Steele & Star Puppies — Day 41 (Pre-parturition)

Beautiful Star heading into the last 3 weeks of pregnancy

Beautiful Star heading into the last 3 weeks of pregnancy

Star has had a wonderful week — although she has been experiencing some “morning sickness” occasionally.   With so many hormonal changes and the strange feeling of puppies growing inside — this can sometimes happen for a mum-to-be.     However — we are trying to cater to her with a special menu of dishes that are easy on her sensitive tummy…. and she seems to be enjoying that end of things !!

Star is starting to look a little more plump around the waistline – but she is still keeping up with all of her favourite activities and loves nothing better than to go for a nice walk/run through the wooded trail behind our home (maybe a little less of a run these days).    At this stage of development puppies are continuing to grow in leaps and bounds; organs, bones, spinal cord and eyes are all developing at a rapid pace. It still always amazes me how intricately and beautifully these little miracles of life are formed….

We will look forward to watching Star blossom as this next week unfolds….

Steele X Abby Puppies — Day 37 (Pre-parturition)

Sandy, wet puppies from Abby's previous litter - Enjoying the beach !

Sandy, wet puppies from Abby’s previous litter – Enjoying the beach !

We had wonderful news last week as our lovely Abby was confirmed to also be expecting puppies in February.  Once again the father is our handsome boy Steele who was quite excited to hear that we will soon have a houseful of his beautiful babies running around !!     Abby is now at Day 37 in her progress – with the full gestation of puppies taking around 63 days.   Abby is just beginning to lose a little bit of her girlish figure — but is still participating in all of her normal activities and is looking and doing wonderfully.    He appetite is increasing which is normal to support the growing family of babies inside of her.

By this stage of development facial features are starting to take shape and whisker buds, toes and claws are already evident.   In the ultrasound last week we could already see little heart beating loud and clear.    The amount of development from this stage onward is very rapid as the fetuses start to look more and more like an actual puppy.

We will make sure that Abby is pampered and spoiled as much as possible over the next 4 weeks — and we are looking forward to the big day with great anticipation !!!

Steele & Star Puppies – Day 33 (pre-parturition)

The count-down begins !

The count-down begins !

It seems like an eternity since my last entry in the PUPPY CHRONICLES !!   Fall and winter have brought their own unique touch to our part of the world and we have had a busy time with our golden family.    Our most recent and exciting news is that our beautiful girl Star has been confirmed to be expecting puppies by our handsome and charming Steele  !!  We can hardly wait for the big day to arrive !     Star is doing very well and is just starting to lose a bit of her lady-like figure.      She is measuring around 76 cm around the abdominal area – and from here on in things will only increase.      Star has not changed much in her activity level — she still loves to go for a walk and play with the others.  The only thing that has really changed is her appetite.   A golden usually loves their food but Star has become especially ravenous over the last week.   We are doing our part to ensure healthy puppies by maintaining a holistic diet and we have already increased her food to help those growing babies inside of her.

At this stage toes, whisker buds and claws are already developing on the pups and the fetuses are clearly beginning to look like dogs.   During this week the average embryo grows in size from 18mm to 30 mm – so this is a very rapid stage of growth .     Heart beats can now also be detected loud and clear on ultrasound equipment.    It is amazing how quickly the pups will develop over these next few weeks.   It truly is a miracle of life.

We will make sure that Star maintains her princess status over the days and weeks that are to come – and we will look forward with great anticipation to the big day !