Kingston & Lucy Puppies – 2 weeks old

And they call it.... Puppy love

And they call it…. Puppy love

Even after all the years we have had puppies in our home – I still find each and every life a complete miracle and I marvel at how much these babies mature from one week to the next.   Of course this week encompassed my most favourite event which is the opening of eyes.   I suppose once the eyes are open I feel like I have a window into the soul of each puppy — something that I treasure immensely.   The puppies’ vision at this point will still be fuzzy at best —  buy somehow they still get that intense look on their little faces that seems to say they understand every word I am saying as we gaze into each others eyes 🙂

The puppies are all weighing around 3 pounds now — some a bit more and some a bit less.   It truly fluctuates from day to day depending on who is the winner in getting to the milk bar first!    However – the puppies are all very close in weight and size and even little Lilly holds her own with the boys in blue.

The pups have become a bit more active in the whelping box but for now the greatest part of their activity consists of crawling through the whelping box to greet mama Lucy whenever the time is right.   They are actually a very quiet and contented bunch…..  I sleep just a few feet away from the whelping box for the first few weeks and the only time I hear a sound is when someone has ventured a bit too far away from the bunch and is longing for the warmth and security of their siblings…..      Lucy dotes on all of the puppies and her love for them is unmistakable.     She is starting to spend an increasing amount of time “back in the pack” and loves time with her furry friends as well as her human friends…. but she always keeps a watchful eye on her pups and is never far from them.

We look forward to the next chapter !!

Kingston & Lucy Puppies – 1 week old

Enjoying the golden life!

                                          Enjoying the golden life!

Kingston and Lucy’s puppies have had a great first week!   At this stage of life the first order of the day is eating and Lucy spends the majority of her time right in the whelping box making herself available round the clock for the puppies’ thirsty appetites.   A few of the boys tend to get a bit pushy when it comes to mealtime so I usually help police the milk bar to ensure that everyone gets their fair share.    This has worked out well as the puppies are gaining fairly uniformly and even little Lilly (Miss Strawberry Shortcake) has kept up with her brothers in the weight department.    The puppies at birth were  all approximately 1 pound and they have doubled in size over the first week.

When they aren’t fine dining, the puppies spend the majority of their leisure time napping and dreaming of all the great things to come.    The pups have limited motion around the whelping box at this age – they will basically crawl and propel themselves with their legs but the movement is fairly unrefined and only gets them from their sleeping spot to mama Lucy whenever mealtime calls.  At this age the puppies still have no sight or hearing – so their perception of the world is all governed by smell and touch.    We spend lots of time with the pups as well – handling them and cuddling them to help maximize the power of touch during these crucial weeks of development.   The puppies are all so adorable at this age it is easy to lose entire afternoons just snuggling each one of them.

Lucy has been a great mum and spends the majority of her time keeping a watchful eye on her pups – although I have been able to coax her into taking a daily walk now to get some fresh air and take a little break from maternal responsibilities.    She is receiving 4 meals a day herself to keep up with the demands of the milk bar – so she is especially enjoying that part of motherhood!!

We will look forward to the great strides that the pups will make over this next week and will treasure every minute of watching them grow!

The big day — Kingston and Lucy’s Puppies – We’ve arrived!!

Well after all the weeks of waiting the big day finally arrived and we are thankful to announce that Lucy and Kingston’s babies are safely here:   8 handsome boys and one very special little girl.     Lucy and I spent most of Monday evening hanging out in the living room with Lucy going through the normal first stage of labour – panting, pacing, re-arranging the towels and blankets I had arranged for her, panting and pacing some more.   By Tuesday morning things started to progress and not long after I took Josh up to the bus stop for school the first puppy arrived: our precious and only girl (Miss Strawberry Shortcake).    Apparently she beat the boys to the finish line and wanted to be the first one to make an entrance into the world!!    Imagine our surprise when she was followed by boy after boy after boy…..     We kept on hoping and expecting a little sister for Miss Shortcake but I guess the boys won out this time around.    We are so very thankful that everyone arrived in healthy and robust condition – and Miss Lucy (although somewhat tired by the end) came through with flying colours.  She was quick to attend to each of her babies and welcomed them all with her love and care.

Normally when a new puppy is just about to be delivered – I move the previous pups into a warming basket just outside the whelping box to give Lucy more room to move and attend to the task at hand.    Lucy showed me quite early on that she wanted no part of that arrangement this time around…    While preparing for the arrival of the second puppy, I moved Miss Shortcake to the basket as I usually do and Lucy looked at me with quite a perplexed and concerned look on her face.    She could hear the little sounds that her puppy was making and I could tell that she wasn’t sure what to think of this – even though it is the same protocol I followed with her first litter of pups.     Well, I no sooner reached over to get some fresh towels and in that split-second gap Lucy quickly stepped out of the whelping box, picked Miss Shortcake up in her mouth and gently laid her back in the whelping box.  From then on – I followed Lucy’s lead and tried to accommodate her watchful eye by keeping the pups just off to the corner of the whelping box — which seemed to be exactly the way she wanted it!

We are very grateful for the arrival of these 9 adorable babies.  Every life is a miracle.   We are looking forward to watching them grow and being a part of this amazing first stage of their development.

Kingston & Lucy Puppies (Day 54 Pre-parturition)

Lucy staying in shape for the big day

Lucy staying in shape for the big day

It’s hard to believe that we are in the last stretch of Lucy’s pregnancy and that the puppies will be arriving before we know it.   Lucy is staying active and still very much enjoys a very brisk walk and romp in the snow….   She was actually trying to make snow angels in the newest blanket of snow today — big belly and all.

Lucy’s tummy now measures 89 cms. at the girth.   Fortunately her babies ride just above the snow banks most of the time… although as this week progresses the puppy bulge is sure to drop.   The puppies also do the majority of their growth in the last three weeks in utero — so Lucy will still have a growing waistline to contend with….

At this stage most major areas of physical development are well underway – although the coat is one of the last to develop and will begin taking shape now with the formation of hair.     The bones by now are undergoing ossification which means skeletons would be visible if an x-ray were to be taken.   A puppy fetus at this stage is also sensitive to touch – so lots of belly rubs are on the horizon for Miss Lucy!!

This week we will get the whelping box set up and all of the puppy supplies refreshed and situated in the living room – right next to the fireplace.    A comfy, cozy area awaits Lucy’s new family and we can hardly wait for the big day to get here!!