Steele X Lilly Puppies — the 8 week mark !!

8 weeks old and READY for the next adventure !!

I can’t believe that we are celebrating the puppies’ 8 week old birthday today !!   The time has truly flown by and now the next chapter will begin for each of them as they head off to their new families.    

We have had a great week with the puppies becoming a little bit more curious about the world around them and spending more time awake each day.   They are a very good-natured bunch so they meet each new experience with just the right amount of confidence and gentleness.     They have had some great fun this week playing with some of our older goldens and Ace in particular is a very good sport about sharing all of his toys with them 🙂    They have also engaged in much more playtime amongst themselves – running and scampering through the snow and always ready for anything.  Their favorite toy seems to be the rope toy — it doesn’t seem to matter what else I put in their play area – they ALL want the rope toy at any given time.

We also had our big vet visit this week which was proceeded by full baths for everyone !!   They certainly are a lovely bunch of puppies and have lots of coat which just fluffs them up like a powder puff when they are freshly bathed and blown dry !!    Our vet was quite impressed with the excellent temperament and disposition of each puppy – and all are strong and healthy and passed their physical exams with flying colors !!

The puppies also had lots of visitors and playdates with our children and their friends this week.  With Christmas holidays in effect we have had lots of new faces and loving arms for the puppies — they can never get enough attention so they have just LOVED every minute of the holiday season with having so many young people around to play with and snuggle with.

It is always a bittersweet time when the 8th week rolls around.   Truly the puppies are reaching that age where they need the individual love and care that comes with having a family of their own….  It is time for them to “leave the nest” and start the next chapter of their lives.  However –  a piece of my heart leaves with each one of them.    I wish them the very best that life has to offer as they head out for new horizons.