Kingston and Lucy Puppies – 7 weeks old

Ready for any adventure

Ready for any adventure

Lucy’s puppies have had another great week.    The weather has still been fairly cold – and sometimes downright miserable so we have still limited our time outdoors.    The puppies love the snow and are quite entertaining to watch as they pounce and bounce over the many banks that still remain here.    We even had fresh fallen snow this week so the pups especially enjoyed romping through the fluffy flakes and rolling around to create their own canine version of snow angels.

The pups are spending less time sleeping and much more time awake.    So when not outdoors they can usually be found in the kitchen running circles around the kitchen island or hiding out under the table or my desk.    They always seem to have a game on the go and love to chase each other around with one puppy usually carrying some kind of prized item – whether the dust pan from last week, a cloth from the laundry room or a piece of paper they have found on the floor.  I am not sure why I buy toys sometimes as it seems like they consider just about everything else a treasure.

The pups have completely transitioned to their puppy kibble now and enjoy their mealtimes immensely.   They are all gaining well and range in weight from 10 to 11 pounds.   Miss Strawberry Shortcake (Lilly) never misses a meal but her brothers are widening the gap in size as boys usually do.

The puppies have continued to enjoy lots of visitors this week.   They are a very social bunch and meet everyone with a wagging tail and a puppy lick to the face if they can sneak one in.     They love to interact with people and are always curious as to what anyone is doing.    People watching is one of their favourite activities.

We look forward to the week ahead and our exciting visit to the vet.   Hopefully the weather will warm up some and we can spend even longer stretches outdoors where there is so much more to explore!!     Who knows – we may even spot the Easter Bunny somewhere along the way……

Kingston & Lucy Puppies – 6 weeks old!

Sleeping beauties

Sleeping beauties

The puppies have had another wonderful week.   We haven’t been able to spend as much time outside as I would have liked as the morning temperatures here are usually around -20 degrees C and rarely get above freezing through the day.    But we have still managed to get outside for short stretches of time every day and as soon as the pups show any signs of getting chilled we quickly head back indoors.     Inside they have made themselves quite at home in the sunroom and kitchen and as I write this they are all scurrying around the kitchen island with their own version of puppy tag.   I imagine in another 5 minutes they will all crash in a heap and drift off into dreamland.

The pups continue to have lots of visitors which they always enjoy and is great of course for socialization.   They are quite interested in keeping an eye on everything our family does and they all have very observant and inquisitive personalities.

The pups are spending more time apart from mama Lucy.   Lucy still indulges the puppies in snacks throughout the day and likes to keep an eye on whatever they are doing – but she also is transitioning back into a more independent role where she can spend time playing and on walks with the other adults.    The puppies are becoming much more skilled in their dining manners and wear much less of their meals than they did in weeks gone by.   The puppies are all weighing-in between 8 and 10 pounds – with the boys now starting to outweigh Lilly (Miss Strawberry Shortcake) a bit more in typical boy fashion.

We had our big bath and nail-trimming day yesterday.    Fortunately there is no spring thaw yet here so the pups should be able to stay pretty clean with no mud puddles or mucky gardens to run through!!   I guess that is the one advantage of our never-ending winter.

We will look forward to new adventures in the week ahead and hopefully some warmer, sunny days!!

Kingston & Lucy Puppies – 5 weeks old !!

Looking grand at 5 weeks old!

Looking grand at 5 weeks old!

Lucy’s pups seem to have made a huge leap in maturity this week and are blossoming into beautiful young goldens.   They are all weighing in around 7 pounds and have hearty appetites that never seem to end.    The pups have graduated from goat’s milk and oatmeal mush to softened kibble and goat’s milk — with the continued and very welcomed snacks from mum Lucy.

Lucy continues to be an amazing mum.    She isn’t the complete focal point of the puppies’ meals anymore but she continues to be an ever present source of comfort and interaction for the puppies.   She also quite surprised me this week when on two separate occasions I gave her a fresh, meaty marrow bone for her to indulge in.    In both instances she promptly took the bone straight to her pups and laid it in their puppy area so they could feast on what should have been her special treat….  It is really heart-warming to see the devotion that she has for her puppies.

This week has been filled with big events – the first being that the puppies have now moved out to the sunroom where there is lots more room to play and stretch.   The puppies quickly adapted to their new digs and took no time at all to make themselves at home with their new toys and new surroundings.    I am quite impressed that the pups continue with their good housekeeping and head straight for the papered area to do any bathroom duties 99% of the time.    A great testimony to how the puppies truly strive for cleanliness and order — we always just need to provide them with the right opportunities to succeed.

The puppies have also spent time outdoors the past two days.    Yesterday was above freezing so it was a great time for the puppies to get outside and explore – even though there was still plenty of snow around.   Today we had the occasional snow flurry and temperatures were a bit colder so we didn’t spend as much time outside – but the pups still had a chance to get out and play a bit in the fresh air.  They certainly love being outside and it is exciting to watch them scamper around and interact with each other.

We continue to have lots of visitors which is always good for the pups socially.   They are all a very sweet and confident bunch and seem to take whatever the day brings in stride.   It is nice to have them now in the sunroom and in the kitchen as well to get used to all the sights and sounds that will make them well-adjusted.

We look forward to the week ahead and hope there will be lots of nice weather so we can get out and explore the big, wide world.   Great times await!!

Kingston & Lucy’s Puppies – 4 weeks old

All tuckered out

The pups have had a busy week with lots of new experiences, chances to explore, smorgasbords of puppy mush and their all-time favourite thing:  VISITORS!!    We had quite a few families make the long trek northward to visit the pups this past weekend….  The puppies of course enjoyed every minute as I don’t think they ever get enough attention in their opinion!!

Mush is probably the biggest event for the pups and they are still really trying to define and refine their dining skills.  Typically puppy mush is walked through, sat upon, slept in, slurped, worn and sometimes – occasionally – eaten.    Most of the puppy photos this week contain puppy mush hair-styles to some extent.   Even when a person tries to wash the puppy mush away – the glue-like, gel-like traces still remain on heads, ears, feet, necks — you name it.    We will certainly be working on our table manners over this next week.

The pups are becoming more active and their awkward, staggering moves from last week are already developing into more precise, intentional and balanced steps.    The puppies are also just starting to engage in play with each other which is always entertaining for all of us to watch.

The pups are much more attentive to human voices and conversation now.     As soon as you pick one up and start talking their eyes are quickly locked on yours – almost searching to understand the complete meaning of whatever you might be saying.

It will be a great week ahead as the pups gain more mobility and more depth in character.   We are looking forward to every minute!!!

Kingston & Lucy Puppies – 3 weeks old

The puppy life!!

The puppy life!!

Lucy’s pups have had an excellent week 🙂    They are getting bigger and stronger every day and the movements that once consisted of dragging and crawling across the whelping box have now graduated to wobbly steps on all four legs.    The puppies spend more time awake these days – but the majority of their time is still spent in sweet slumber.

We added toys and playthings to the puppies’ living area this week and they have enjoyed exploring the stuffed animals — almost searching out each one to see if there might possibly be a milk bar somewhere there to belly up to!     As of today we have also tried our first meal of “puppy mush” which is always a comical experience to observe.    Now that the puppies have teeth and are gaining in size – it is time to begin the transition from complete reliance on Lucy for meals to an alternate menu.   Enter “Mush”.    At this stage Mush consists of goat’s milk, a bit of kefir for probiotics and intestinal health, and a portion of Oatmeal baby pablum.   (Sometimes I use rice pablum but this time we are going with oatmeal as it is an alternate to support superior health in puppies.)    Miss Lilly walked all through the mush today before laying down in it and watching her brothers lick it off each other and the dish….   Definitely our mealtime etiquette will need a great deal of fine tuning over this next week!   Of course Lucy still makes herself available for meals but this is the typical time in puppy development where we start to move the pups towards solid food.

The puppies are all weighing in around 4 pounds and are looking good.   Their full little bellies are a testament to Lucy’s good care of them and they never seem to want for anything.   Lucy is spending less time in the actual whelping box this week – but that again is a normal transition as she begins to turn things over to me.    Even if she is in our kitchen area with the others – her ears are always listening for her babies and at any sound she runs to check them.   But she is also enjoying a bit of a return to normal life and spending time with the rest of our golden family.

The puppies are becoming more aware of their surroundings; more aware of being picked up, mealtimes, the coming and going of people in our home….  They seem to take it all in with very intense observation.   It will be exciting to watch them as they continue to mature over this next week.    We are enjoying every minute of this special time with them.