Kingston & Ivy Puppies – 7 weeks

IMG_2330The puppies have had another great week – gaining in confidence and experience and enjoying the great outdoors.     The weather has offered a few cooler days which the puppies have clearly welcomed…..  On the hot and humid days we have had over the last two weeks the pups rarely wanted to budge out from under a shady tree or a cool place behind the boxwood bushes.   They definitely have enjoyed the break in the heat and have returned to more of a normal routine; happy to scamper around the yard looking for any new treasure or discovery.

We have had plenty of visitors which the puppies have enjoyed immensely.    They seem to have a natural instinct to follow children around and love to engage with people of all ages.    They greet each and everyone person with a wagging tail – expecting only the best from people and lapping up every ounce of attention.

The pups continue to gain well and although Ivy still allows them to nurse for occasional snacks, their mainstay is kibble sometimes mixed with a little goat’s milk or broth.    They are spending more and more time awake and are a very inquisitive and curious bunch – often just sitting and observing what is happening in their immediate vicinity and watching the world around them.

We will look forward to another great week of puppy life!!

Hugo & Lucy Puppies – 8 weeks old


Lucy’s cuties

Now comes the bittersweet part of breeding….  The time you know is coming all along but nonetheless is no easier to experience.    After spending 8 weeks with these little cuties and watching them grow from their first breath to the bouncing, loving pups they have become – it is not easy to say goodbye.

The pups have really grown into wonderful young ambassadors of the breed.   They are confident, funny, loving, smart, easy-going — and it would be so tempting to keep all of them!!    However – at this age I really feel like I would be short-changing each of them as it has become clear that they all want and need more attention than I can possibly give all of them collectively.  Golden retrievers in particular are such “people” dogs — they really thrive and depend on the nurturing and relationship that they develop with their human family.   I know that each of these puppies will continue to blossom and shine when they have a family all of their own to love them and guide them.

The pups had an amazing last week here and enjoyed every minute of each day despite the despicable heat.    Fortunately they make every day a party no matter what the rest of the world is doing and seem to find the best in everything.   They had lots of time down by the beach, playing in my overrun flower garden,  inspecting every inch of our property, searching for pine cones, and spending time with our family.   They will be very greatly missed.    However – I can’t wait to see what the next chapter in their little lives will bring and what kind of great adventures they will have now with their forever families.

The pups have started to leave and the last one will soon depart.  Fortunately Miss Scarlet will remain to hopefully carry on the legacy of all those goldens that have gone on before her.   We are looking forward to all that the future holds for her…

And to Scarlet’s brothers we wish only the very best of what life has to offer – May you all live long, healthy, joy-filled lives bringing the same kind of joy into the lives of others as you have brought into ours!!

Kingston & Ivy Puppies – 6 weeks old


Those crazy, hazy, lazy days of summer

Well it may not “officially” be summer yet but I guess someone forgot to tell the weather man as it has been hot, hot, hot here this past week.     Most days the pups could barely be coaxed out of the shade except in the very early morning hours.   Their main goal every day seemed to be keeping as cool as possible – whether that meant digging a little hole into some cool patch of dirt or finding a perfect spot to lay in the water dish.   The pups enjoyed being juggled between their play area on the deck, free run on the grounds, their pen under the birch tree and hanging out in the kitchen — all dependent on how hot the day was getting and how many mosquitoes and deer flies were making their annoying presence known.    All in all the heat seemed to keep the pups pretty subdued and there was a great deal of nap time clocked in the shadiest spots they could find.

Ivy still watches over everyone with a careful eye and seems to be able to count to 10 to make sure every puppy is accounted for.     If I remove anyone from the group for even a second she is right behind me to make sure I return her puppy to the bunch.  She has been an exceptional mum and is never far from her pups.

The pups all continue to gain well and are weighing between 8-1/2 and 10 pounds.    The girls definitely have a more feminine physique and are at the 8-1/2 to 9 pound range while the boys all look like linebackers at the 10 pound margin.   They all love to play and wrestle together and the girls manage to always keep those boys in their place.

Hopefully the weather will cool off a bit in the coming week and we can get back to a better pace without the stifling heat.    It will be interesting to watch as these pups continue to blossom before our eyes and their adorable personalities take shape.

Kingston & Ivy Puppies – 5 weeks old


Sleeping beauties!

Kingston and Ivy’s pups have had a super week despite the miserable weather and invasion of mosquitoes.    Most likely I am the only one who minded as the pups always greet every day with a wagging little tail and a happy smile on their faces.    We adjusted our activities every day according to the conditions outside; many days this past week it rained or drizzled for the entire day – so our time outdoors was extremely short and we found new adventures and things to do inside.    The mosquitoes have also been ready to carry us away this past week which made things a bit challenging – but as of today they are starting to subside so we are able to spend more time out in the fresh air and sunshine once again.

The pups still spend a great deal of time sleeping, but when they are awake they enjoy romping around with each other, playing with their favourite humans, following their bigger half-sister Lila around, exploring the gardens, or playing with toys.    They are an easy-going bunch and take whatever comes their way with enthusiasm.

Ivy continues to be a very vigilant and active mum – she still makes sure the pups get a few milk snacks throughout the day and spends the balance of her time watching over them or playing with them.    The pups are all weighing between 7-1/2 and 9 pounds – which is a lot of puppy for Ivy to feed (even for snacks) but she is extremely devoted to them.  The majority of their meals now come in the form of puppy kibble mixed with a little bit of goat’s milk and raw egg every now and then.   The boys have surpassed the girls in the weight department and there seems to be a a clear distinction between the females and males in this litter when it comes to the weigh scales – but that is to be expected.

The puppies all have a very affectionate, confident and happy temperament and we are all enjoying watching them blossom before our eyes!    We are hoping for a nice sunny week ahead with many great adventures!!

Hugo & Lucy’s Puppies – 6 weeks old


First official swim

Lucy’s pups have had an adventurous week!!  They have been spending lots of time outdoors and love to play in the grass and explore every inch of our property.   There is always some magical treasure waiting to be found; an old pine cone, a special twig, a bug, or even a large leaf can become the object of endless entertainment.

The biggest adventure of all was the pups’ first trip to the waterfront.   Usually at this age the pups simply play in the sand and tentatively swat at the water that laps along the shore.    Much to my surprise – all 6 puppies decided to go swimming on Saturday!!    I, myself had waded into the lake in hopes to get 8 to 10 feet out into the water so that I could get a photo of all the puppies lined up along the shoreline, looking so curiously at me.  Low and behold, one by one they all came swimming out to me!   I don’t believe I’ve ever had a litter before where all the puppies so merrily ventured in for a swim at such a young age.    It’s been rainy the last two days but I can’t wait to get them down there again to enjoy the lake.

The pups are spending more time awake and are becoming increasingly more aware of the sights and sounds that make up everyday life.    They love watching my husband Mike in the garden from their puppy play area and line up to keep careful observation.    They love visitors and people of all ages.    They aren’t phased in the least by the sounds of our busy household like a lawnmower doing its job and that special sound that is an integral part of every golden owner’s home – the vacuum.   They especially love spending time with Josh and being in the kitchen where they can be right under my feet 🙂

The pups continue to grow in leaps and bounds and are weighing between 10 and 11 pounds.   It’s hard to believe really how far they have come in only 6 weeks!! We will look forward to another great 7 days ahead and hopefully the clouds and rain (and the annoying bugs that ensue) give way soon for some more sunny weather for us all to enjoy!

Kingston X Ivy Puppies – 4 weeks old


Enjoying the Muskoka good life

Ivy’s pups have broadened their horizons this week.   Their new play area now consists of the sun room, the kitchen, the puppy deck (which we use in the morning when the grass here is usually still damp enough to attract blackflies and mosquitoes), and a nice shaded area down on the grass.    In the weeks to come we will also spend lots of time with free reign through the gardens and lawn area – but for now this will introduce the pups to a much bigger living area and give them all kinds of space.    They are loving all the new sights, smells and sounds that they now have to explore.

The pups still do spend quite a few hours a day sleeping – but when they are awake they enjoy interacting with each other and always patiently wait for any kind of exchange with Ivy, the other goldens or our family.    They are a very observant bunch and seem to be taking in every ounce of their surroundings with careful consideration.

Ivy still supplies the pups with numerous snacks through the day – but this week the pups have embraced the exciting transition to “puppy mush”.   If you note any dirty faces in the photos this week – that would “mush”.    At this early age – mush is not only for eating, but for playing in, walking through, slurping up, sleeping in; “mush” typically becomes almost a wardrobe item.   Hopefully the pups will refine their dining habits over this next week to come!

The pups are all doing very well and weigh in between 5 and 6 pounds.    They certainly love their meals; the boys are usually first at the smorgasbord and last to leave!    Ivy still dotes on her little family with great care and attention, but taking a step towards solid food is an important step in puppy maturity.

We will look forward to this next week as more of each personality emerges and the pups continue to explore the wonderful world around them.