Koriander and Happy Pups – 3 weeks old !

3 weeks old and getting cuter by the minute !

It has been a really good week for Happy’s puppies and all are doing well !!   They are all spending more time awake and interacting not only with each other but our family.    They are all adorable with very gentle and affectionate personalities — of course we catch a greater glimpse of who they will become with each passing day.   

The pups are all weighing in around 4 pounds (1.80 kg) and are gaining well.   I am still bottle feeding 3-4 times a day.   Happy has continued to be ever-present with them and never leaves their side for long.  It is such a shame that she does not seem to have much more milk than a quick snack’s worth…. as she is completely devoted to them and is constantly in the whelping box attempting to feed them or just laying and spending time with them.    She is a great mum.   The bottle feeding has been a good time of bonding for me with the pups — I am so happy that they are all progressing on track and doing so well.   This week we will attempt some “mush” which I think the pups are more than ready for – as I have caught a couple of them heading for Happy’s dinner dish every now and then.

The pups are becoming more  mobile and all of them learned how to escape the whelping box this week 🙂   They are starting to play with each other more and more – and you can tell they are observing and learning about the big world around them every day.

We will continue to add new toys and experiences to the pups’ daily routine this week so that they will be well prepared for the life and times that await them…    We will continue to enjoy watching them grow and are thankful that we have reached the 3 week mark with these healthy and happy beauties….

Steele X Sophie Puppies – 8 weeks and on their way….

MOSES - Dreamkeeper Look at Me Now - at 8 weeks

Sorry for the late post…. it has been a busy day with many of our little pups heading out to their new homes.     We had an early start this morning to get to the airport in time for both Moses and Chase to head out on silver wings to meet their new families and begin their new lives.  Both boys handled the trip to the airport and the entire check-in and security process with great calm and cuteness….   Everyone in the cargo building wanted to take them home of course and they were instant stars with their beautiful faces and charming personalities.     Ever since 9/11 security has become a huge issue so it is a bit of a long process to get the pups passed for their “International” travel — but atleast Mr. Homeland Security let them keep their toys for company on the trip !!

The pups have had a great week – although it has been an extremely wet and rainy one !!  We spent more time than usual indoors this week – and most days it seemed like the puppies were wet for every waking hour — but it certainly didn’t seem to dampen their spirits.   They are so gentle and sweet and are always content no matter what the weather or agenda.     The pups had some extra trips this week in the truck and in crates to get them accustomed to travelling and also had lots of visitors and time to explore.    They are all social butterflies and very confident — it is a fun age to watch their reactions as they see and experience different people and situations for the first time.

So now we just have Leila, Sadie and Hunter still here — they don’t seem to really mind the absence of the others — I think they are maybe enjoying being able to have all the toys to themselves – as well as all the cuddles !!    

We will certainly miss these sweet litte Sophie sons and daughters — and we wish them many, many years of happiness and goodness as they head out to join their new families….   xo

Koriander X Happy Puppies – 2 weeks old !!!

Dreaming of all the great things to come...

I am SO proud of Happy’s little puppies and how hard they have fought to make it to this big 2 week milestone !!   As you may have read in my post last week — the first week of their little lives was a very difficult struggle.   However – now the puppies are doing extremely well – which is really a testament to their strong will to live and their great spirit.  

Developmentally the puppies are exactly on track for where they should be at 2 weeks 🙂   They have opened their eyes and have begun to hear and they are starting their first awkward steps to get around in the whelping box.     Miss Mocha actually already crawled out of the box one night in hot pursuit of mama Happy and the dinner wagon !!

Happy on all accounts has been an excellent mum.   She is in with the puppies whenever she hears them calling and whenever she is not in the box with them she lays just a few feet away – usually because it gets fairly warm in the whelping box for her at times.    The only snag in the whole mothering situation for Happy has been that she does not seem to be producing enough milk or milk of good enough quality for her puppies.   This is such a shame as she is such a good mum and WANTS to be there for her pups.     We have been giving her lots of fresh, whole foods and meat as well as a holisitic supplement to try and support her in her milk production – so hopefully things will still improve.   As it stands right now – I am the designated milk bar for about 4 feedings a day.   The puppies have finally gotten the hang of taking milk from a bottle — they were truly “princesses” in the early days of my attempts as they really wanted nothing to do with a baby bottle (no matter which kind I tried – even my old standy-by that every other litter has liked).   However now I usually have a couple of them sucking on my fingers or climbing on  me as soon as I enter the whelping box looking for milk.    Unfortunately I can’t keep up with the pace of a usual mum in that I can’t feed all six at the same time !!  The puppies are receiving a mix of puppy milk replacer and goat’s milk – with a wee bit of natural yogurt — and they all seem to like this concoction and are doing very well on it.    They are all weighing around 2-1/2 pounds which is about 3 days behind what I would normally expect at this age – but this is completely due to the trials of the first week — and I know they will make it up in no time at all when they start on solid food in about 10 days.

The puppies are the sweetest little darlings.    I guess because I am spending more time than usual with bottle feeding them I am feeling especially connected to this adorable bunch of beauties.    They all have their little ways about them already — Miss Mocha always has to be the first to get her bottle,  Miss Violet always crawls on to my lap and waits (and falls asleep), Miss Pink (the super princess) has to have her bottle in the form of an appetizer and an entree (there has to be a break in between – she can never have it all at once), Miss Yukon is just happy whenever she gets a turn, Miss Sunflower always prefers beauty rest and fights to stay awake long enough to eat  – and Miss Pumpkin usually pretends she isn’t interested in the meal time fuss at all – but inhales her food just like a boy when she is given a chance.      They are all extremely gentle and good natured — It will be exciting to watch them grow and mature over these next weeks.

I truly celebrate making the 2 week mark and being able to say that the puppies are all thriving and doing very well !!  (We actually celebrated the big event by getting the girls a pretty new pink blanket yesterday !!)  We will have many more adventures ahead !

Steele & Sophie Puppies – 7 weeks old !

Nothing quite like bathtime

The weather has been excellent this week with lots of dry days for the pups to play outside.    The mornings have been quite cool so often I will find the puppies all huddled together after they have had their breakfast and morning jaunt.    We usually spend some play time down on the grass or exploring – and then the pups come either back in the house with me or stay in a gated area where I know they are safe – both from the older dogs (and rough play) as well as all the things that puppies can find to get into — which this time of year would include all the goose droppings from the visiting flocks that have invaded the lake area !!  

The puppies are all growing well and are getting more and more beautiful every day.  They all have healthy, thick coats and striking black pigment –  they are an adorable bunch.   Temperament wise they all seem to take very much after their mother Sophie — who has one of the calmest and most patient personalities I have ever seen.   As a puppy – Sophie was exceptionally easy to train and very well behaved from the moment she arrived off the plane from Europe.    I can see a great deal of her personality in her puppies …   Our temperament testing yesterday only confirmed my overall impression that the pups are very well balanced –  the are confident and sociable but are also very submissive and willing to please.    I know they are going to bring a great deal of joy wherever they go.

Yesterday was also BATH day in preparation for our routine vet visit today.    The puppies all enjoyed bathtime – as well as the snuggles and towel time that followed as they were drying.   The puppies all looked beautiful, fluffy and healthy when they were done…   It will be an exciting morning as we all venture into the vet clinic shortly.

They are spending more time awake and playing these days — their favourite toy this week seems to be any of the rope toys that I have.  Of course their area is filled with toys – but it always seems they are ALL interested in the same one at the same time.  

It will be interesting to watch their personalities as they continue to blossom this week –  I will be thoroughly enjoying every last minute with these sweet little puppies as we prepare them for all the adventures that lie ahead with their new families….

Koriander & Happy Puppies – 1 week old !!!!!



CELEBRATING one week old !!


As the chapter on Analiesa’s puppies comes to a close for their life here with us — another chapter is just beginning for Happy’s beautiful girls.    It hasn’t been the easiest chapter that is for certain — as it has been a very difficult week.    Sometimes it is so easy to take life for granted…. This past week has just reminded me once again of how fragile it really is.

Happy’s puppies arrived one week ago and seemed to face the world head on with great vitality and spirit !!  However within a couple of days the entire group was not doing well – and tragically we said goodbye to Miss Rosie on Wednesday morning.     I won’t go into detail about the realm of emotions that I have faced this week….   But it has definitely been a week of great sadness and reflection.   It is never easy to see any life taken away — and even harder when so much is left unanswered.    There is still no real explanation for the difficult beginning that these puppies have had — and I suppose nature has many ways that we will never understand.    I am just thankful that the puppies all seem to be on a better path now and are looking stronger every day.

At this point the puppies cannot hear or see — but their sense of smell is incredible.   If Happy even steps near the whelping box she is greeted by 6 scurrying puppies and 6 hungry mouths !!   The puppies are also being bottle fed as a supplement – so they generally give me a very hearty sniffing also before taking any of the milk that I offer.

Happy is an outstanding mum.  These last few days I have been able to coax her outside for awhile – but she faithfully lays with her babies most of the day and watches over them like a hawk.     Even if I remove a puppy to clean out the blankets or do a weight measurement – she is right there watching my every move.   She knows where every puppy is at all times.

We will be praying for an easier week for everyone – and hope that the miracle of life continues to unfold for Happy’s puppies in a strong and vibrant way.  I know they already have so much to offer to this world and likewise a whole world of adventures is waiting for them….

Steele X Sophie pups – 6 weeks old

6 weeks old and ready for anything !!

Sophie’s pups have had a wonderful week !  Most days they spend the majority of their time outdoors which they just love.   They seem to really enjoy the sunshine and being able to explore — everything seems to hold special wonder for them these days.    They really have taken an interest in any toys or balls or chewy things that we have made available and are just happy with whatever is on the agenda.

They are getting neater all the time with their eating habits – although mealtime still does leave its own distinctive mark on each one of them.   I think they have just as much fun licking the leftovers off of each other’s face as they do eating dinner itself !!   They are all gaining nicely with the boys being between 10 and 11 pounds and the girls all closer to 9 pounds.    They are good solid pups with great balance and structure and lovely, expressionate eyes.   The photos really don’t do them justice at all – they have completely mastered the “puppy eyes” look and can melt your heart with a single glance.

They are an extremely sweet and well-behaved bunch.    I barely ever hear a peep out of them and they are so patient and gentle.    They play quite frequently with each other – but not usually to the same intensity as some of my other puppies in the past — they are just a very mellow and laid back bunch.   I think if they had a motto it would be “No shoes, no shirt, no problem”….   Everything just seems well and good with them ALL the time.   

This week we will make our first visit to see Dr. Van der Kraan (our vet) which is always an exciting outing.   The pups have had lots of visitors too over this past week – so they are very social and just love any chance they can get to be with people.

We had a long rainy day yesterday – which meant the pups were indoors for the day — so hopefully I will get some nicer photos of them out and about next week….   By then we will have some new adventures to share 🙂

A week of goodbyes…

Miss Rosie at 4 days old

It has been a difficult week here with the main theme seeming to be one of farewell….

Steele and Analiesa’s puppies have begun the journey to their new homes which is always an emotional time.   Our handsome boy Cooper left early Wednesday on a plane for somewhere south and our charming boy Charlie left just yesterday to begin life with his new family.  I know each puppy that leaves is going to a wonderful home and that he or she will now be able to get all the love and snuggles that a little 8 week old pup wants and deserves…  AND I keep thinking that it will get easier to say good-bye whenever it is time for one of our little pups to leave – but a piece of my heart still goes out the door everytime…

Overshadowing the departure of Analiesa’s pups — we also had a very unexpected and upsetting good-bye to our sweet little Miss Rosie (from Happy and Kori’s litter) on Wednesday morning.    I sleep not far from the whelping box these days and everything was fine with Happy’s pups through the night — I often get up to reposition the pups if someone crawls too far out of the bunch or if Happy goes out for a bathroom break through the night.    However – early in the morning I could tell something was not right with Miss Rose and I tried anything and everything I could think of to help her.    Within a few hours she lay lifeless in my hands.    I know that loss is part of nature and part of life — but it was still extremely hard to say goodbye.    My vet has probably had more calls from me in the last week than ever before – and there still seems to be no rhyme or reason to Miss Rosie’s death.   Unfortunately not everything has an easy answer or explanation.  

The hardest part was to watch Happy search the living room and the whelping box for the missing puppy.    She then wandered through the rest of the house and kept on coming back to me as if to say “Where is my puppy ?”.     I wish that there was an easy way to explain things to her…  I am reminded again of how profoundly goldens can feel and sense things — and of how great a mother’s love can be.

I have never liked goodbyes…    So it is time to focus on the wonderful family of goldens still in our midst and remember how precious life is.