Ace & Lilly’s Pups ~ Day 50 (Pre-parturition)

Lilly continues to blossom as she enters into the final 2 weeks of her pregnancy.  Her abdominal area now measures approximately 84 cm and the puppies continue to do incredible amounts of growing and developing.   They are actually farther along than the fetus shown in the National Geographic video clip above but I thought I would include the footage as it is an amazing example of the intricate and rapid development that is taking place.  By day 50 the nose can be clearly seen and a light blanket of white hair is beginning to cover the puppy’s body.   Over this next week we should be able to feel the puppies moving inside of Lilly and I’m sure Lilly herself will become more aware of the puppies’ kicking and moving as the space becomes more and more limited.

Lilly is still continuing to be her same sweet self —  a little slower to finish her meals but this is most likely due to the puppies imposing on her stomach space !   We will continue to spoil Lilly as much as possible over the next two weeks  and continue to anticipate to the big arrival of her new family.

Ace & Opal’s Puppies — 43 days (Pre-parturition)

True love -- sharing a stick (Opal on the left with her best friend Ace)

This is Opal’s first time to appear in our Puppy Chronicles — and this will be her first litter with us so this is a very exciting time !!   She is doing extremely well and still loves long walks and swimming in the lake as much as ever !!    She is still fit enough to even beat Ace to a stick for retrieval  !!  So she is in great shape and good spirits.   Her appetite has been a bit on and off — but that is to be expected during this period of her pregnancy.    Pretty soon she will be sending Ace out for pickles and ice cream I am sure !!

Opal’s abdominal area has grown from 66 cm to 73 cm.  She was quite slender to begin with  — so it is easy to now see the little puppy bump that is making its appearance !!    Opal is also a bit longer in the body than our other mum-to-be Lilly — so she carries her pups a bit differently (thus the difference in waist measurements).   At this stage of pregnancy the puppies have already developed toes, whiskers, spinal cords; eyes and faces have already begun to take shape.   The gestation period for a golden is only 63 days — so a huge amount of growth takes place in a very small window of time.

Puppy fetus at 25 days

The above photo shows a puppy fetus at only 25 days !!  Opal’s puppies have already surpassed this stage and their “puppy” features are already becoming more pronounced.    As you might be able to imagine – the excitement level in our household is growing every day as we look forward to this amazing time ahead.   We will continue to pamper Opal in this last part of her pregnancy and wait with great anticipation for the arrival of her little babies !!

Ace & Lilly’s Puppies — 42 days old (Pre-parturition)

Lilly enjoying a peaceful moment before the busy days of motherhood arrive

Spring is definitely in the air and so begins another series in the PUPPY CHRONICLES !  It is hard to believe that Lilly is already past the half-way mark for her pregnancy and has reached day 42 in the development of her little babies.

By this stage the puppies have already started to develop eyes and faces.   Whiskers and skin pigment have already developed and toes are also formed.   Puppies now are approx 45 mm in length – so they will still do an exponential amount of growing over the next 3 weeks before they make their big arrival in our household !

Lilly is in great spirits and continues to play and go for walks as usual.  She is a “pro” now with motherhood (as this is Lilly’s third and final litter) and she seems quite relaxed with how things are progressing.   However – she is starting to lose a bit of her athletic good form and her growing tummy is now quite visible.    When we first began the pregnancy Lilly’s abdominal area measured approximately 70 cms and it has already grown to 80 cms so we will be making sure that she gets ample exercise so that the weight and growth of the puppies does not become too cumbersome for her.

The amount of growing that goes on at this time is enormous – so we will ensure that Lilly receives the very best diet possible and lots of rest to support her developing puppies.

Here is a short video of an ultrasound image of a Boston Terrier puppy at 41 days.   In the center of the screen you will be able to see the little pup’s mouth opening and closing.    Lilly’s puppies would be at a similar stage in their development right now.    Every life is such a miracle !