Baron & Daisy Puppies — 8 weeks old & new horizons

It is hard to believe that we are already here at that 8 week mark….    Some of Daisy’s beautiful babies have already begun their departure and it is always such a bittersweet time.    There is no possible way that I could provide 11 little pups with all the care and attention that they need individually now at this age….. and I know that each one has their own special, loving home that is waiting for them….. but still it is so hard to say good-bye to these gentle and sweet little ones who we have loved watching develop and mature over these last 8 weeks.

The pups all had a stellar visit to the vet clinic on Friday and of course were the MAIN attraction — which they loved !!   They all passed their first official health inspection with flying colors and took in the whole event complete with the long car-ride there and first vaccination like great ambassadors !

The boys are all weighing in between 11 and 13 pounds so they are all doing well and loving their meals !!  Little Rosie is a bit on the smaller side – but she is just one of the bunch when it comes to play time with her brothers.    They all have had a great week outdoors playing in the snow and exploring wherever and whever they can.     They are very easy-going and are always ready for any adventure or plans we have for the day.

Even though the puppies spend most of the day in our direct company – either in the kitchen or on a walk outside – they are now getting to that stage where they don’t really like it when they are left separately in their puppy area either outside or in the sunroom.  They would much rather be with our family at all times and really do not like being left out of anything …..   So I know that it really is the right time for them to make the transition to that next chapter in their lives.

I often wonder if they will ever even remember their time here with us once they are older and established in their new homes….. One thing is for certain – they will always be remembered by us with great fondness and will always have a special place in our hearts.   This really has been a miracle litter for us — as without the advancement of modern technology — Baron’s big romance with Daisy would have never happened !!    I do imagine that they will miss Josh immensely, at least for the first few days when they leave us — as they have all seemed to grow extremely fond of Josh (and his puppy games)…..  Josh often looks like the Pied Piper with his little band of 11 wagging tails in tow.     The house will be quiet soon — but thankfully Rosie will stay on with us to keep the memory of this special litter alive !!

Baron X Daisy puppies – 7 weeks old !

Fun, fun, fun !!

I am not sure exactly where the last 7 weeks have gone — but the 11 puppies standing before me (or maybe scampering before me would be more accurate) are proof that time has indeed flown by and the little bundles that arrived here 7 weeks ago on a snowy January night are headed toward full-blown, beautiful puppyhood !!!

The puppies have had an excellent week !   The weather hasn’t always been the most co-operative as it seems like it is either subzero with frigid winds or wet and sloppy….. but today especially was a fantastic day outdoors for the pups with lots of sunshine and temps just around freezing.   I think you can truly see them smile when its outdoor time — they just LOVE to explore and scurry and play — they are such a happy bunch.

The pups are all eating and gaining well – they are weighing in between 10 and 11.5 pounds – with the exception of Rosie who is only about 8.5 pounds.   However — I know that any of the slower and more “polite” eaters will catch up and the pace will even out once everyone has their own home and their own dinner dish !   Rosie still manages to hold her own quite well with the boys even if she is the lightweight of the bunch !

The biggest focus this past week has been the evaluation of each puppy and the pairing of each puppy with their family.   For temperament we use the Volhard system which has proven to be an accurate evaluation system in the past — although for the most part – by this time I have a pretty good idea of where/how each puppy will score.   Nonetheless it is nice to have a concrete system in place to record the results for each puppy and then make any additional notes or observations.    I was really impressed with the entire litter as they scored very well — which is just a reflection of their superb tempermament which has just been a joy to witness and be a part of.

This next week will continue to be extremely busy – keeping everyone entertained and broadening their horizons.   We will have a visit to the vet later in the week for a complete check and the first set of vaccines — that is always an interesting and action packed day !

I will treasure every moment in this week ahead — knowing that our time now is drawing to a close — but excited for each of the pups and the wonderful families that are waiting for them !

Baron & Daisy Puppies – 6 weeks old

Looking cuter every day....

Daisy’s pups are now at that wonderful 6 week mark where personalities begin to shine through a little more every day.   They are a very easy-going and contented bunch…. there is nothing more wonderful than being greeted by their 11 happy faces and wagging tails first thing every morning !!

They are playing and interacting more with each other and have enjoyed exploring the sun room and the kitchen.   The weather has not cooperated with any outdoor time as the last 4 days have been bitterly cold with harsh winds off the lake – but it is supposed to warm up later today and tomorrow to around freezing (0 degrees celsius and 32 Farenheit)  so we will plan to head outside – as long as it is not a wet day.

The pups have also had lots of visitors this past week which they thoroughly enjoy.   They have had visitors of every age group, young and old.  They just love to be scooped up and cuddled and seem to adore every minute they can spend with friends or family (and I think the feeling is mutual !!).

The pups are all gaining well and are weighing between 8 and 9 pounds — except for little Rosie – the sole sister.     Rosie is a bit lighter in the weight department – mainly because she is just SO dainty and patient when it comes to her eating habits.   Maybe she could teach those boys a thing or two !!   The pups are all getting better at keeping clean during meals but they still manage to wear some of it on their faces now and then…

We will look forward to spending a great deal of time observing and assessing the pups over this next week as they start to exhibit more of their own unique personalities…. and we know that our days now are numbered with them so we will be trying to savour each moment we have left with them.

Baron & Daisy Puppies – 5 weeks old

Exploring and learning more every day

The highlight of the week for Daisy’s pups was probably bath day – which took place yesterday – just in time to get all cleaned up for the Superbowl !!     Although the pups are getting much tidier at eating — a week’s worth of learning to eat had left the pups in need of some cleanup …. so all the pups were introduced to a full bath and towel dry in front of the fireplace !   All seemed to take the experience completely in stride and they looked quite dapper being so fluffy and clean when all was said and done.

The pups are all weighing in between 6 and 7 pounds and are enjoying their food more everyday.   Daisy only visits for the very occasional snack now — although she still keeps a watchful eye on them and is never far away.   I think she has had enough of ravenous little mouths complete with teeth and has already begun to cut the apron strings when it comes to mealtime….

The puppies are spending more time awake – they interact with each other and also enjoy playing with their toys.    They are also becoming more connected to our family and look forward to any kind of human interaction and attention.  Every greeting is a flurry of 11 wagging tails always happy to see you ! They are very sweet and gentle-natured, and love nothing better than to snuggle up in your arms and enjoy the moment.

We will enjoy every minute with the pups as they continue to mature over this next week.   The days promise to  be filled with lots of adventures as the pups continue to gain confidence and awareness of the world around them !