Ace & Sparkle Puppies — 2 weeks old

Mr. Scooby – seeing the world for the first time….

The puppies have had a wonderful week and are becoming cuter by the minute.    The biggest newsworthy event this week was of course the opening of eyes which is always a monumental milestone.    Within the last day the pups have slowly started spending time with eyes open — and to me it brings a whole new element to their personality when you can gaze into those big brown eyes !   Vision will still be very fuzzy at best – but it is a big step in their development.

The pups are getting more mobile and crawl around the whelping box on wobbly fours — especially when they can smell or see mama Sparkle close by.   Mealtime is still a highlight of their day and Sparkle continues to be a great mum.   The whelping box can get fairly warm at times with everyone in there – and crowded as well — so Sparkle often lays just outside the whelping box or ventures off into the kitchen with her “adult” friends.    She hasn’t missed a day of swimming and still loves her time outdoors – but she is very vigilant and dedicated to her little family.

The puppies have all gained well this week and are weighing in around 3 pounds.   The boys and girls are both fairly uniform in the group — and no one seems overly pushy at mealtime so everyone seems to be getting their fair share and the puppies are all growing at a nice rate.

Still far too soon to tell much in the way of temperament but the fun part now begins where we can see a little more of each puppies’ individual character emerge over these next few weeks.    We will look forward to an exciting week and will be introducing the pups to lots of new toys and activities to keep them developing well both physically and emotionally.

Ace & Sparkle Puppies — 1 week old

Sparkle with her new family

Just in time to relieve any case of puppy withdrawal that I might have — Sparkle’s pups have arrived on the scene and are all doing well !!  Sparkle managed to hang on just until our guests left last Monday night following our first ever Taylor-Locksley family reunion – and half an hour after the last car left was busy giving birth to 6 beautiful girls and 2 princely boys !  Hard to believe that a week has flown by already !   Sparkle is being a wonderful mum and is very vigilant over her new babies.  Even Honey keeps a watch through the glass in the kitchen doors — or if Sparkle isn’t looking she will go right into the living room and make sure that everyone is OK.    I’m sure if Sparkle is forgetting anything in her maternal duties — Honey will be sure to tell her !

The pups are all gaining well and are around 2 pounds now.   The majority of their day is spent sleeping – although the heat has returned today and every once in awhile they will let out a squeak or two to let you know that they are not really all that fussy about the hot temperatures.    The only other highlight of the day is mealtime — and they scurry quickly for the best seating at the milk bar and enjoy every minute !!

The pups are crawling around the whelping box already — although their eyes are not open yet so their actions and movements at this age always seem a bit on the clumsy side.    As this next week progresses they will become more sure on their feet — and once eyes open it is a whole new world.

We look forward to watching the pups grow over this next week and can hardly wait to get to know each of them as their own little personalities start to blossom.

Ace & Honey Puppies — 8 weeks old

New horizons await

A kind of hush is beginning to take over our home as Honey’s puppies begin to depart for their new homes….   It is always both an exciting and sad time.   Having loved and cuddled each little Honey pup for the last 8 weeks of their life – we have come to know them and cherish them for the amazing young pups that they are…. However we know that this part of the story is inevitable.   It is exciting to meet with each pups’ new family and see their enthusiasm and devotion….. and hear about their plans for the future.   We know that each of Honey’s pups will have the very best life waiting for them.  The fun is just beginning !!

Fortunately the heat did subside a little over the last week — not enough for me personally — but the pups really seemed to appreciate that things did let up somewhat.    They are still lovers of the shade and immediately look for the coolest spot when we are out playing.   They enjoy finding spots behind the boxwood bushes where they can lay next to the cool earth and find a bit of relief from the sun.   It seems like 90 percent of the photos I took this week were in the shade — the pups never ventured into the sun for more than a few seconds.

The puppies have all gained well over the last week and are growing and maturing nicely.  Sometimes it seems like they change overnight – it’s really amazing how much growing they do at this age.   Easy to see why both proper nutrition and lots of sleep are vital for their development.

We know that there will be great adventures for each of these little beauties as they head out for new horizons.   We will miss you Honey-pups !!   We wish you all the best things life has to offer and will carry your special memories forever in our hearts.

Ace & Opal Puppies – 8 weeks old


This is the part of the journey that contains so many emotions for all of us here.    Inevitably – we know even from the moment the puppies are born – that this day will come.   As much as we love each and every puppy we have raised here – we also recognize that once they reach the 8 week mark – we could not possibly give ALL the puppies ALL the time, attention, love and care that they need individually… it is time to have a family of their very own.   This is all part of the puppy journey — but it is hard to say goodbye to these little precious youngsters that have resided in our home and in our hearts for the last 8 weeks.     I am thankful that seeing the smiling faces and tear-filled eyes of the families that are picking up their new family member – somehow takes away some of the sadness of saying good-bye.

The pups had a great week with lots of time in the shade — and lots of lazy afternoons.    We have had even more visitors than usual over the last 4 days — with a big family reunion on Saturday which brought all kinds of new faces and loving arms ready to play and spend time with the pups.    Nothing like a yard full of puppies to really bring a get-together to life !!

The puppies also had their visit to the vet for their wellness exam and first round of vaccines.   Just the trip itself is always a great adventure with loading everyone into my vehicle and then bringing everyone into the clinic and meeting everyone there.   The pups all enjoyed the entire event immensely — as long as there are snuggles and treats involved — it is a grand day by them !!    They were so well-behaved, quiet and calm in the examination room — and passed their exmas with flying colors.  I was very proud of them !!

The puppies will be heading out now on the biggest and best adventure of their entire life.    We will miss each one in their own way — and wish them all the very best as they begin the next exciting chapter with their new forever families.

Ace & Honey Puppies – 7 weeks old

Taking a rest before the next big adventure

The puppies have had a wonderful week – despite spending most of their time trying to escape from the heat.   They even have their own special fan for their sleeping area in the evenings which they seem to quite enjoy – as they really do not seem to like the heat very much.     The pups are getting bigger and stronger by the minute – and enjoy playing with each other as well as with our family and visitors every chance they can get.   No amount of attention is ever too much and they would snuggle, play, and simply be with you all day long ifit was possible.  They are a curious bunch and love nothing more than to explore the gardens and grounds here.    Quite often I will take them for a little walk along the grassy edge of the driveway and into the trees, along our shed and garden area — and every so often I lose someone.   Upon retracing my steps — I usually find whoever is missing fast asleep under the wheelbarrow that sits overturned behind our shed.    They all seem to have chosen that spot as one of their favorites !

Honey continues to interact with her puppies and will jump over just about anything (if I am not quick enough with the gate) to get in with them, check on them and give them a snack.   She also loves to run and play with them — and it is quite the sight to see everyone chase and follow after her with tails-a-wagging.

We will continue to keep the day filled with as many new activities, new sights and sounds as possible – so that the pups will continue to learn and grow into the best they can be !   Hard to believe that we only have one week left together !!!   Time flies so quickly.

Ace & Lilly Pups – 8 weeks old

Ready for the next chapter !!

Firstly I just want to apologize for the delay in getting these posts up and on the blog.   I guess you could call these days just a little on the busy side — It’s all a good and wonderful busy and puppies at this age need lots of love and interaction — so that is the first order of every day.

The pups had a great week despite the heat which they do not seem to like AT ALL !!!   It has been a warmer than normal summer so the mission of each pup, every day is to find the coolest and shadiest spot in the whole neighourhood.   Usually this also means the dirtiest !!    The week consisted of lots of play time on the lawn, a trip to the vet, lots of visitors, car rides, playtime in the kitchen and lots of snuggles…..

The pups started leaving for their “forever” homes this weekend which is always an extremely hard time for our family…   The only thing that helps to make it bearable is just seeing the joy and happines on their new families’ faces.   I know they will be great ambassadors for the breed no matter where they go — and we wish them the very best as they head out on new horizons….

Ace & Opal Puppies – 7 weeks old

Nothing like sleeping in the water dish to keep cool !!

Week 7’s most notable event was the extreme heat…. Not that I like repeating myself but the heat has really been the story of the week for all the pups.    Most days revolved around trying to find a cool place to lay — a shady spot under a tree, a freshly dug hole behind a bush, or somewhere on the cooler tile in the kitchen.    Unfortunately the hot temperatures and still waters have created high levels of bacteria in all the area lakes up this way — so we have avoided spending very much time down at the water – to safeguard the pups from picking anything up a week before they are schedule to be heading to their new homes.

The pups are all growing well and love nothing better than to explore the great outdoors.   The pine trees are still the place of choice with lots of pinecones, sticks, rocks, bugs and interesting treasures for the puppies to examine.    Opal still keeps a very watchful eye on everyone and has really been an outstanding and devoted mum.   She still sneaks in for an occasional snack – but the pups are completely transitioned to their own kibble diet now – so any additional time at the milk bar is just an added treat for them !

We will have a big week ahead with our trip to the vet and lots of visits from friends and fans.     This is an exciting time in their growth and it is exciting to watch each little life come into their own 🙂

**Sorry for the delay in posting this — I had the majority of the post completed and due to computer issues could not get it to upload.