One week old (Analiesa’s pups)

A dreamy Miss Stripe at one week old

A dreamy Miss Stripe at one week old

I’m almost not sure where to begin things this week – I’ve tried starting this post a few times and nothing really seems to be right.   It has been a roller-coaster week with the joyful arrival of Analiesa’s pups, the satisfaction of watching them all thrive and do well …. and then the terrible loss of Miss Ruby just days ago…. It’s hard to believe that so much has happened in only a week.   It is certainly a sobering reminder of how precious and fragile life is….   

Analiesa’s puppies are all growing extremely well and have doubled in size.  I am so thankful for each and every one of them – they are such sweethearts and SO adorable.   They are all weighing in at between 1-1/2 to 2 pounds and filling out nicely.   They are oblivious to the events of the week – and we marvel at how much they are learning and growing.   Their eyes will open soon which is always an exciting time.  Analiesa continues to be a doting mum…. I finally convinced her to go on a short walk the last couple of days which has been a very good thing for her 🙂 .   Both Analiesa and Beauty even ventured into the water today for a quick swim and an attempted stick retrieval – so it was nice to see that the mums were out and getting a break from the huge demands of the babies they are feeding.    Although Analiesa seemed quieter than usual following the loss of Miss Ruby – she seems more upset today which has been a bit disheartening for me.   Earlier today I found her in with Beauty’s puppies – sniffing through each one as though she were looking for the one she had lost.    My heart broke when I saw her then continue through the other rooms of our home – definitely looking for something….   She has also super-sniffed through all of her own pups – as though she realizes now that someone is missing and I don’t have her.   It has been very sad to watch this all transpire and it will be my goal in the next day to try to help her through this ….   she has not wavered though with the attention that she showers on her little ones.   She is an excellent mum.   Her puppies are all absolute sweethearts and have a very gentle and unassuming way.    They still spend most of their day sleeping or eating – but that will change soon enough.    I am quite happy with their growth and they are all very consistent in their size (the girls are a bit smaller but that is to be expected).    We will be looking forward to watching them all grow and develope – our immediate plans will be to cheer Analiesa in her loss – although I feel very fortunate that through everything she continues to be a dedicated mum and  a sweet girl.

Day 5 (Analiesa’s pups) Remembering Miss Ruby

Miss Ruby snuggling with mum Analiesa

Miss Ruby snuggling with mum Analiesa

It is with a very sad and heavy heart that I write this post today.   As the purpose of this “Blog”  is to chronicle both the joys and the sorrows of puppies, of breeding and of loving goldens – I thought I should still include a short note today – even though it is extremely difficult to do so.   Early yesterday morning (Monday, April 27th) we had a tragic incident that resulted in the loss of one of Analiesa’s beautiful little girls – Miss Ruby.   Although I know that death and dying are all a part of the animal kingdon, pet ownership, life in general – and in particular something that a breeder must face from time to time – I have never lost a puppy before and I don’t think anything could have prepared me for the great sorrow I am feeling today.    Through no fault of her own – sometime on Monday morning Analiesa must have moved around in her whelping box and bedded down in such a way that little Miss Ruby was trapped under her (and consequently asphyxiated).   As a breeder – I try to take every precaution to prevent this as it is known to happen from time time.   As precautionary measures a person has “pig-rails” in the whelping box so that the mum cannot trap a puppy behind her up against the side of the box with no place to move or breathe.   Also – anytime my girls go out through the night – I make sure I help them back into their nesting area and that all puppies are out of the way and safely nestled close by.    I also sleep only a short distance from the whelping box so I can keep a close eye, monitor things often and listen for any signs of trouble.    All of these measures failed me early Monday morning – so it is sad indeed that a beautiful, healthy, strong puppy is gone and will miss out on all the adventures that her expectant family had waiting for her.   Of course my children are devastated and blame Analiesa – but in her defence she is a dedicated mum and watches over her pups like a hawk, night and day.   It is easy for a mum to come into the whelping box or move around through the night and be overwhelmed by 7 or 8 little mouths trying ravenously to find food.    This is still an uncomfortable time for a golden mother as her body is recovering from the delivery and trying to keep up with milk production.   It would be an easy thing for a mum to get moving around to try and tend to hungry babies,  lose track of one pup and not realize that it is partially under her somewhere.     In any event – Miss Ruby will be greatly missed as she managed to touch our lives in an enormous way in the very short time that she was with us.   She was the sweetest and gentlest girl – always content to just snuggle in the palm of your hand.   For now I find myself checking Analiesa every 5 minutes to make sure things are OK – although the pups will soon be big enough that any imminent danger will have passed.   As a family we will try to focus on the wonderful, sweet pups that remain and all of the exciting times they will have ahead…..

One week old ! (Beauty’s puppies)

Josh with Mr. Black at one week

Josh with Mr. Black at one week

It’s hard to believe that it has already been one week since Beauty’s adorable puppies made their grand entrance into the world.   They are all filling out very nicely now and have doubled in size from their original birthweight.   The puppies are all very consistent in their size and are strong and healthy with great coats and great black pigment (which is not present at birth).   They are quite a pleasant bunch and are completely content to just snuggle with mum or snuggle with one of us…. although their most favourite thing of all is to eat (in true golden fashion).   As you will be able to tell by the photos on our site – they never miss a meal !   and they can perform the most amazing acrobatics to find just the right spot at the milk bar.    Beauty is very patient and loving with all of them and allows them to crawl all over her and find the most awkward positions to rest while she keeps a watchful eye.   We tried taking a walk the other day but Beauty only got about a quarter of the way along our normal hike before she just turned around and bolted back to the house.   She is certainly a dedicated mum and will not even leave the “nesting box” for food or water.  Maybe she is just enjoying the personal service – but I generally need to wait on her with food and water as she will not leave her little ones for anything except a potty break 🙂    The puppies sleep a great deal at this age – they cannot hear yet or see –  their primary source of learning is through touch – so we are sure to spend lots of time with each of them to stimulate them in this area.  By next weekend their eyes should be open – which will bring a whole new world to their doorstep.     We are looking forward to the many adventures ahead….   🙂

Analiesa’s cuties (Day One)

Analiesa's little ones at a few hours old

Analiesa's little ones at a few hours old

Analiesa’s beautiful babies arrived safely in the early hours this morning.  Analiesa is quite the equal opportunity kind of mum….  She delivered 4 bouncing boys and 4 gorgeous girls.    Mum and babies are all doing extremely well and sleeping (I’m envious !!)    I will have more pictures and updates soon.   We feel enormously blessed to have two mums that are so kind and gentle (and doing so well) and 2 families of exquisite, sweet pups.  🙂

Analiesa’s cuties arrive

Hi everyone …

It’s 4 a.m. on Thursday and Analiesa has four little precious ones snuggling up close as she gets ready to deliver the next puppy.    She went into labor late Wednesday afternoon after a restless 24 hours prior to that.    Of course – it seems like goldens usually prefer the wee hours of the morning for their grand entrance – so here we are.  My handy-dandy birthing reporter (my daughter Alexis) has a busy day at school tomorrow so she is fast asleep…   therefore I’m reporting things on my own tonight.   Events have unfolded so far like this:

3:10 a.m. – Analiesa has her first puppy – a pretty little girl – Miss Pink.

3:20 a.m. – Wow – already ???   Puppy # 2 – a handsome boy.

3:40 a.m. – Another boy.   A perfect brother for puppy #2.

3:55 a.m. – Another beautiful girl.

I will keep everyone updated as the rest of the delivery progresses.   Better get back to helping Analiesa.



4:30 – Another brother for the cuties.


5:00 – A little sister.   Analiesa is making the happiest noises….


5:25 – A handsome boy arrives.


5:30 – No break for Analiesa.   A sweet little girl has arrived.


8:00 a.m. – All done.   Mummy and babies are doing just great.  Everyone is fed and cleaned and napping now.

4 dashing and debonaire boys and 4 adorable girls.   More later.

Less than 24 hours (Beauty’s pups)

Beauty's pups at a few hours old

Beauty's pups - a few hours old

Beauty’s little darlings have arrived safe and sound.   Earlier today – April 19th – Beauty gave birth to 7 (!!) handsome boys and 3 sweet little girls.  Mum and babies are all doing well and we feel so very blessed !!   More updates will follow.  🙂

Beauty’s Beauties (Day 1 for Beauty’s pups!)

(Live reporting by my daughter) Beauty went into labour early last night, keeping both me and my mom awake, anticipating the arrivial of her pups and pacing the floor (both Beauty AND my mom).   Finally after a long wait (and what seemed to take FOREVER)  at 2:21 this afternoon Beauty had her first puppy !     My brother insists on calling him Tornado (because he is reading a book right now about a dog called Tornado) .
The second puppy seemed to take forever,   arriving at 3:39, the third at  4,  the fouth at 4:24 , and just now, at 4:40, the fifth !
The first three were boys, but now we have 2 girls as well 🙂  keep watching for updates .

The sixth one is a boy – born at 5:00


It is now just after 8:00 p.m.   We have had a busy evening.   Beauty had another boy (puppy #7) around 5:30 and then seemed to take a bit of a break before having puppy number #8 – another BOY !!  Wow – we almost have enough for our own hockey team !    Puppy #9 (Mr. Tangerine) arrived around 6:50 p.m. and saving the best for last – Miss Violet made her grand entrance at 7:32 p.m.      Lovely is doing extremely well.  I don’t know how she does it !!   She is a great mum and is doting on each one and keeping a watchful eye as I help her clean them and weigh each one.     They are all snuggled up contentedly against her and all are doing well.   I will try to get pictures up later this evening and will be in touch with all those who are waitin g for one of Beauty’s pups very shortly.     It has been an exciting day to say the least…..   🙂