Ace & Sparkle Puppies – 8 weeks old

Nothing like life on the beach !

It has definitely been a whirlwind 8 weeks around here ….. and hard to believe that we are already heading into that bittersweet week where the puppies head off for new horizons.

The puppies have had a full week with microchipping and their official first vet visit.   All the puppies passed their exam with flying colours and everyone at the clinic was completely captivated with the entire bunch.   The puppies were all amazingly well behaved (and as adorable as usual) and made both Sparkle and myself very proud 🙂

The pups have decided this week that there is nothing quite like life on the beach and that is where they spend the majority of their day.   Of course they still take little side trips to explore the garden or other grassy areas of our property — but they always gravitate back to the beach and seem to be quite content there.   They have continued to receive lots of visitors which they always love – and are a very easy-going and affectionate bunch.

The pups were all in for a swim to some degree or another this week — Some are a bit more confident than others at this point – but that is completely typical and all of them are getting a bit braver every day with their swimming escapades.  Sparkle seems a bit concerned at times that they are getting out a bit too deep — so she is always close by keeping an eye on them.    Josh also had a great time taking them out in the paddle boat for a tour of the bay.    The pups always seem ready for anything !

So now comes the hard part — saying goodbye never gets any easier.   Even though I know the pups have magnificent homes waiting – and that they have reached the point where they truly need one-on-one training and a home of their own …. it is not easy to look into each of their beautiful faces and bid them farewell….   But we know they ALL have great adventures in store and we wish them all the very best life has to offer as they start this next chapter of their lives….

Ace & Sparkle Pups — 7 weeks old

Mr. Scooby just taking it all in….

The pups have had another wonderful week — spending time both indoors and out and learning more and more about the world around them.   The rainy weather this week meant that we moved much of our playtime indoors — but the pups seem happy and content no matter where they are.    They still had lots of days which were spent down by the beach — which is their location of choice these days.   They love to run along the shoreline, wade in the water, seek out the latest treasures of sticks and twigs and then take a long nap under the love seat/chair located down by the waterfront.  Of course – this is also the best shady spot in the area — so you can usually find all 8 of them snuggled in together for their naptime.

The pups are all growing and gaining well – and over this past week they have also become much neater with their eating habits.   Most of their dinner actually finds its way right into their mouths now without first being worn all over their faces 🙂      They love mealtime and all have great, typical golden appetites.   As soon as they hear anything that even resembles the sound of a dinner dish being scraped out — they all come running !

We will have an exciting week ahead with a trip to the vet for the “big inspection” and the first round of vaccines.   This also means we will have a big bath day — even though the pups have been in the lake and are a pretty clean bunch — we will get them all completely scrubbed up and beautified for their visit to meet the veterinarians and technicians at the clinic.    We will also be introducing time in the crate this week – as well as time in the car — so lots of big adventures lie ahead.

It will be a busy and interesting week ahead — and we continue to marvel daily at each of the puppies and their unique, lovable personalities as they emerge.