Baron X Daisy’s Pups — 3 weeks old

Brotherly love....

Daisy’s pups are now spending more time awake and interacting with our family – which is the beginning of my favourite time in puppy development.    They are such cute little babies and it is so entertaining to watch how they play with each other and explore the world around them.    It would be easy to spend the whole day with them they are so adorable at this age !!

Daisy continues to be an excellent mum although she seldom stays in the whelping box with them for long outside of mealtime as it is just too crowded in there at the moment.    She usually prefers to stay perched just outside the puppies’ play/sleep area and now joins us regularly on our walks which she always looks forward to.   In the next 10 days we will look to move the pups to a bigger area with more toys and space as they become more active and mobile.

The pups still spend a good portion of the day sleeping and can be found in the strangest positions – either entangled around a sibling or snuggled under a stuffed toy.     The pups are all gaining and growing well although mealtime has taken on a bit of a different look as Daisy usually stands now so the puppies can all reach her easily without being crowded out by each other.   It gives a whole new meaning to the expression “meals on wheels” !!

The pups will continue to gain more awareness of the world around them and we look forward to this next interesting week of their development.

Steele & Star’s Pups — 5 weeks old !!

5 weeks old !!

Star’s pups have had an exciting week.

Early in the week we moved the pups from the living room to the sunroom (which is just off of our kitchen) so that they would have more room to play — and possibly even venture outdoors if the weather should ever allow it !!   The pups have greatly enjoyed their new quarters and even Star seems to have approved of the move.   We have yet to have a nice enough day to venture out — the earlier part of the week was marked by strong, cold winds and the last few days have rained non-stop.   Hopefully there will be some kind of change in the weather soon so that the pups can get outside and see what the big world has to offer !

For now their play areas have been limited to the sunroom and into the kitchen – which seems to keep them happy enough.   There is lots to explore and always a fellow golden to play with or chase — so for now it is keeping them happy and content.

The pups are spending more time awake and playing – and the playing with each other can get seemingly rough at times but they are all very easy-going and are getting more adorable every time I turn around.   They love spending time with Josh and the rest of our family —  any kind of attention is becoming extremely important to them.

The pups are all weighing in just over 6 pounds – with a couple pups a bit lighter but all of them are continuing to learn the finer points of dining on solid food.   Star still makes a quick couple of “snack”  visits per day – but the sharp little teeth and over zealous mouths can only be endured so long….  Star has been a great mum and although she enjoys her time out playing with the others and going for walks – she is very watchful and mindful of her babies and is always checking in on them.

A few of the pups have already had car rides so we will continue to introduce all of them to automotive travel this week as well as many other household sights and smells…   Hopefully we will have a chance to venture outside soon as well.    As the days count down to Christmas I know they will all be on their best behaviour so their stockings will be filled !!!

Hello world!

Sweet Dreams

Dreamkeeper Goldens warmly welcomes you to the PUPPY CHRONICLES…  and a special “golden” welcome to all our Dreamkeeper friends and families-in-waiting.     Here you will find a blog dedicated to recording the progress of our “mums-to-be” and their beautiful babies.   Please feel free to leave any comments or additional observations.   Enjoy.