Malloy & Star Puppies – 7 weeks old



Just hanging out beach-style….

Star’s puppies have had a great week making the most of the great outdoors.   They love to explore the waterfront and search for whatever invaluable treasures they can find there.   Usually a stick seems to be the prized possession of the day and they will all happily chase after whoever seems to be the proud owner of the stick at that moment.   The pups still especially enjoy lounging around under the aluminum boat where things are cool and moist and often spend their afternoons there out of the sunshine.

The gardens and bushes would be the pups exploration site of second choice – clearly the beachfront wins out as the most popular spot to investigate.

The puppies are becoming much more connected with people and are more aware and observant of everyone in our family as well as visitors.   I would like to think that there is some deep meaning to their special attention to me in particular…. but I have a feeling it is directly related to food and their deduction that I am the one who will be supplying every meal!!   They certainly don’t miss a beat when it comes to eating and love their food anyplace and anytime.

The puppies remain a very happy and easy-going bunch.   It is rare to hear a bark or any kind of vocalization from them and they just seem to take whatever comes their way with a smile and a wag.   We will have an exciting week ahead and hopefully more nice weather to add to the fun !

Malloy & Star Puppies – 6 weeks old

Summertime fun

Star’s puppies continue to grow wonderfully and are becoming more and more adventurous.    They are truly enjoying every square inch of our property and love to check out what is under every bush and behind every rock.    They were completely fascinated with the lakefront this week and loved spending time down along the water discovering whatever treasures lay on the beach.

The pups have also become much more aware of me and my presence over this past week…. Now that Star is not the sole provider of their food anymore – they look to me with great admiration as their personal waitress and chef.  I often feel like the Pied Piper as they follow me wherever I go on the property.    So nice to have my own personal fan club 🙂

The puppies remain a very happy and easy-going bunch.   They are always happy mo matter the day, the weather or the events — their tails are always wagging.   They are also becoming much more connected with people and truly look forward to any visitors, snuggles and “one-on-one human time” that they can receive.

They continue to eat and gain well and enjoy mealtime to its fullest.    They certainly never need to be asked twice to come for dinner.

We will look forward to this next week as their personalities emerge a little more and we spend time evaluating each of their blossoming temperaments.

Malloy & Star Puppies – 5 weeks old

Josh with his fan club

Josh with his fan club

The puppies have really come to life over this past week and spend much more time awake and exploring the wonderful world around them.   They have completely enjoyed their time out in the gardens and on the lawn – leaving almost no stone unturned as they greet each adventure with confidence and inquisitiveness.     They seem especially fond of any shady spot they can find as we have had our share of warm days lately.    However – they are a happy bunch no matter what each day brings and seem to greet the entire world with a wagging tail.

Josh is of course, as usual, the highlight of every day for the puppies.   We have had our share of other visitors but the pups simply can never get enough of Josh and if there was a “pied piper” of puppies – Josh would be it.    It is not without just cause however – as Josh is such a great overseer and caregiver to each and every one of the pups.   For example – today I was in cleaning up the puppy area of the sunroom and it started to rain quite heavily out of the blue.    Josh had been busy in another part of the house doing something else, but without even my asking he raced downstairs and was quickly bringing the puppies indoors, worried that they would be getting wet in the rain.     I feel so very blessed to have his help in nurturing each of these little pups — My older children have always loved the pups as well but they are so busy with summer jobs right now (and double shifts) they are not home often to spend time with the pups.

Star continues to be a great mum and watches over her pups lovingly with great devotion.   She still is quite adamant about providing her babies with the morning and evening snack – which the puppies are only too happy to partake in…. Beyond that the puppies are getting quite comfortable with puppy kibble – which is still moistened with goat’s milk but is progressing past the stage of “puppy mush” that began their whole love affair with food.   The pups are all weighing between 6 and 7 pounds and quite enjoy mealtime.

We will be looking forward to the week ahead as the pups change so quickly at this age.    We will plan on spending more time out on the lawn and down by the lake – hopefully the weather will cooperate.   If not it will mean more time in the kitchen for the puppies – they never seem to mind one way or the other.  They are always happy and manage to entertain themselves no matter what the day may bring.

Steele X Sparkle Puppies – 8 weeks old

A lazy summer day

Playtime with mama Sparkle

The pups have had a beautiful week just hanging out by the lake and exploring the grounds.  The weather has been a bit warmer lately so they seem to always seek out the shadiest and coolest spot they can find (which generally means it is also the dirtiest spot).    I can usually measure the amount of fun they have had in a day by how covered they are with dirt when evening comes!!   They love to play with their mama Sparkle who has continued to be a great mum and completely adores her puppies.   They have also enjoyed playing with their older “sister” Ivy and some of our other adults.   There is never a shortage of friends to play with or visitors.    Most of our neighbours along this stretch of the lake make a special detour along our shoreline so that they can stop in and visit with the puppies.  Of course the puppies are always more than happy to have guests!!

The pups have all continued to eat well and grow well.    The boys are all now in the 12 pound range and the girls between 10 and 11 pounds.   They are a strong and healthy bunch and our trip to the vet went very well.   The puppies were all on their best behaviour and impressed everyone with their cuteness and charm.

The puppies have now started their “exodus” which is always a time of mixed feelings in our household.   Josh in particular is always a huge helper with the pups and manages to become closely attached to one or two special pups which makes saying good-bye especially hard.   On the bright side I know that we have truly wonderful families waiting for these puppies and the puppies are reaching that age where they need more one-on-one attention and a family of their own.    However, it goes without saying that over the past 8 weeks these adorable little beauties have won their way into our hearts.    It will be very hard to let them go…..     We wish Sparkle’s pups and their families the very best that life has to offer in the years to come.    Its’ not good-bye, it’s “until we meet again….”.