Hudson & Opal Puppies – 2 weeks old

Cuddle bugs

Cuddle bugs

Opal’s puppies have had a great week.    The most exciting event of the entire 7 days has been the opening of eyes which has occurred in the last 48 hours…. I always love this stage in puppy development as the puppies seem to take on an entirely new and beautiful dimension to their personality once you can gaze into those big, brown eyes !! At this point anything that the puppies can see will still look like a fuzzy kaleidoscope of shapes and colours – but somehow they still seem to gaze into the face of whoever is talking to them like they are trying their utmost to understand every word.

The pups are all great eaters and Opal has been extremely accommodating.    She loves nothing better than to lay with her pups and spend time with them — or if things get too warm in the whelping box (as they sometimes do if the sunlight is streaming in at a certain time of the day) she will lay just outside the puppy area, always making sure to keep a watchful eye on her pups.    The puppies are all weighing between 2-1/2 and 3-1/2 pounds….  I think they must be ordering in pizza or chinese when I am not looking as they seem to chunk up almost overnight !!  Opal has certainly tended to their every need.

At this age the pups still spend the majority of their day sleeping.   They will scamper to the milk bar when Opal enters the room and also enjoy cuddling with fellow siblings as well as being picked up and snuggled by our family….  but sleep is still the number one order of the day.   Their little bodies still have a great deal of growing and maturing to do and all energy is spent on that primary focus.      They are slowly starting to become more aware of their surroundings – but they do not engage much yet in play or exploration.  Those days are soon to come !!

We will enjoy this next week with Opal’s pups and we look forward to watching them become more aware of the world around them now that they can see and hear 🙂

Hudson & Opal’s Puppies — 1 week old

Opal enjoying her babies !

Opal enjoying her babies !

Opal and her puppies have had a super week.   Opal has easily “resumed” her motherhood role and is never far from her pups.  Most of the time she won’t even leave them to have a meal herself, I need to place her food dish right in the whelping box.   She has decided the last few days that it is alright to go for a short walk on the lake with some of the other goldens — but she is always the first to be heading back and can hardly wait to rejoin her family when we are back home.

The puppies at this stage have not opened their eyes yet — so they blindly crawl around the whelping box with scent being their number one guide.  They love to snuggle up with Opal and also enjoy cuddling with each other – sometimes in the strangest positions.   Their activities really involve two major things at this point — sleeping and eating !!

Opal’s appetite has already become quite voracious as she tries to provide for her growing family.     Her meal currently consists of 6 cups of holistic kibble a day – topped up with large amounts of fresh meat, veggies and goat’s milk.     The puppies are all gaining well and are already weighing in at approximately 2 pounds.

It will be an exciting week ahead as the puppies will open their eyes and become more active and aware of the world around them 🙂

Waiting for the Luck o’ the Irish !! Hudson X Opal’s puppies have arrived !

Happy St. Patrick's Day !!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day !!

Opal’s babies have finally arrived !!!   Seems they were all quite set on making a grand entrance and marking the festivities of St. Patrick’s Day with their birth !

Opal actually started labour yesterday (Sunday) and was pacing and panting, restless and nesting for most of the day and night.   Unfortunately by this morning – it started to become apparent that the labour was not really progressing into the best part of all — the delivery !!!    So after an early afternoon visit to the WONDERFUL veterinarians and caregivers at Centennial Animal Hospital it was decided that the best option for everyone was to have a C-section carried out.

We are very proud to announce that Hudson and Opal are now the proud parents of 9 little lucky leprechauns.  3 handsome boys and 6 beautiful girls.     Opal came through the surgery in amazing fashion…..  She was only out of the anesthetic for minutes when she began searching the surroundings for her puppies and wanted them with her.     We are all home now and everyone is doing very well.   I am preparing Opal a nice dinner of chicken and rice with some fresh, pureed vegetables as I write this….    She will need the very best nutrition available over the next few weeks to meet the demands of her puppies.

I will be in touch with all of our puppy families a little later evening to discuss how this may or may not affect your reservation — Thank you for your patience with the drawn out arrival of the puppies and please understand that I will email everyone as soon as possible — however,  my first priority tonight is to care for Opal and her new pups.        We can hardly wait to watch these lovely beauties grow before our eyes !!

Hudson & Opal’s Puppies — Almost there…..


The whelping box is ready and calling out for puppies….

We are all patiently waiting on Miss Opal now for the arrival of her puppies…    The whelping box is all ready and waiting and we have all the supplies lined up and in place.    Now all we need is some pups !!

Opal has been “nesting” more heavily today — she is convinced that either the garden or the mud room would be better suited to her family than the whelping box !  She did not eat much breakfast this morning and is growing visibly uncomfortable so the time is near.

It doesn’t look like we will have puppies today but labor should start sometime soon.    With a mum-in-waiting there is always a significant temperature drop 12-24 hours before puppies are born, so we will continue to monitor Opal’s temperature for signs of progress.     Her temperature was down a bit this morning so we shall see where the rest of the day takes us.    We will probably still go for our regular walk this afternoon as it seems to take Opal’s mind off of things and she still quite enjoys our walk.    I’m sure she will be looking forward to a lighter body weight sometime soon as she has definitely slowed down the last 2-3 days.

I will be sure to update things here as soon as we have any news !!

Hudson & Opal Puppies — Day 55 (Pre-parturition)

Heading into the final stretch

Heading into the final stretch

Opal’s tummy is getting a little closer to the ground all the time….. She is now measuring approximately 93 cms around the mid-section but she has remained fairly spry and active even with the extra load she is carrying.    She has slowed down a wee bit the last few days and seems to prefer a gentle trot or a leisurely walk now to all-out running with some of her golden friends.   When she is resting you can feel the puppies moving inside – so the excitement is definitely growing and we are counting the days until her little ones arrive.   I quite often will stroke Opal’s tummy as she is laying on the floor – and I just happened across an article today that said the fetuses can actually feel this stroking and that it is beneficial to their development !!  I guess it will be more belly rubs from here on in !

Opal is still convinced that the garden would be the best place for her new little family — but hopefully I can convince her otherwise during this next week as we get the blankets and all supplies ready in the whelping box area.      We will be trying to keep Opal as pampered and comfortable over this last week as we wait for her family’s arrival with great anticipation.