Gulliver X Abby Puppies – 8 WEEKS OLD !!

The adventures are just beginning

We have reached that inevitable and monumental week in the puppies’ progress where it is time for each to spread their wings and begin life with their new family.     This is always a bittersweet time for all of us here — as we have grown to love each little smiling face beyond words…. yet we know that each one really deserves to have the love and attention of a family all of their own by this age.     We had the tremendous pleasure of spending time with many of our new adopting familes over the past few days — and it always gives me great reassurance to see that each of our little cuddlebugs are going to such wonderful homes and loving people.

The pups have had a great week here despite the cloudy and stormy days.    They spent more time this past week out in the larger grassy area – and their most favourite spot still continues to be under the birch tree where they always seem to be able to find something of great interest.    We also spent quite a bit of time down by the beach area this week and the pups became braver with each day.   All of the pups played in the water and entered at least to chest depth…. and a few were even willing to try a bit of “dog-paddling”  so it was an exciting time for all of us.      They still seem to watch in complete awe when one of the older dogs goes running past and straight into the water !  It almost looks like they are dreaming of the day when they too will be able to accomplish such an amazing feat !

The puppies have continued to grow well and enjoy anything that the day brings.   This past week we included them all in multiple car rides as well as a trip to our veterinarian for their health check — which all passed with flying colours.    A few of our pups also needed extra paperwork for their travels south of the border so it has been a busy time trying to get everyone ready for their new homes.

Most of the pups have now departed with Mr. Mint and Miss Lemon still staying on with us for a few more days until their new families return from previously scheduled travel plans….  Miss Cherry will also be staying with us to hopefully someday carry on the legacy of Abby and Gulliver in our breeding program.    It is extremely quiet here this morning — so I am glad that I still have the pitter patter of a few paws to make the departure of Abby’s pups a bit more bearable.

It has been a wonderful 8 weeks with each of them and our entire family has enjoyed watching the beautiful individual that each puppy is becoming.    We wish each of them the very best that life has to offer as they embark on this exciting new chapter now with their new families…..   Fare thee well sweet babies.

Gulliver X Abby’s puppies — 7 weeks old

Playtime at the beach

Abby’s puppies have had a great week with the highlight being time spent down by the water enjoying the sand and exploring all the new sights and scents.    None of the pups seemed quite brave enough to try water entry (which is typical at this age) but all were quite content to splash along the shoreline and just try to figure out what the water was all about.   

The puppies continued to have new visitors this week which they always enjoy.    There are never “too many” snuggles to go around and they all love as much attention as they can possibly get.     I was very thankful that my mom was able to come earlier in the week and look after them for a couple of days while I drove my daughter down to Virginia to begin her new chapter as a college student.     I know my mom enjoyed being with the pups just as much as they enjoyed being with  her !!   I was amazed at how much they had grown after only being away for a short time !

All the puppies continue to grow well and gain nicely with the boys weighing in between 11 and 12 pounds and the girls between 10 and 10-1/2 (except for Miss Gold who is currently a wee bit smaller – but this is due to her extremely polite nature when it comes to meal time).    They all love to wrestle and play but still do their fair share of sleeping.    Their favourite place to explore is still under the birch tree where they are always guaranteed to find some kind of special treasure such as a stick or an old bone.

This week will be filled with more new adventures including a couple of car rides to familiarize the pups with travelling and a trip to Dr. VanderKraan for the first set of vaccinations !!    In any event I know each day will be filled with 8 wagging tails that always greet any and every moment with joy and wonder.

6 weeks old and enjoying the Muskoka summer

Puppies at 6 weeks old are a whole lot of fun !!   They have had a great week exploring and playing and are really beginning to blossom into their own individuals.    They all remain an extremely sweet-natured and easy-going bunch and we are enjoying every single minute with them.

This was a bit of a rainy week so the pups spent a combination of time indoors and then outside when weather permitted — they do in fact have a very nice covered area  out of doors (mainly for shade but also in the event of a little shower)…  but they also enjoyed just playing in the rain this week.  They seem to always be happy no matter what the day brings their way.

All the pups continue to transition from mush to solid food and are gaining well.  They all weigh between 8-9 pounds – the boys being the largest and Miss Gold being the smallest — only because she is such a polite and gentle soul that the boys can usually shoulder their way into the dinner dish and she never complains !

The pups have spent lots of time this week exploring the gardens and their favourite spot still seems to be under the birch tree where there are lots of little twigs and leaves, rocks and bones and things that provide a world of fascination for them !!  They love to play with each other and have also enjoyed the numerous visitors we have had this week.  They also adore Josh — and it was hard to tell who had the most fun this week when they were together !    I think it is a mutual admiration society.

We will continue to give the pups lots of play time, love and snuggles this coming week and will look forward to temperament testing towards week end….   

*Sorry for the delay in this post — I was having trouble uploading to the WordPress site.

Gulliver X Abby Puppies ~ 5 weeks old !!

Loving life at 5 weeks old

Abby’s puppies have had another great week !! For the most part the temperatures have been quite warm — so the pups have enjoyed spending their time in the shade.     They have two main play areas of their own: the first being on the deck just outside our kitchen and sunroom, and the second a covered play area off to the side of the house…. so their day is split up between time rolling and romping in the grass and their two play areas. (Of course by evening they still come indoors where they can enjoy the comfort of their blankets and beds).

The puppies had lots of visitors this week — I think almost everyone in close vicinity on our lake came by to have their own private snuggle session with the pups.    Of course the puppies are always up for visitors and no amount of hugs and cuddles can ever be too much !!    It is always a great part of socialization by this age to have lots of interaction with people of all ages — so I am glad that the puppies are such a main attraction !!

The puppies continue to be very consistent in their growth and are enjoying their transition to solid food.   They range in weight now between 6 and 7 pounds and always look forward to mealtime !!   Abby still insists on giving them a morning and evening snack — so they are always running on a full tummy and are quite content.

The pups are spending an increasing amount of time awake and their playtime includes exploring in the open, grassy lawn areas as well as time in their own puppy area with balls and toys.    They still love their naptime though and are doing exponential amounts of growing right now so sleep is still very important.    They are a very easy-going bunch and greet each day with a wagging tail and are quite happy no matter what is on the agenda.    We are thankful that the weather has been beautiful this summer so the pups have been able to spend lots of time outdoors which they seem to love….

It will be another exciting week ahead and we will have more adventures to report soon…