Hudson X Lucy Puppies – 4 weeks old and ready to ring in the NEW YEAR !

New best friend Raggedy Ann

Miss Strawberry Shortcake’s New Year’s Date:  Raggedy Andy

The puppies have had a monumental week as they have become much more mobile and aware of the world around them.   They wag their tails enthusiastically when they greet us and quite enjoy any time we spend with them.   They love playing with each other and LOVE spending time with mama Lucy as well.   They are more stable on their feet and spend more time awake and taking in the sights and sounds of life as it unfolds in our household.  Probably the funniest incident of the week was yesterday when in our 3 minutes of sunshine shone brightly into the puppy area, casting Miss Strawberry Shortcake’s own shadow onto the wall beside her.  She spent the longest time batting her paw at the shadow and trying to figure out why the shadow moved whenever she did !!    She certainly entertained herself for those few precious minutes of sunshine !   The puppies also love to wrestle and tussle together which is quite hilarious to watch.

The biggest event this week was the introduction of PUPPY MUSH.    This is a precursor to puppy kibble and is a nutritious means to transition the pups from mum’s milk to solid food.   The puppies loved every slurp of the mush even if they did end up with quite a bit of it on their faces and paws.   I think Lucy was quite happy to see someone else helping out with mealtime as feeding 7 pups at this size is quite demanding.   Over this next week we will slowly start to mix in ground kibble with the mush to ease the pups into a more substantial diet.


The pups have their fair share of toys in the whelping box area but they are definitely outgrowing the space.   So tomorrow we will be moving everyone to the puppy area we have in our sunroom (just off of the kitchen) where the pups will have lots of room to run and play.    We will also have easy access to the outdoors once the pups are a bit bigger and we have a nice day with temperatures that aren’t too chilly.

We are looking forward to this next stage as the puppies’ personalities start to take shape and we can interact even more with them….

The puppies will be counting down tonight as the New Year approaches (such smart puppies) — and we will be ringing in the New Year with these beautiful babies by our side !!

Shiloh & Bella’s Pups — 1 week old

Sleeping beauty...

Sleeping beauty…

Shiloh and Bella’s pups have had a hustling, bustling week with all the Christmas festivities being carried out around them.    They didn’t seem to mind any of the activity and celebration that took place just steps from their cosy resting area in the whelping box.   In fact, I think they slept through all of Christmas Eve as well as Christmas morning.   They weren’t quite old enough for any puppy treats from Santa yet — but there are some fun toys and play things waiting for them as soon as they open their eyes and start to move around.

Bella had a slow start to the week; it was obvious that she was fairly uncomfortable from the C-section but she has been a real trooper regardless and has not wavered in the least from her maternal duties.    She is extremely protective of her puppies and keeps constant vigil over them.    She is even tentative when I pick up the pups and watches me with great intensity to make sure that I am not taking her puppies anywhere or doing anything that doesn’t meet her approval.    She spends most of her time laying in the whelping box with the puppies – but I finally convinced her yesterday to leave them for a brief time to go for a walk.     She seemed to enjoy the outing with her other golden friends but quickly raced back to her new family as soon as we were on our return journey and jumped directly back in to be with her pups as soon as I opened the door to the living room….    Her most favourite past-time is “standing guard” and staring out the window directly behind the whelping box to make sure that no one will be coming anywhere near her new babies.   Fortunately the window overlooks the lake-side of our home so other than the occasional blue jay there is not much chance of any invasion !

The pups have all doubled in size and their main order of the day is sleeping – with the occasional break for eating.     They will scuttle around on their bellies to get to Bella when its time for a meal, but other than that they are content to just snuggle with one another and spend time in dreamland.     Puppies do not open their eyes until around day 12 – so they still seem quite primitive in many ways; they still have a huge amount of maturing to do ahead of them.   The boys seem to be a bit more demanding with mealtime – so my job is to redistribute seating at the milk bar so that the girls have a chance to eat their fair share !    In any event everyone seems to be able to get their fill and Bella seems to enjoy the closeness that comes with mealtime.

Bella is eating well and needs extra food at this point to keep up with the demands of feeding her babies.    She gets one meal of kibble a day and then two other meals which are fresh/raw in nature with extra goat’s yogurt and fresh eggs, beef, chicken, tripe and veggies.    She seems to enjoy being able to indulge in the extras…..

The puppies will have an exciting week ahead as they continue to grow in leaps in bounds…


Hudson X Lucy Puppies – 3 weeks old !

Guess who's on Santa's "nice" list ??

Guess who’s on Santa’s “nice” list ??

Lucy’s pups have had a busy week.  They are now spending more time moving around and exploring, playing and wrestling, and they have become much more aware of the world around them.   They greet Lucy anytime she is near with a chorus of happy little squeaks and are quite passionate about mealtime !    Lucy is still unwavering in her maternal duties and is diligent in feeding them and watching over them.    She does sleep outside the whelping box at night now – probably because it is both a bit crowded in there with 7 chunky puppies, and also it seems to get too warm with all those blankets and furry coats in there.   She is only ever a few feet away and still loves to keep an eye on them at all times.

The pups are becoming more sturdy on their feet and are quite mobile.   They can easily walk or run around their puppy area and even try to climb out of the whelping box if they see Lucy near by.

The puppies are also becoming more connected to people and enjoy any cuddle time they can get.

In the next few days we will introduce “puppy mush” to relieve Lucy of some her mealtime duties and also tackle the puppies’ growing appetites.    It will be interesting to see how much mush they actually eat and how much they wear !

The puppies have all been on their best behaviour in anticipation of Santa’s visit and will be waiting excitedly tonight to see if he makes it down the chimney !   Imagine Santa’s surprise when he is greeted by 7 little wagging tails! (& a house full of other not-so-little wagging tails).   From our family to yours – we wish everyone a very MERRY Christmas and the best for 2014 !

Shiloh & Bella’s Puppies — WE made it !!

Arrived safe and sound !

Arrived safe and sound !

We are happy to announce that Bella’s lovely family made their grand entrance into the world — on the afternoon of December 22nd, just in time to mark their father’s birthday !!   Shiloh is certainly ecstatic and honoured at the most wonderful gift a father could ask for !

Unfortunately Bella had a bit of a difficult labor and we ended up travelling to Bracebridge through one of the messiest winter storms we have had so far this year.   She did end up needing a C-section but is recovering extremely well and is doing a great job of caring for and watching over her little pups.    The final count was 5 precious girls and 3 handsome boys; all pups are strong and healthy and already enjoying every single snack they can find at Bella’s milk bar.     Everyone seems very content and we are looking forward to celebrating Christmas with Bella and her beautiful new family.   Merry Christmas to all of our Puppy Chronicles’ friends and families !!

Hudson & Juliet Puppies – 8 weeks old…. NEW HORIZONS

Christmas angels

Christmas angels

Well this is not an easy week in our household.    Even though we know this time is always inevitable – nonetheless it is not a welcomed time.     On one hand we know that at this age the puppies individually require more time than we can possibly give each one of them one on one; Juliet has carried out her duties to the utmost; and in the timeline of puppy development, this is one of the best times to make the transition to a new home and bond with their forever family…..   However good-bye is never easy.

So it is with a bit of mixed emotion that I write this last entry for Hudson and Juliet’s lovely babies.

The puppies have had an interesting week.    We experienced unseasonably frigid temperatures for almost the entire week here, so the puppies really never lasted outdoors for more than 5-10 minutes at a time for a potty break and a quick romp in the snow.   Minus 24 celsius (with windchill on top) is not a good romping temperature for young pups.    Today was really the first reasonable day where the pups could stay outside a bit longer and actually play and explore in the snow.   They loved every minute of it !!!

So for the most part this past week’s activities have been equivalent to indoor recess !    The pups have enjoyed every minute of dashing through the kitchen, playing keep away with the latest favourite toy, and engaging in a quick game of hide and go seek underneath the kitchen upright stove.    They have become more active over this past week with a bit more rough-housing amongst siblings and an increased interest in toys and bones.    They have also become much more connected to our family and would love nothing better than to follow any one of us around for the entire day….

The pups had their first trip to the vet clinic this week which all went as well as could possibly be expected.   They were especially quiet and as good as gold all the way to the clinic.  There they were met with all kinds of attention and cuddles from both the clinic personnel and other pet owners who happened to be present.    The puppies always seem to spark quite an interest when we arrive; they completely bask in everyone’s attention.     All received glowing reports and it was a great day for the pups to meet people and experience things outside their normal routine here.

It has been a complete joy (and then some) to be able to have a part in raising these beautiful pups over the last 8 weeks.    They have been some of the sweetest, gentlest, smartest, happiest puppies I have ever met.   What a Christmas present in advance for our family to have been able to spend time with these little gems.   I am so thankful for each sunrise we have shared with them…..

As each puppy heads into this next exciting chapter of their lives we wish them the very, very best of what life has to offer.    May the Lord bless and keep you and your families.    We will miss you terribly.


Hudson & Lucy Puppies – 2 weeks old

Just loving life !!

Just loving life !!

Lucy’s pups have had a wonderful week.   We have all come to the conclusion here that they have the best possible life, being able to stay indoors beside the fireplace; all snuggled up 🙂    The weather this past week has been extremely cold (with unseasonably low temperatures and bitter windchill) so I think we were probably all a little envious of Lucy’s pups and their cozy little nest.

Lucy continues to be a great mum and happily spends lots of time with her puppies; just laying in the puppy area and feeding them or simply resting there and letting them crawl all over her.    She still loves getting out for a walk (even in the chilly weather) and spends a bit more time in the kitchen and hanging out with the rest of the adult goldens – but she is always listening for her babies and as soon as they make a peep she is right back at their side.

The biggest development this week was the opening of eyes!    Personally this is one of my favourite stages as the puppies seem to come alive in a whole new way once you can gaze into those deep, dark eyes.   Of course I just look like a fuzzy shape to them at the moment, but it is exciting to have this new step in their development.     The puppies are also becoming more mobile, especially when Lucy comes into the room.    They can scurry quite skillfully now to the “milk bar” and the boys in particular seem to be very enthusiastic when it comes to mealtimes.    There is nothing quite like listening to their contented little gulps and gurgles when they are all seated up for mealtime. The puppies are all weighing in at around 2-1/2 to 3 pounds (with the boys, as you can probably guess,  closer to 3).    I think Lucy will need to start serving those boys some steak and eggs to fill their tummies …. they aren’t even teenagers yet and they already have an endless appetite !

The puppies are very content and gentle;  they love nothing better than being picked up and cuddled or snuggling beside mama Lucy.   I could spend hours sitting and watching them or holding them – they are such sweet babies.   It will be exciting to watch them become more interactive with the world around them over this next week…..  I think I already know how they will fare on Santa’s “naughty or nice” list 😉

Hudson X Juliet Puppies — 7 weeks already !

Juliet's beautiful kids !!

Juliet’s beautiful kids !!

It’s hard to believe that it has already been 7 weeks since Juliet’s babies made their grand entrance into this world !!  It has certainly been an entertaining and busy 7 weeks and it is amazing to see how much Juliet’s pups have matured during this time.

The pups had lots of opportunities to play out in the snow this week . One had to be careful not to lose them in a snowbank with all the snowstorms we have had the past few days !    Unfortunately the temperatures were cold enough that we could not ever stay out for too long, but the puppies seemed to enjoy every minute of their outdoor adventures – especially if Josh was included !!

The pups have settled nicely into their little routine here spending mornings in the kitchen romping around followed by a brief outing outdoors and lunch.    Afternoons are pretty quiet in the sunroom with an early afternoon nap and then another turn outside for some fresh air.    Dinnertime is usually followed by indoor time and cuddle time and the puppies now raise a bit more protest when they are left alone in the sunroom as they would rather be in where the action is with the older dogs and their favourite humans.    They do certainly love their family time with us…..

The pups are more interactive with each other and spend more time awake now.  They are also much more responsive in our time together and love visitors and any extra attention they can get.     They are always happy to see everybody and anybody — they make the very best welcoming committee a person could ask for !

It will be interesting to watch them grow over this next week as we prepare them for new horizons and new adventures with families of their own.