Day 35 (pre-parturition)

lovely5wksprgI just wanted to post a picture of Lovely playing today in the snow.   She is such a happy girl – even though she doesn’t join the others in too many games these days.    The warmer rainy weather from the last few days has subsided and things are colder again.  With the new-fallen snow all the goldens were out frolicking about today and enjoying the fluffy stuff.   Lovely continues to be quieter than usual but is always up for a walk no matter what….

Day ?? (pre-parturition) – Explanation

You will notice in the posts on this site that a developmental age is given for the puppies (ie: Day xx).   This is the age of the puppy (fetus) as  measured in days PRIOR to birth (pre-parturition).  (*Of course once the puppies are born we will use this date to indicate the actual age – in days – of the puppies.)   The process of ovulation and mating takes place over a few days and it is impossible for us to know on which exact day fertilization took place so the day indicated is as close as we can calculate based on timeline and ultrasound findings.   I hope everyone can understand that we are estimating the age of the puppies’ fetal development to the best of our ability.   Our estimated day for the much anticipated arrival of Lovely’s puppies is January 27th.   It is perfectly normal for this date to be flexible by a couple of days either side.

Day 34 (Pre-parturition)

Lovely is doing well and continues to be the perfect expectant mum.  Her abdominal area is now starting to increase in size and I know as she goes through her routine each day there is an amazing amount of growing and developing going on inside.   Around this time the fetal heartbeat becomes well established and limb buds start to form.  It is sometimes hard to believe that the gestation period for a golden is only 63 days…  So much happens in such a small window of time.   Lovely insists on going everywhere with me….  She is certainly like velcro these days.   She is enjoying her daily walks and is a contented girl.

Hello world!

Sweet Dreams

Dreamkeeper Goldens warmly welcomes you to the PUPPY CHRONICLES…  and a special “golden” welcome to all our Dreamkeeper friends and families-in-waiting.     Here you will find a blog dedicated to recording the progress of our “mums-to-be” and their beautiful babies.   Please feel free to leave any comments or additional observations.   Enjoy.

Day 27 (Pre-parturition)

lovely-dec22-08Lovely had a big visit to the Muskoka Animal Hospital today for an ultrasound.   What a privelege to be able to see life forming and unfolding before your eyes.   Doctor Wurdell and his staff were of course the epitome of caring professionals and Lovely took it all in stride.   (I would just add that the staff all commented on Lovely’s sweet and calm disposition and her willingness to let them do just about anything to her while she was being examined.   I must admit that it always makes me very proud when our goldens are noticed and applauded for their exceptional personalities.   Especially when I hear comments like: “I wish more goldens were like that !!”)

Dr. Wurdell could easily locate 6 fetal sacs.   He guesstimated (if that is in fact a word) that there were probably more – but we could safely plan on atleast 6 little bundles of joy to arrive in the New Year.    Unfortunately the fetuses at this stage are still quite small so it is hard to get an exact number or detailed information…  Much of the development within the first 30 days of pregnancy consists of cellular development and the more rapid growth in size takes place in the last half of gestation.   Regardless – it was exciting to see the babies starting to form and know that all is well.

Lovely has been displaying all the classic symptoms of canine pregnancy:  occasional morning sickness, reluctance to play with the other goldens, overwhelming affection for me, increased protectiveness…. and she just seems overall to be a bit more withdrawn from our normal household activities these days. She likes to find a quiet corner and simply rest.   Although she is not really supposed to “require” more food/caloric intake until the last part of her pregnancy – I think she would eat a whole side of beef if you would let her.    Lovely and I have been going for lots of long walks to try to stay in top form – as she doesn’t show much interest in doing anything else….  however – I guess she is entitled to the “royal treatment” and some R&R these days.