a bit we will hopefully venture outside later in the week.    The puppies would love the snow  but right now -34 C is just too cold for them !    For now they are content with an indoor playground but by next week they will need some new adventures !

We look forward to watching the puppies develop even more over this next week and love seeing their little personalities come to life !