Rigger X Lovely Puppies – 7 weeks old !

Lovely's pups at 7 weeks

I know that most people measure time by hours on a clock or pages on a calendar – but it seems like the truest measure of time around our house is the arrival and timeline of a litter of puppies.    Although I must say – these past 7 weeks have been a blur !!   Lovely’s little pups are growing into fine young goldens and each of them is starting to develop their own subtle differences in character.    However – they all seem to have a very sweet and easy-going personality – so much reminiscent of their mother!    Their beautiful personality is evident in the little day to day things we do – like how they accept a bath or how they enjoy a car ride…    They rarely put up any kind of fuss and are just happy to go with whatever is on the agenda.

This week marked a couple of big events with all the pups travelling to visit our vet for their first set of shots.    They were a big hit of course and loved exploring his office – and especially the food racks !!   All the puppies had glowing exams and I must say I always love the chance to show them off !   We also began our de-worming treatment this week (which is normal procedure for any litter) which all the pups took in good stride.   They love their day to day playtime and fortunately there are no extremists in the group – no sign of a bully or one shy pup in the corner ….  they play quite happily (although often quite intensely) and enjoy the odd encounter with the older goldens.  I try to break them into smaller groups often so they have  a chance to “spread their wings” a bit.     We also have had the pups on a few car rides this week so that this also becomes a familiar experience for them.

Fortunately we have had a great week of sunshine so the pups were able to spend lots of time outside – which they absolutely love.    Best of all – no bugs yet (black flies or mosquitoes) so we can enjoy the fresh air to the fullest.

They are almost eating me out of house and home with their hoover-like appetites these days … with the boys weighing in around 11-1/2 pounds and the girls around 10-1/2.    There is no sight quite like that of 11 happy wagging tails at mealtime !

We will treasure this last week with each of them before they head out on new adventures with families of their very own….

Rigger and Lovely pups – 6 weeks old !!

Enjoying the great outdoors

The pups have had a great time outdoors this week !!  Fortunately the rain has avoided us this week so the pups could spend their days out in the fresh air with plenty of room to romp and play.    They clearly seem to be happiest when they are out in the warm sunshine with a nice spring breeze blowing through the trees.    They are spending more time awake now – but quickly tire and fade off into slumberland after every play session.     

All of the pups are weighing between 9 and 10 pounds so they are eating well and growing well !   They still seem to somehow get lots of food on their face – so we still have lots of washing up which they are good sports about.   They are all extremely easy-going and don’t seem to get too bothered by anything.  They love to be cuddled and can never seem to get enough of that.   I have had to develop my own “puppy saunter” whenever I enter their puppy area as I instantly have 11 little bodies right at my feet and it is quite an art form to wade through them carefully without stepping on anyone’s little puppy paws.    It doesn’t seem to matter whether I have a bowl full of food, a toy, or nothing at all – they are always happy to see me and swarm to be right as close as they can.   They are the loveliest welcoming committee a person could ever hope for !!

Personalities are slowly starting to emerge but there is not any huge variation in the litter so far…   Playing can get a bit rough from time to time but generally they are all very sweet and have such a gentle and loving nature – in true golden retriever fashion !   

Monday will be a big day as we travel in the afternoon to visit our wonderful vet Robert Van der Kraan for the first set of vaccinations.  It is always a big adventure and an exciting outing for the pups.     Of course – I think we will start the morning off with baths for everyone just so we are looking our best for the big day.

I’m sure the next 2 weeks will fly by as the puppies continue to grow and I help prepare them for their new homes and the new lives that wait for them……

Rigger and Lovely’s pups – 5 weeks old !

3 of Lovely's sweet girls at 5 weeks

Firstly I must apologize for the tardiness in getting this post up and running.   Our household was hit by a bit of nasty flu bug this week and it seems like I have been running a few days behind for most of the week !!   Thankfully things are better now …  although the puppies weren’t the least bit phased by any of the goings on.    They continue to be very easy-going and happy puppies with an excellent disposition.   I would like to be able to give Lovely all the credit for that – as she truly wins the “sugar” award when it comes to being sweet – but I’m sure daddy Rigger must have had something to do with it too !!

The pups have spent quite a bit of time outside this week – we’ve prepared a special area for them on the deck so it’s not too damp or cold and they can bask in the sunlight and play to their heart’s content.   They really have enjoyed their time outside and you can almost see them smile !!   The one rainy day we had this week brought them all indoors for the ENTIRE day – and I think if they could have talked they would have strongly expressed their discontent with this situation.   I could almost hear their 11 little voices chiming, “Mom, I’m bored” !!

The pups are all weighing in just around 8 pounds – with the girls just being a slight amount lighter.   Really no predominant personalities yet – they are all just a happy-go-lucky bunch.   They certainly like their play time – as well as their meal time — and still spend some pretty significant time snuggled up sleeping too.   They are becoming much more coordinated and love chasing the ball or just rolling around with each other.   They are also becoming more aware of people and love any and all attention they can get.

This week will continue to hold many new adventures I am sure !

Rigger and Lovely Pups – 4 weeks old !

Sleepy, messy "Lovely" puppy at 4 weeks !!

The biggest highlight for each of the pups is now, without a doubt, mealtime !   I do in fact wash the pups off quite frequently – but you would ever know it to look at their photos this week.   In almost every photo they are covered to some degree with either fresh or freshly dried dinner !!  Yes – they LOVE their food !   We still need much refining on table manners – and their style still leaves a great deal to be desired – but they are a happy bunch – especially when they have a full tummy.    Lovely is never too far off – and still provides the occasional snack – but one can hardly blame her for trying to steer clear of 11 ravenous little mouths with incredibly sharp puppy teeth.

All of the pups are gaining steadily with the boys now weighing between 6 and 6-1/2 pounds and the beautiful girls not far behind at around 5-1/2 pounds.   I really think they could suit up and pass off as linebackers any day of the week !  

The pups are becoming more active and love playing with each other and exploring the living room.   This week we added on the “playpen” part of the whelping box so they have lots of room to eat, sleep and roll around with each other.   Its amazing how much room they now take up ….  Hopefully the weather will get nice again and we can head outdoors for a bit sometime soon !    Every day is a new adventure and they love to spend time outside the whelping box either with our kids or their friends.   They are all quite sociable little ones – and very affectionate and adorable.  They are an instant hit with whoever comes through our doors – just lovable, cuddle-able bundles of puppy fluff.   It might be my imagination but it seems like everyone in our house has more friends dropping in to just “say hello” these days !!

The puppies still spend much of their day sleeping – usually they fall asleep in their dinner dish before the last moutful is even finished.    So our days right now consist of a bit of sleeping, a bit of eating, a bit of playing – and LOTS of cleanup.  They are a beautiful bunch and we are enjoying every minute of watching their new lives unfold 🙂

The "puppy condo" - the whelping box area with the new playpen area.

Rigger and Lovely Puppies – 3 weeks old

3 weeks old and counting !

Life continues to unfold in new ways for Lovely’s beautiful babies.   Not only are eyes now open – but this week they can actually hear also (!!) – so the sound of my voice now brings the scamper of 11 happy, wagging tails.   So sweet 🙂

The pups are not slowing down with their appetites or their growing !!  They now all range between 4 and 4-1/2 pounds – and never miss a meal.    Lovely has already started to cut back on her feeding time with them – probably because 11 sets of new baby teeth don’t make for the most pleasant mealtime experience anymore.   As of the last couple of days the puppies have entered the world of fine dining and enjoy a nice bowl of puppy mush for their morning and evening fare.    They didn’t even bat an eye when I set the bowl down for their first introduction… and it was quite a site as they all crawled right in and began slurping up as much as they could – fashionably wearing the rest !

Lovely continues to be  a great mum…. in the weeks to come she will feed the pups less and less and her role with them will continue to change.    I think she has especially enjoyed the beautiful weather these past few days – and takes a much needed break whenever she can on the deck – never very far from her little family. 

The pups have progressed from crawling to wobbling around now on all fours.  It won’t be long and they’ll be running after each other and learning all kinds of sibling puppy games.   It still amazes me how quickly they develop from one week to the next.

Over the next few weeks their personalities will start to shine through – although already all of them have shown a very gentle and easy-going nature (just like their exceptional mother).   We are enjoying every minute of our time together 🙂