Storm X Nina Pups – 7 weeks

IMG_8777The puppies have spent lots of time outdoors this week and are always ready for an adventure.   Despite all the rainy days we still managed to get outside at some point every day.   The sunny days were especially welcomed and now that the snow is starting to melt away there are patches of grass and sand and beachfront which the pups are completely intrigued with!

The pups are spending more time awake so we make sure they spend their waking hours interacting with toys and people (and the world around them) to keep them entertained and learning. We will have our first big visit to the vet later this week so that will be another good opportunity for them to experience new sights, smells and surroundings beyond these 4 walls…

The puppies are all weighing in around 13-14 pounds; they are all very solidly built, even the princess Miss Fairweather; it is lovely to see such strong, sturdy pups prancing over snow banks and exploring the shores of the lake.    They still grab the occasional snack from a very willing and tolerant Nina – but for the most part now they rely on their daily meals of puppy kibble for sustenance.   Nina still loves to be wherever her pups are even though their first interest in her is always to suckle.   She undoubtedly takes the mother of the year award for the caring and devoted way she has looked after all the pups from day one, including her time with the foster pups.

We completed our puppy temperament testing today and all the pups scored very well.  Having sound parents and being raised in a home environment all play into shaping the personalities of these little pups and we are always happy to see their personalities emerging with confidence, gentleness and friendliness like one should see in a golden retriever.   There are subtle differences to be noted, a couple of the boys are a bit more reserved and like to assess situations before proceeding whereas others like to just take life by the tail no matter what but they are each in their own way charming and delightful – we are going to miss each of them very much.

We will continue to maximize our time together over this next week before the puppies head out for even greater frontiers…

Storm X Nina Pups – 6 weeks old


The puppies had their first taste of the Great White Outdoors this past Sunday and they loved every minute.    They happily scampered over snow banks and down the beaten trails closest to the house; they had the time of their lives discovering a whole new world.   We only stayed out for approximately 30 minutes our first day as it was still a bit chilly for Nina’s little crew – but the seasons would appear to have flipped a switch the last two days as it has been remarkably warmer and well above freezing, allowing us for longer periods of time outside.   Needless to say the puppies are really enjoying this new found playground of freedom and are enjoying our winter wonderland of white (which is quickly melting away….)

The pups still spend the majority of their days indoors – either hanging out in the kitchen or lounging around in the sunroom; playing with toys or chasing each other.    They enjoy spending time with our older puppy Lila as well as with the rest of our four-legged family.

The pups are all weighing between 11 and 12 pounds now.   They are definitely not amateurs when it comes to mealtime and love every morsel they can get – as their full bellies will attest!   The pups are receiving 4 meals a day of kibble soaked in goat’s milk (we will be fading out the goat’s milk over this next week) and of course Nina still insists on providing a little snack on the run whenever she thinks someone needs it!

The pups are spending more time awake than the previous week – but still love nothing better than a nice long nap.   They readily cuddle up with their favourite sibling or snuggle up on someone’s lap as soon as they have had enough of playing the latest game.

Overall they are a very happy and contented (and beautiful) bunch and it will be interesting to watch each of them closely  this week as a wee bit more of their personality shines through.

Storm X Nina Puppies – 5 weeks old


It has become increasingly difficult this week to get much done around the house with so much CUTENESS in our midst!!   Nina’s pups are growing more adorable by the minute and are really starting to shine with their sweet and easy personalities.    They are all spending more time awake than last week – however their little bursts of activity and playing don’t last very long and they crash into a deep, deep slumber – usually cuddled together or  nestled under Lila’s dog bed!    Here at week 5 they are actively engaging with toys, chasing balls, chasing each other and just having a grand old time with whatever each day brings.

We had a fair share of visitors over this past weekend which the pups completely enjoyed.    Golden puppies just LOVE people of all ages and this past weekend was everything they could have hoped for.    They were completely tuckered out by the time things were all said and done but it was a great time for all!

The pups are all weighing between 8 and 9 pounds now (!!) which must be due to Nina’s great home-cooking and everyone’s bottomless appetite!    Nina still caters to her little family and supplies as many snacks as they desire – however the majority of the meal plan is now puppy kibble soaked in goat’s milk.    The pups never have any shortage of things on the menu!

The puppies currently alternate their time between the sunroom where they have their own play and sleeping area and the kitchen which is usually a hub of activity between our other goldens, Josh and his hockey buddies, and regular family activities.     I am hoping that by the end of the week we can venture out doors for 10-15 minutes at a time but we will need to see what Mother Nature has in store.   To date the weather has been far to miserable for any puppy adventures outside.

We will look forward to this next week as the puppies’ individual personalities start to shine through a little more each day 🙂