Malloy & Star Puppies – 8 weeks old

Getting ready for new horizons....

                                                                                 Getting ready for new horizons….

Star’s puppies have once more had a busy week.    The weather has been very wet and uncooperative so the pups have had their fair share of baths and lots of time indoors.   Normally a bit of rain now and then would not demand baths for the pups – but with all the precipitation this summer most of our yard gets pretty mucky and the pups are covered in no time.   So this has certainly been the month for extra baths – not that the puppies mind in the least.

The puppies also had their big visit to our vet clinic for their checkup and first vaccine.   The pups did very well on the car ride to the vet and seemed to completely be in their glory with all the attention and star treatment at the clinic.    They all did well on their exam and were completely exhausted from the days’ events by the time we got back home again.

The pups have enjoyed their time indoors this week.   They always enjoy playing with the youngsters; Hugo, Ivy and Maya as well as the other adults and most of all the TOYS from the toy basket.  (They do have their own toys in a separate play area but apparently these ones are much better).   They don’t seem to mind their “indoor recess” in the least and are quite capable of making their own fun wherever they go.

Star and Malloy’s pups have truly been a joy these past 8 weeks…. Hard to believe how quickly they have grown from little baby bundles to vibrant, loving young pups.   I know they will bring great joy and laughter wherever they go…   A piece of my heart will go with them too….   I wish all of them (and their new families) the very best as they embark on this next exciting chapter…