Kingston X Ivy Puppies – 57 days (Pre-parturition)


Our lady in waiting

Our lovely Ivy is heading into the final week of her pregnancy…..   While she still loves her daily walk and swim, she has definitely slowed down and doesn’t have that normal Ivy “spring” in her step these days.    Today, she was actually snooping around every old tree stump and hollow log looking for a potential den for her new family.    Beside the fact that she has already excavated the flower garden to make room for them — I do in fact have a much nicer location in mind!!   Early next week we will set up a whelping box across from Lucy in our living room and both girls can start comparing notes.

Ivy is now measuring approximately 92 cm around the abdominal area and seems to enjoy resting her tummy in the lake every now and again where she can just float and take some of the weight off her feet.    She is still eating well and enjoying a diet rich in different protein sources and a variety of ingredients.   Her appetite may start to diminish over this last week as stomach space becomes limited.   At this point all the puppies’ major organs are developed, their coat is beginning to grow and the finer features of a dog-like face are taking shape.    The majority of a puppy’s growth in size takes place the last three weeks of gestation – so the pups will still continue to gain weight and increase in stature over this last week.      And so…. the countdown begins!!!

Hugo and Lucy’s Pups – Welcome!


Lucy is thrilled to welcome her new family!

The big day we have been waiting for finally arrived and we are thrilled to announce that Hugo and Lucy are now the proud parents of 5 bouncing boys and 1 adorable little girl.    Lucy spent most of Sunday night and Monday pacing and panting in typical golden labour fashion – and then began about the business of introducing her babies to the world, one by one,  early Monday evening.    In true Lucy style she took her time and kept us all on our toes throughout the evening – but eventually everyone was here and accounted for.   Lucy has quickly stepped into her role as mum and has been taking excellent care of her new clan.   The pups are all quite uniform in size, weighing in at around a pound; strong and healthy; chubby and content.   I’m sure little Miss Scarlet will have her work cut out for her over these next few weeks, keeping all those brothers in line!   We can’t wait to see what the future holds for each of these precious babies.

Hugo X Lucy Pups – Day 57 (Pre-parturition)


The excitement is starting to build in our household once again as we wait for the much anticipated arrival of Lucy’s babies.    The whelping box is up and ready, towels are sorted and piled by the birthing area and all supplies have been checked to make sure that we have everything we need for the big day!!

Lucy is entering the final week of her pregnancy and continues to do well.    She has slowed down a little bit but doesn’t need to be asked twice if she’d like to go for a swim and still enjoys the company and camaraderie of the  rest of our golden family.   Her appetite is quite insatiable at the moment – but that will start to slow down as we approach the final days before whelping.   She now measures approximately 88 cms. around her abdominal area so she won’t be modelling for the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated any time soon….    We will continue to provide Lucy with a nutrient dense diet to give her growing pups everything they need for a strong foundation.   Moderate daily exercise is also crucial at this point to keep Lucy in the very best possible physical condition for the demands of puppy birthing.

In terms of puppy growth – at this point all of the major development of organs and skeleton has been completed.  In this final week the finishing touches will be spent on weight gain, coat, nails; the intestinal tract is also one of the last things to develop.

We look forward to the big day and will be sure to update the PUPPY CHRONICLES as soon as our little beauties arrive!